Best Long Range Baby Monitors

When it comes to our babies, we parents take no risks. We always want to be around them. This is where baby monitors come. They make you feel connected with your baby all the time.

Infant Optics DXR-8, Vtech 819, Good baby video monitor with a 360-degree view & Vtech VM923 are the best long-range video baby monitors of 2021. 

Vtech DM221 and Bebcare care baby monitors are the most extended audio baby monitors with 1000 ft and 2000 ft, respectively. 

Long-range baby monitors provide you with essential mind peace and a secure feel. Having a baby monitor is necessary these days. Sometimes you are doing household chores while your baby sleeps upstairs. 

Choosing a long-range baby monitor with so many online options can be challenging. 

We have tested many baby monitors to solve this problem and pick the best long-range baby monitors for your baby’s safety and protection.

Our Top Pick

Vtech VM923 Video Baby Monitor

Due to its extensive range, VM923 gives caregivers the freedom to do daily chores around the home. It has the best of both worlds; 2.4Ghz communication technology and excellent video quality.
The white noise-canceling feature allows mothers to lull the babies gently. The 3-level sound indicator on the parent’s unit will visually alert caregivers if the baby is crying.

ImageProducts & FeaturesPrice
<strong>1. <strong>Infant Optics DXR-8</strong>  </strong>” class=”affiliate-img”><span class=9.0

1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Best overall

  • Comes with night vision.
  • Can sensor the room temperature.
  • Talkback function.
<strong>2. Vtech VM819</strong>” class=”affiliate-img”><span class=9.2

2. Vtech VM819Most Secure

  • Nineteen hours long battery life.
  • Auto night vision.
  • Secure and can’t be hacked.
<strong>3. VTech DM221-2 Audio</strong>” class=”affiliate-img”><span class=9.4

3. VTech DM221-2 AudioPocket Friendly.

  • Ranks at #2 in Audio baby monitors.
  • Wide coverage range.
  • Soothing night light on the baby unit.
<strong>4. Good Baby</strong>” class=”affiliate-img”><span class=9.2

4. Good Baby New Parents

  • Feeding reminder alarms.
  • Can play lullabies to babies.
  • Provides a 360-degree view.
<strong>5. Bebcare Audio </strong>” class=”affiliate-img”><span class=9.4

5. Bebcare Audio Longest Range

  • Most extended range of 2000ft.
  • No ultraviolet radiation.
  • Two-way talkback function with white noise silencer.
<strong>6. Vtech VM923</strong>” class=”affiliate-img”><span class=9.2

6. Vtech VM923Best Video Quality

  • Nineteen hours long battery life.
  • 270 degrees side-to-side & 105 degrees up and down tilt.
  • Auto-on screen and sound indication.

1. Infant Optics DXR-8 – Best overall.

When it comes to the best monitors, you can surely trust Infant Optics. This company specializes in baby cams. 


With over a million satisfied customers, DXR-8 long-range baby monitor is also an award winner of babylist best baby monitor of 2020.

Key specifications. 

BrandInfant Optics
Package Dimensions19.3 x 13.4 x 6.5 inches
Weight1.95 pounds

If you live in a cozy home, then DXR8 will work well for you. We don’t recommend it if you are a resident of a wide house & looking for a baby monitor with long-range.

This infant optic monitoring camera comes with a 700m range and talk-back function. Rechargeable or replaceable 2800mAh batteries are just cherries on top.

1. Easy to carry.

This video baby monitor is second to none when it comes to command. With a 3.5 inch LCD screen, infant optics dxr-8 is reliable and easy to carry. 

It weighs only 1.95 pounds, which makes it comfortable to carry around.

You can easily adjust volume, screen brightness and switch to night vision from the day with just one click.

2. Top-quality monitoring.

With long-range coverage, dxr8 is top-picked by many parents and caregivers due to its quality monitoring. If you want to keep things simple, then this low-tech baby monitor is undoubtedly perfect for you.

This baby cam provides you complete control with camera features such as tilt, zoom in & out, pan, and interchangeable lenses. 

3. Reliable battery timing.

Infant optics dxr8 has a long battery time. You can use this device for up to 10 hours in power-saving mode. With an audio-only function, its battery can last for 12 hours. 

You can relay to dxr8 for 6 to 8 hours for video monitoring & live screen.

4. Alert Signals.

With a sound-activated LED bar, you can mute the monitor while doing daily chores. No doubt, this long-range monitor by infant optics is a top choice by many satisfied customers. 

A 170° wide-angle lens can expand up to 4 cameras. The video quality remains the same with 4x zoom too. When sensors detect something unusual like a baby crying or a baby’s room temperature change, the screen will start flashing lights to catch your attention.

Have a look at what we like and don’t like about it.

Reasons to Buy

  • Digital zoom functions up to 4x.
  • Compatible battery life up to 12 hours.
  • Easy to fit in pocket & lightweight.
  • Sound activated alert signals.
  • Night vision sensor technology.
  • Clear sound and picture quality.


  • A little expensive.
  • Requires daily charging.
  • No split-screen view.

2. Vtech VM819 long-range baby video monitor – Most Secure Video Baby Monitor.

When it comes to our baby security, we take no risks—Vtech is undoubtedly the best brand for baby monitors. 


With VM819, VTech has set the benchmark very high. This long-range baby monitor has a range of 1000 ft and auto night vision.

Key specifications. 

Range1000 ft
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Dimensions10.31 x 8.43x 3.23 inches
Weight1.25 pounds

VM819 is a must-have baby monitor if security is your top priority. With the excellent audio quality, we would recommend this long-range baby monitor.

Vtech baby monitors have been in the market for so long and are trusted by every family in the U.S. Vtech VM819 is secured by FHSS technology. 

This baby monitor does not require any Wi-Fi connection or App pairing, making it a hot seller video monitor.

1. Auto-Night Vision.

The most salient feature of Vtech VM819 is its design for convenience. It comes with a 2.8 inches widescreen. 

The camera can zoom up to 2x and even night vision; not even a single movement is neglected.

2. 19-Hours long battery life.

VM819 has a long battery life of 19 hours with single charging. This long battery life is very convenient for monitoring a baby for a long time.

With a 1000ft range, you can feel connected with your cute little angel from every part of a house or yard. 

3. Lullabies & No white noise.

Vtech brand has the best audio quality monitors. VM819 has a two-way talkback function. You will be amazed by the audio quality as there is no white noise.

This long-range video baby monitor has two sets of lullabies and trickling stream sounds to keep the baby calm.

4. Security.

VM819 does not require any wifi or app pairing, unlike most baby monitors.  Secured with 2.8 GHz technology. This feature makes the baby monitor impossible to hack.

Specially designed auto-night vision gives you the best view of your baby, even in low daylight or the dark. It is secured with a 2.8GHz internal channel which means that only a caregiver can watch & hear the baby.

Have a look at what we like and don’t like about it.

Reasons to Buy

  • It has an unbeatable security system.
  • Extensive monitoring range.
  • Excellent Audio & Video quality.
  • Clear video in auto-night vision.
  • Pre-programmed lullabies & room temperature sensor.


  • Don’t go well with an upright angle.
  • Screen glitch sometimes.

3. VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor – Pocket Friendly.


Vtech Dm221-2 justifies the saying of “old is gold.” With a low price and a coverage range of up to 1000 feet, you can feel connected with the baby all the time.

Key specifications. 

BrandV Tech
Power SourceRechargeable batteries
Weight12.8 ounce

This baby monitor is the best audio monitor available on the market right now. With very affordable prices and multi-language functions, we recommend Vtech VM 221 if you are looking for an audio baby monitor.

The Vtech DM221 is an audio-only secure encrypted with Dect 6.0 technology. With night lights on the baby’s unit, the parent unit also comes with belt clips for easy carrying.

1. Sound level indicator.

This audio baby monitor comes with a built-in five-level sound monitor. The monitor screen will indicate any noise by alerting the parent’s unit. The Dect technology eliminates the background sounds so you can listen baby’s clearly.

While using the Vtech digital baby monitor, you can choose to set alerts for sound labels over a certain level.

2. Affordable.

If you are looking for luxury at an affordable price, then this long-range audio baby monitor is best for you. 

3. Long battery life.

Compared to baby optics or other monitors on the list, it comes with a battery life of 18 hours. This particular feature saves a lot of time and constant checking of the monitor. 

4. Two parents monitor.

A little extra is always nice. Vtech DM221 is the only audio monitor with two parents’ monitors. You can set these parent monitors at different parts of the house. 

An additional parent monitor unit will also come in handy if you lose one.

5. Monitoring and Control.

Parents or caregivers can control the baby’s unit. You can maintain the sound and light level. 

Want to check on the baby while the toddler is sleeping? You can listen without turning on the lights on the baby’s unit. 

Indeed, the Vtech DM221-2 long-range audio monitor is an affordable top pic by many new parents.

DM221 also comes with many essential features like talk-back and alerts at a low cost. The baby unit signals and emits light whenever the parent speaks from their unit. It is best to place it in the baby’s crib.

 Have a look at what we like and don’t like about it.

Reasons to Buy

  • Long-range audio monitoring.
  • Luxury at an affordable price.
  • It comes with double parents’ monitors.
  • Elimination of background noise.
  • It has multi-language options (You can switch to French or Spanish language.
  • You can use 2AAA batteries if you have no access to electricity or in an emergency.


  • Buttons are very hard. Sometimes it’s difficult to press them.
  • The noise-canceling feature sometimes fades out the baby’s voice.
  • Audio only.

4. Good Baby Video Monitor – Best for New Parents.


Good baby video monitor and camera has a maximum range of 960 feet. This wireless long-range baby monitor has nearly a million satisfied customers.

Key specifications. 

BrandGood Baby
Dimensions6.89 x 6.77 x 3.11 inches
Weight1.1 pounds

Definitely five stars for a good baby video monitor. This baby care monitor has its fair shares of cons too, but that’s just minor ones. We strongly recommend it for new parents with multi built-in functions & lullabies to soothe babies. 

Imagine having a long-range baby monitor that can soothe the baby by playing lullabies. Overall, it’s the best distance baby monitor.

1. Infrared Night vision.

Good baby long-range baby monitor comes with infrared night vision. You can easily see your baby even in the dark or when a light in the room is turned off. 

2. Easy to use.

This video baby monitor with camera and audio is super easy to use. A 2.4’’ high-quality LCD screen comes with 2.4 GHZ FSSH technology. You can have a 360-degree view with 2x zoom and manual tilt.

Unlike the other baby camera monitors, you can adjust the camera of baby sense on any horizontal surface.

3. Customize Alerts.

This specific feature is specially designed for new parents. Baby sense long-range audio and video monitors are programmed to send alerts to the parent’s unit. 

If the baby is crying, or it’s time to feed the baby, the baby’s diaper needs to be changed, and the caregiver will be alerted by a signal on its unit. It’s not like any other usual wifi baby monitor.

Hear the baby’s crying while you are away? No worries, this is where this video baby monitor comes in handy. It can play various pre-recorded lullabies to babies in the meantime.

4. Temperature Sensor.

The room temperature monitoring feature allows you to check or change the room’s temperature. This feature is excellent for new parents and infants, and sometimes newborn babies need a warmer environment. 

Like most baby monitors, you have a two-way talk feature with this surveillance monitor.

The good baby video monitor is like a helping hand that reminds you to feed your baby on time. The child’s unit can play various pre-recorded lullabies. Meanwhile, parents can have a 360-degree view with 2x zoom and manual tilt.

Here’s what we like and don’t like about this product.

Reasons to Buy

  • Digital enhanced cordless telecommunications.
  • The parent unit screen can hear the crystal clear sound of the baby.
  • This long-range baby monitor has room temperature sensors.
  • Good baby monitors can play lullabies and soothing sounds.
  • With so many features, it is an affordable baby monitor.


  • Low battery life.
  • A tiny screen.

5. Bebcare Audio baby monitor – Longest Range Baby Monitor.


Bebcare baby monitor has an impressive range of 2000ft. Bebcare there beyond touch has set the benchmark very high with this first-ever wireless low radiation technology.

Key specifications. 

BrandBebcare There Beyond Touch 
Range2000 ft
Battery LifeUp to 65 hours
Weight0.65 kg

The 2000ft coverage range justifies the hefty price tag. With breathing sensors and low radiation, this bebcare long-range baby monitor is best for parents who have tons of space to call home.

Bebcare baby monitor is a long-range baby monitor. The battery can last up to 65 hours. While using this product, parents can also set customized alerts. Babcare baby audio monitor also alerts the parent’s unit if it is out of range.

1. Wide range.

This baby monitor has an extended coverage range. With 2000ft be care monitor has the most comprehensive monitoring range. Unlike most baby monitors, it will signal the parent’s surveillance unit if that’s out of range.

2. Low radiation.

Radiations are a health hazard. Bebcare monitor is designed to eliminate these dangerous radiations around your baby. It comes with a breathing sensor that you buy separately.

Have a quick brainstorming on “Baby Monitor Frequencies & how far you should keep a monitor.”. Internal

3. Customize alerts.

Parents and caregivers can set customized alerts like the excellent baby video monitor. This long-range audio monitor has a built-in temperature sensor. Want to feel more secure and connected to your baby? You can also buy the breathing sensor separately.

4. 65 hours standby battery.

Bebcare baby surveillance monitor has long battery life. Single charging can work well on standby mode for 60 to 65 hours.

Bebcare long-range audio monitor has all the best features. With the longest range of 2000ft, and customized alerts, bebcare monitors also eliminate the dangerous ultraviolet radiations.

Have a look at what we like and don’t like about it.

Reasons to Buy

  • Long standby battery life.
  • Customized alerts and Lullabies.
  • Ultraviolet radiation eliminator.
  • Optional Vital sensors.
  • No White noise on both units.


  • Only Audio monitoring.
  • Not completely radiation-free.

6. Vtech VM923 Video Baby Monitor – Best Video Quality


With best in class battery life and range, Vtech VM923 best long-range baby monitor has every possible feature. This baby monitor has a range of 1000 ft, temperature sensor, talkback function, and 270 degrees side to side camera.

Key specifications. 

Range1000 ft
No of BatteriesOne lithium-ion.
Dimensions10.35 x 8.31x 3.82 inches
Weight1.61 pounds

Vtech brand has the best quality when it comes to audio. But, VM923 also has the best video quality. Even with an average 2.4-inch screen, it has the best video zoom quality. Strongly recommended.

Vtech is the most trusted brand by American shoppers. Vm923 is very easy to use. 

1. Pan, Tilt, and Zoom.

VTech VM923 long-range audio and video baby monitor comes with a camera pod. The camera pod is very convenient to keep an eye on every baby’s movements. 

Baby monitoring is pervasive with 270° side to side & 105° up and down. The video can be zoomed to 2x without shattering the quality.

2. Sound Alarms and indications.

The sound alarms and indication is the star feature of Vtech baby monitors. You can set the monitor on power-saving mode, yet the screen will wake up to any sound on the baby’s unit. 

3. Room temperature adjustment.

While on surveillance mode, VM923 will continuously observe the room temperature. It will send an alarm on the parent’s unit or auto change the temperature (if allowed in settings) to a comfortable level.

4. Long Battery life.

You don’t have to worry about the battery draining out with Vtech video monitors. With one-time charging, the battery can go up to nineteen hours.

VM923 is currently ranking among the top 10 best video monitors on Amazon. The battery lasts all day. The 3-level sound indications system will visually alert you if the baby is crying.

Have a look at what we like and don’t like about it.

Reasons to Buy

  • Camera pod tilt, pan, and zoom are top class.
  • Comprehensive video monitoring.
  • Auto-Alarms and sound indications over a certain level.
  • Pocket-Friendly baby monitor.
  • Eliminate the background noises on parent & baby units.


  • An average screen of 2.4 inches.
  • Buttons are a little hard to press.

Baby Monitor Buying Guide – What to Look for before buying a Baby Monitor!!!

Buying a baby monitor is a time-consuming job. Have a look at the essential things you should know & consider before buying the baby monitors.

1. Battery Life.

While buying a baby monitor, you should always look for the most extended battery life. Sometimes batteries drain very early. 

Standard battery life should be at least 10 hours with video baby monitoring.

2. Coverage Range.

We buy baby monitors to feel more connected & secure with our babies. Coverage range should be considered as a top priority too.

An average baby monitor has at least 700ft video coverage or monitoring range.

3. Clear Night Vision.

Night vision is considered the most crucial feature of any long-range video baby monitor. 

Always considered a baby monitor with an infrared night vision camera.

4. Interchangeable Camera Lense with Tilt & Zoom.

A video monitor should be placed at least 6feet or 1.8 meters away from the child’s crib. Sometimes parents might want to zoom or tilt the camera for more observation. 

5. Child’s Safety.

Toddler safety is our priority. While looking for baby monitors, you should consider a wireless baby monitor.

If you already have a traditional baby monitor, here is your complete guide on “How to Hide Baby Monitor Cord?

Wrapping it Up

Baby monitors are like saviors. Caregivers can easily rely on them. It is essential to have a long-range baby monitor so parents can feel connected to babies all the time.
While buying a baby monitor, one should always consider the range, video quality, and white noise reduction feature as a priority.

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