Gift For New Mom in Hospital


Back in 2018, my best friend, who was also the maid of honor at my wedding, became a mother for the first time.

And, of course, I was over the moon! I knew I had to take a gift to the hospital while seeing her after delivery. But the biggest question was “What she’ll like” and more importantly, What’s she need?

Here’s the first thought that came to my mind at that time: 

Breastfeeding support bras, Healthy snacks, Flowers, Nipple cream, Handwritten notes, Books on parenting, witty adult color books, and Chocolates are considered the best gifts for first-time mothers.


But I was planning to make things interesting and wanted to get such a gift that she’ll adore and remember forever.

It is what this article is all about. Because, while on our dates to diapers journey, we all mothers deserve a reward for sure.

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20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For 1st Time Mothers That She’ll Love And Adore

Literally, the sky’s the limit when you’ll start thinking about it. You can make a care package or follow the latest trend of gifting a basket.

But what to get a new mom who has everything? Well, buckle up your seats because it’s going to be an interesting ride.

1. Get The Nipple Cream ASAP – Lord, That Hurts!

This is something that I wish someone had told me earlier. Due to hormonal changes, our breasts become so insensitive. That’s why it hurts like hell while feeding your baby for the first time.


After years of motherhood experience, I can assure you that Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter is the answer for all your solutions. And trust me, the new mom will be thanking you afterward.

2. Maternity Belt Saves The Day – Help The New Mother Out

Experiencing a hanging belly after c section is nothing new. We’ll have been there. And it is best to start wearing a postpartum belt to get rid of your belly pouch quickly (backed by science).


The fun fact is most first-time mothers don’t even know that such a thing even exists. It’s a thoughtful gift idea that mommy will be using for at least the next 16 weeks. 

3. Understanding The Importance Of Breast Pumps – Just Being Practical

They say that women have been breastfeeding for centuries. But truth to tell, first breastfeeding is very painful (speaking of experience). Over 97% of new mothers need breastfeeding support.


Here comes the “breast pump.” Every mother’s best friend for at least the first 3 months until things become smooth. It’s a practical yet convenient gift that you can even pick at the last moment.

4. Proteins Are Necessary – Bring In The Cheese Platter

New mommy must eat within the first hour after giving birth. Doctors recommend that every woman must intake some protein right after birth. Show your regards and gift a “Protein platter.”


Add lean meat, eggs, bread, and low-fat dairy to your platter. Eventually, we all love chocolates. But at this moment, it is about what she needs rather than what she wants. 

5. Buy Her Several Underwear – Utmost Essential Thing

This is something that every pregnant woman forgets to pack while leaving for the hospital. She may have packed a few, but that’s good for nothing. 


For the first week, mothers experience vaginal discharge that leaves stains and feels uncomfortable. That’s why you need to buy new underwear. Ensure to get budget-friendly ones, as the new mom will not be using them for long. 

6. A Baby Car Seat – Think Ahead Of Time

A baby car seat is mandatory by law, and caregivers need to buy a toddler car seat that their little angel will use eventually for 3 years. So, why not think ahead of time and get this perfect gift?


By doing so, you’ll be helping both mother and baby. In case you’re wondering, a toddler car seat can cost between $70 to $250.

7. Save The Day With Hair Clips – A Budget Friendly Option

While feeding, the first thing that will frustrate the new mother is her hair falling on the baby. This will also irritate the newborn. As of my own experience, be assured that it is essential.


While on your way to the hospital, you can quickly get some hair clips and catchers. If you think it’s minimal, then don’t forget to get fresh and vibrant flowers.

8. She’ll Need A Baby Monitor – Get One For Her

The first 5 years of parenthood are hard, and we mothers have to keep an eye on our toddlers all day long. Luckily, this is where long range video baby monitors help us out.


Getting a long distance video monitor will cost you anywhere between $150 to $300. While buying it, prefer a monitor that can be wall mounted. So, the baby stays away from all frequencies of rays. 

9. Theragun Mini Massager – Help To Ease The Body

I wish that someone had given me that. After lying down all day long on the bed and dealing with the first breastfeeding pain, your body hurts like hell. And this is something that can ease it.


Theragun mini massager is easy to use, and new mothers love to get a massage anytime. Not to mention that it is also recommended by the New York Times and a lot of experienced mommies.

10. Order A Meal Delivery Service – Nothing To Carry!

If you don’t want to carry anything to the hospital, then this practical gift idea is for you. You can order an enriched protein full diet (lunch or dinner) and get it served at the hospital.


It is best to stick with stew and light meat. You can also add some dairy products but hold the milk. Hold the spice as it could upset the stomach of the new mother.

11. An Adult Coloring Book – Thinking Outside The Box

Adult coloring books are a great way to kill time, and that is something that slowly passes while laying all day long on a hospital bed. A coloring book will keep her busy while enhancing her imagination.


This will cost you just around $15 bucks. With it, you can add some chocolates and balloons to surprise the new mom in the hospital in a good way.

12. Postpartum Gift Set Filled With Goodies – Best For Self Care

Postpartum gift sets are quite a popular choice. Several well-known brands have a separate range for it. You can choose from multiple options, including the bathtime kit and birth care box.


If you’re still confused about what to get, then go with “Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula,” a skin recovery set. This product is trusted by millions of customers every month.

13. Buy Her A Flower Subscription – Tell Her That She’s Important

How often do we get flowers? Well, maybe on valentines or on a steamy fancy dinner. Truth to tell, we women love getting flowers. It instantly boosts the adrenaline rush in our bodies.


This is a great idea for boyfriends/husbands to surprise the new mother. Also, it will calm her down if you opt for lilies. Life seems easier when someone gives you a flower!

14. Hy New Mother – Find The Quirkiest T-Shirt

This is so cute (Awww). You can get a shirt for both the baby and the new mom. Ensure to get a quirky one with the bold statement written all over it.


Skip the basic white or beige color. Opt for a plum or pop pink color to make things interesting and stunning. A matching lipstick will also work well with it.

15. New Mom Storage Bag – This Is Chic!

A storage bag is a must-have for newborns. It is a lifesaver as you can store diapers, Swaddlers, baby oil, powder, and bottles in it. That’s why it comes in every “crying baby situation.”


Getting it will cost you around $15 to $100, depending on the size. It is best to stick with a medium-sized bag that mommy can hold and carry around effortlessly.

16. A Book On Raising Kids – Because Books Are Necessary!

This old-school gift idea for new moms is still relevant to this day. Because raising a child is not an easy task, and every mother needs assistance with that. 


There are several pregnancy books for a new mom. This will empower and guide how to raise healthy and productive children. Here’re my top three picks. (What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide and Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts.)

17. Don’t Forget The Pink Stork Pregnancy Flakes – Just Perfect!

The first bath after childbirth seems so relaxing and is way more important than washing your body. It is a healing process that feels different to every mother.


The magnesium bath and soak have 100% dead sea salt that improves the magnesium level in your body. Due to this, it reduces pains, aches, anxiety and relieves stress.

18. Go The F**k To Sleep – For The Love Of Mommy

As per New York Times, Go the f to sleep book is a new Bible for the weary parent. This book has helped me see the different perspectives, and there is no better time to read it than after giving birth.


Ultimately, the author has challenged all the stereotypes of society. Well, the one thing I found really witty about this book is that everything the author has written is true, and in the end, you want to change things.

19.  A Comfortable Nursing Bra – Making Breastfeeding Easier

Girl, I felt that. Finding a good comfy bra is even tougher than finding your soulmate. Especially if you’re breastfeeding, there is no better gift than this. 


There are several options you can consider, but I am a big fan of “Auden Women’s Wirefree Nursing Bra,” which holds the girls up very well and is very slightly padded.

20. Spice Things Up With A Diptyque Baies Candle – Because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Nothing can go wrong with the Diptyque candles; everyone loves them. Their Feuille de Lavande smells really great and gives a sense of luxury. You can also add a nice pendant or bath tray along with it.


Diptyque baise candle will cost you $80 per piece. But be assured that you’re getting a perfect gift for the new mom in the hospital. Because at the end of the day, a nice bath with a scented candle is a true luxury.

Making The Perfect New Mom Gift Basket Filled With Love And Goodies

Nothing can surpass the importance of new mom gift baskets as they are unique and filled with love, and you can customize them the way you want.


From sweet and savory foods to postpartum essentials, there are many things that you can put in them. So, why not make one special that will stand out for sure?

What To Put In A New Mom Gift Basket?

A basket that is filled with love and joy is the best gift. There are a few things that you must have to put in. While some are the exception and depend on your budget.

Here’re 5 things to put in a new mom care package.

  1. Nipple Butter Cream
  2. A Mini Massager
  3. Bath And Beauty Products
  4. Peri Bottle For Postpartum Care
  5. Scented Candles

Apart from it, you can also add chocolates, a customized cup, teddy bears, and a good book on raising children. It is best to avoid putting baby products in it as a mom care package should revolve around the mother only. 

Top 3 New Mom Gift Basket Ideas To Try 

Sky’s the limit. I mean, you can put all the things you want in that basket, from Porsche car keys (if you afford it) or even a handwritten gift card, because, after all, it is love that matters.

1. Things To Put In A DIY Care Package For New Mom

To excel in this idea, you need to put in the effort, and a budget of $150 to $200 is required. The only things that you shouldn’t miss are a book and some granola bars.


Here’s what to put in it:

  • A handwritten note filled with love
  • Home-made Shea butter lip balm
  • Freshly baked cookies and chocolates
  • A jewelry piece
  • New mom hoodie
  • Is everyone hanging without me? (Book by Minday Kailing)

2. What To Put In A Luxury Postpartum Gift Basket?

Truth to tell, the idea of luxury is different for every person. Usually, a luxury new mom basket can cost you around $250 to $1000.


Here’s what you can put in:

  • Victoria’s Secret posture bra
  • A birthstone jewelry piece
  • Delafee chocolate
  • An oversized designer coat
  • A Balenciaga bag
  • Salt bombs 
  • Lush handmade bath bombs

It is worth mentioning that “luxury” is not associated with money or an expensive Birkin bag. It is your time and support that matters the most.

3. Making The Bath Time Kit

When I became a mother, the second thing I bought was a bath kit (the first was a new packet of bath ducks).  You can buy one from Amazon for under $50 bucks or make one at home.


Here’re the essentials if you’re planning to make a DIY bath kit basket:

  • A body lotion bottle
  • Shower gel and organic soap
  • Multi-colored bath bombs
  • Face masks and Lip balms 
  • Body and face scrubs
  • A lavender scented candle

5 Gifts To Avoid For New Mom In Hospitals | The Worst Options

If you’re visiting someone in the hospital, it means they are close to your heart. And simply on the childbirth occasion, nobody wants to show up empty-handed.

Due to this pressure, we often end up with the worst possible gift ideas. We have asked 250+ plus new moms, and here’re the top 5 worst options.

1. Baby Diaper Bags – Just Skip Them

Most people assume that “disposable baby diapers don’t expire and eventually new parents need them.” Well, no doubt, it is a half-truth. But in most cases, caregivers want a specific brand for their little ones.

2. Don’t Offer Cash – A Big No

First of all, it’s not nice to offer cash or try to cover expenses. If you want to help a couple out, it is best to discuss this thing before showing up in the hospital. Well, you can give her “gift cards” or “subscriptions” to her favorite store. 

3. Baby Formula Powder – The Worst Possible Option

Every child is not the same. And sometimes, doctors even don’t recommend it at all or formula milk of specific pharmaceutical brands. You’ll end up wasting your money.

4. A Basket Full Of Newborn Clothes – Not Good In A Long Run

Even though it’s nice. But honestly, we mothers love to buy baby stuff, and eventually, before reaching the hospital, everything is hoarded up for the baby for up to 1 year. In the worst case, it’ll be a total waste because babies don’t wear newborn clothes long.

5. Any Type Of Old Clothes – No, Nope, Never

This practice is pretty common in some families. Passing old baby wear or maternity clothes is not nice. Regardless of how close you guys are, it is best to buy new clothes for mother if you have to.

How To Help A New Mom? I want to give more than goodies and money. But, What Do New Moms Really Want? 

Nothing is a substitute for love, affection, and care. Right after birth, postpartum depression hits, and the body suffers from hormonal changes. 

  • It is the time when you can offer help by supporting and encouraging them to study more about positive parenting discipline.  
  • From my own experience, I can assure you that the sleeping cycle is messed up in the early days. And nothing is better than offering to take care of the baby, so a new mom can sleep.
  • You can also cook and clean for her and help to plan her future meals. 

Don’t forget to spend time with her. The best thing to do is enjoy the time while watching happy rom-com movies with her. 

Gift For New Mom In Hospital FAQs

Do you really have to bring a gift for the new mom?

Yes, it is nice to show up with a gift. You can get her anything from flowers to balloons or a comfortable hoodie or a box of chocolates with a handwritten congratulatory note.

What to give to a new mom?

You can gift a postpartum self-care package or a new mom gift basket. Pretty pajamas and handwritten notes are also heartwarming gift ideas. You can also support a new mom by offering to cook and clean for her.

What to get a new mom who has everything?

A customized jewelry piece, a non-slip coffee mug, nipple butter cream, and maternity bras are the perfect gift ideas for mothers who have everything.

What do you bring a new mom in the hospital?

A home-cooked meal, stew, smoothies, and granola bar are best for instant energy. You can also bring underwear, hair clippers, and a breastfeeding support bra for a new mom in the hospital.

Wrapping It Up!

Keep in mind that nothing compares to love and support. Your time and support is the best gift that you can give to a new mom in the hospital. But it is not nice to show up with empty hands.

That’s why it’s best to get a gift. While picking a gift, ignore the diaper, baby powder, or getting baby bottles. Instead, you can get flowers, balloons, a nice book on parenting, or a piece of customized jewelry.

On the journey of dates to diapers, Children are the most precious gift. So, show up with a bundle of joy and love!

Malissa Carter
We are so blessed to have her majesty, a.k.a the queen of 4 the love of mommy “Malissa.” She was born in 1962. Got married to Murphy in 1983. She is an expert mom with the experience of almost 40 years of motherhood.