Sage Green Nursery Ideas


Sage green is a beautiful gender-neutral color that gives soothing and calm vibes. The best thing is that sage green nursery also blends well with other combinations.

So, whether you’re looking for a minimalist marvel or a green pastel paradise, we got some exceptional ideas to inspire you.

16 Perfect Sage Green Nursery Ideas For Your Little One


Literally, the sky’s the limit when it comes to blending and enhancing the sage green color. You can give the baby’s nursery a contemporary look with a touch of vibrant shades.

If you want to keep things low-key, then gold and gray accents are a perfect fit for you. In both cases, our editors have hand-picked the best ideas because we know how important it is to you.

1. A Sage Serenity With Modern Touch


Dark hues go well with basic white and light shades. This beautiful and unique nursery spotted on a little modern gives calm vibes. The beige-colored unisex crib enhances the overall appearance. 

2. For The Love Of Nature


Bring warmth to your child’s room by painting the walls with sage green paint. Don’t rush things to keep the welcoming feel. For an extra touch of nature, place an indoor plant inside the room.

3. A Wallpaper Love Affair


Be creative and show your inner artist by bringing life into the wall. You can paint huts, birds, trees and the sun on the wall. Keep the flooring basic if you’re planning to use green on the wall.

4. Sage Green And Pink Nursery


Take inspiration from this beautiful sage green and pink nursery by Alessandra Smith’s design studio. It is perfect for your little princess. I love the way things are kept classic and balanced, ensuring a stunning space.

5. Embrace The Minimalist Marvel


Beige and green is a stunning combination. You can use both of these hues to enhance the interior of a kid’s room. All you need to do is set up a crib or play tent in the corner. For a luxurious touch, bring in the wall lights.

6. A Dreamy Allure Paradise


This idea is simple and pure. I love the way space is utilized. The back is painted sage green, while the other walls are kept white to ensure an airy and welcoming feel.

7. Boucle’s Pastel Heaven


You don’t have to rush things. A little element can also make a significant difference. This pretty boucle chair by mama and papa could be a nice addition to your infant nursery room. We are assured that you’ve also fallen in love with the cabinet knob bunny.

8. Only The FUN Vibes


This unique and stunning idea is eye catchy. It is also budget-friendly and simple. You can skip the hammock chair if you want. The space is utilized exceptionally well. You can use the hanging shelf to store infant clothes or onesies.

9. Sophisticated Serene Galore


Babies can sleep in their crib for up to two years. So, why not mix and match the infant crib with cute baby furniture? You can also get a life-sized stuffed toy and let your infant play with it (a plan for the future).

 10. Mommy Love For Baby


Enhance your baby’s nursery decor by hanging nice wall frames. You can write personalized quotes or vibrant flowers. For an airy vibe and cool feel, you can also opt for a mint green color.

11. Embrace Light Sage Green Nursery


The light shades are soothing and calm. Over time, you can also paint them with dark hues to create an illuminating allure. The above nursery idea is suitable for parents with a toddler and a little one on the way!

12.  Go With Sage Green And Grey Nursery


Grey is ultimately the kind of decor color. It can instantly transform your space into a nice, airy, and stunning place. Add a little touch of sage green to it and place a lamp in the corner of the room for aesthetics.

13. A Tale Of Friendship


Tell your toddler the tale of friendship with this cute green nursery decor idea. All you need to do is paint an old cupboard with all shades of pastel green. This is budget-friendly, and you can also use it in any other corner of the home.

14. Traditional Sage Green And White Nursery


White and sage green is ultimately the best combination that you must try in 2023. Usually, all the cribs have white paint. Even though you can paint or decorate them with confetti, it is best to keep the light shade. Rather it is best to add patterns on the wall and place a funky chair nearby.

 15. A Blend Of Gold


A little touch of gold can enhance the aesthetics of your green nursery. Take your inspiration from this minimalistic nursery. I love how all the decor is kept low-key. While the wall is the main center of attraction.

16. Try The Sage Green Safari Nursery


Raising a pet-friendly child is one of the main positive parenting qualities. So, why not start practicing it a bit earlier? You can print safari or animal prints in sage green color and hang them around the crib. 

Sage Green Nursery Decor Ideas To Try

Being a mother of two, I totally understand the importance of cribs and separate child rooms. But the problem with the “trend” is that it can become outdated after some time.

Well, if you want to facelift the old crib to reuse it, then you can save your hard-earned money by adding little decor elements.

1. A Scandinavian Day Dream


Most parents prefer to keep their baby’s room simple and mess-free. Well, you can instantly add the wow factor by hanging sage green wall art over the crib.

2. Reignite The Fairy Tale Of Love


This sage green nursery decor idea goes well with the gray wall paint. You can keep things classic by adding a splash of different green and blue hues. 

3. Modern Cozy Pillow Cases


Ultimately, this is the most budget-friendly decor idea. You can replace the bedspread or baby’s quilt cover with this hue. For more fun, you can also add the same colored clothes basket.

4. A Wonderland Character


This is something you’ll instantly love. Add a little helicopter structure shelf and place some stuffed animals along the wall. The little birdhouses will intently enhance the aesthetics of your child’s nursery.

5. A Journey To Stars


Hanging baby crib mobile is very common to keep toddlers busy for prolonged hours. If the room decor and crib are plain, then enhance the nursery decor by hanging eco-friendly toys.

6. Ode To Nightingale


This modern Scandinavian nursery wall decor is simple yet stunning. All you need to do is hang some confetti and place your child’s favorite stuffed animal. All the settings and hanging will take 30 minutes in a DIY project.

7. Up In The Air


It is an adorable and quite beautiful sage green nursery decor idea. Use old cardboard and cut a balloon out of them. You can also make multi-color balloons. Don’t forget to add the extra essence of love and care.

8. A Gender Neutral Love Hob


Blend the calmness of sage with the beauty of pink to give your child’s room a quick facelift. Play safe and invest in some baby furniture, as you’ll need it in the near future.

9. From The Candy Land


Be ready to gasp over this stunning nursery decor. It looks cool and enhances the aesthetic right away. With this serene view, you’ll be spending even more time in your child’s nursery.

10. Sage Green Nursery Bedding


Now, there is a trend of keeping the furniture plain or basic white. Well, if you really want to add a blend of green, then opt for sage bedding. You can change or buy the same colored quilt. It is both cheap and practical.

Sage Green Nursery Paint Ideas

Usually, parents have two options. Either they can paint the walls or stick a sage green wallpaper to the existing colored walls. 

Even though you can try to go with any wall paint, it is best to keep the hues light for an airy feel. 

1. A Simple Delight


Paint the one nursery wall with sage green paint. Keep all remaining walls plain and enhance the interior decor using some wall accessories or art pieces.

2. Moon In The Clouds


If you’re planning a sage green and white nursery, then this idea is perfect for you. Paint all the walls in sage, and make clouds and rain impressions using white paint.

3. The Monsoon Euphoria


This retro-style wall paint will ensure an airy feel. Paint the walls light pink or beige. Then hang a quirky wall art to balance the delicate hue. This idea is perfect for a nursery with direct sun lights.

4. Botanical Herbs Shadow


Undoubtedly, it is one of the top sage green wallpaper of 2023 so far. Literally, all the new parents are bandwagoning to it. So, why not try it too? You can easily find the same pattern in any nearby store.

5. A Blooming Flower


This wallpaper is perfect for you if you want to keep the wall paint low-key. The cute little flowers with seamless leaves will enhance the beauty even more. The cherry on top is that you can replace it quickly and quite easily. 

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Designing Sage Green Nursery

Parenthood is all about ensuring that our child gets only the best. Well, sometimes, this extra caution can ruin our whole interior while designing the nursery.

So, here’re 5 advice by experts to keep in mind;

  1. Make a proper plan and consider the whole room layout before you proceed with any changes.
  2. Don’t rush things. Likewise, don’t blend too many shades in one room, as it will look messy.
  3. Avoid overusing sage green. The general rule of thumb is to paint only one wall with this hue for an airy feel.
  4. Even though this hue can blend with multiple shades, it is best to mix-match it with either pink or gray shades.
  5. A query wall art or painting can make a huge impact, but opting for multiple art pieces will ruin the overall aesthetic.

Generally, it is best if the nursery has a direct sunlight source and proper ventilation. 

Wrapping It Up!

Sage is a beautiful color that gives calm and soothing vibes. Recently, there has been a huge trend in designing a child’s room with sage green. You can paint the wall or add an accessory of the same color to the crib. Doing so will facelift the previous nursery decor on a budget.

If you’re more into DIY arts, then you can also paint the baby’s furniture with sage green color. Well, we hope that this article helps to find the perfect inspiration. Well, in the meantime, be happy and keep on loving your little one!

Sylvie White
Sylvie was born and raised in France. In 2010, she came to Newyork for studies and fell into the spell of central park. In 2018, she gave birth to beautiful twin daughters “Lilly and Rosa.” Having a degree in Early Childhood Education helps her a lot during nurturing. An experienced mommy on a mission to guide for the best.