Go The F to Sleep Book


Whether you’re a new mom or with an experience of years, the hardest task for us is to put our babies to sleep.

And to be honest, that is so damn hard.

The newborn is fine as long as you’re breastfeeding, while the toddler is jam-packed with energy and wants to play all the time.

Ahh! This is so exhausting, and you can’t even say the F-word in front of kids.

Hy parents! If you’re dealing with this problem, then we’ve got a perfect humorous book for you to read.

And that is “Go the f to sleep book” by Adam Mansbach and illustrated by Ricardo Cortés, published in 2011 but still relevant to this day.

Wait….Read Our Disclaimer First!

Go the f**k to sleep is a humorous and witty book explaining how hard it is for parents to put their baby to sleep. But don’t take this book seriously.

Before you say, “oh lord, go to sleep,” in a bad mood, remember those little feet will not stay little for long. So, read this book for a good laugh but practice the exact opposite by endorsing positive parenting skills.

What Go The F To Sleep Book Is About?

First of all, it is not a children’s bedtime storybook. It’s written for parents to laugh and enjoy the witty rhymes over afternoon tea.


This book is about the struggle of frustrated parents who are trying hard to put their baby to sleep, but it’s not happening.

That’s why every new parent can relate to this. Even though it’s a book of 32 pages, in its context, it’s just a comical poem with illustrations. 

Seven years ago, Jennifer Garner read “Go the F***k to sleep” for Vanity Fair, and it was a major hit. Over 5.2 million people watched the video on Youtube. 

Go The F To Sleep Read By Samuel L Jackson – The Best Thing That You’ll Listen On Internet

Truth to tell, I received this book as a gift from my friend, and it was on my shelf for months until this day.

Oh, My God! I was missing GEM.

It is one of the best and most hilarious things, and no doubt, it’s like a fire with really good humor that will leave you laughing out loud.

But this is not at all!

In Samuel L Jackson’s voice, it sounds even more fun and witty. And 2.4 million parents are here to prove this fact. Listen to it on Youtube.

Well, this iconic book is also read by Morgan Freeman, and that is also a piece of art. But my personal favorite is Samuel L Jackson’s version.

Should Parents Buy It | Answering The Big Debate

The short and simple answer is yes. Currently, this book ranks at #1 among the parenting and humor category on Amazon.

Reader’s Digest also places it in the 25 funniest books of all time, not to mention that it is also a New York Times best seller.

You can buy a hard copy for $14.35 and $6.99 for a kindle on Amazon. 

What To Do With It | The Most Serious Concern

Being a mother, I won’t recommend this book if you have kids around that can read or understand things. And let me tell you again that it is not a child’s book.

As for me, it’s a unique gift for new mom in the hospital, but ensure that it doesn’t make her laugh so hard.

You can also gift it to your significant half or witty friends who always complain about their child’s sleeping schedule.

Go The F To Sleep Book Series – The Show Must Go On!

Luckily, the humor doesn’t stop at one book only. The series is a trilogy, and each part is just epic.


Here are the names and release dates of all three chapters.

  1. Go the F**k to Sleep (published in 2011)
  2. You Have to F**king Eat (published in 2014)
  3. F**k, Now There Are Two of You (published in 2019)

The author has written yet another interesting book during Covid-19, “Stay The F**k At Home,” not formally published. For awareness purposes, it was read by Samuel L. Jackson at Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Wrapping It Up!

To be honest, I agree with the NYT review that it’s a  new Bible for weary parents but not meant to be taken seriously. 

Still, it is considered a controversial book even after being translated into 40 languages and over 2 million copies sold worldwide.
Well, you don’t have to read it to your children; that’s just sarcasm. All you need to do is enjoy it with friends on your journey from dating to changing diapers.

Sylvie White
Sylvie was born and raised in France. In 2010, she came to Newyork for studies and fell into the spell of central park. In 2018, she gave birth to beautiful twin daughters “Lilly and Rosa.” Having a degree in Early Childhood Education helps her a lot during nurturing. An experienced mommy on a mission to guide for the best.