When To Start Buying Baby Stuff


As soon as we mothers hear about the pregnancy news, the first thing that we want to do is rush to buy the baby things. Well, truth to tell, we all have been there (and loved this).

Certainly, this time will feel magical, and due to our love for motherhood, we want only the best for our babies. But when should you start shopping for the baby?

Well, if you’re in a hurry and want to rush shopping, here is your quick answer;

The best time to start buying baby stuff is between the 15th to 18th week. By then, you can know the baby’s sex. But there is no general rule; it mainly depends on you and your instincts.


Not only do you want to shop for clothes, but there is also a long list that you’d love to buy, especially if it’s going to be your first baby. So, sit back and keep on reading for all the essential information.

When To Buy Baby Stuff?

Truth to tell, there is no straightforward answer. Some mommy-to-be love to start buying during the 15th week or as soon as the start of the second trimester. 

Speaking of my experience, first-time mothers are more excited than a mother with a second or third pregnancy. So, in general, it mainly depends on you.

Is It Bad Luck To Buy Baby Stuff Early?


Don’t worry; this myth is nothing but an old wive’s tale. Typically, it is recommended to wait for at least 12 weeks before you rush to buy all the baby stuff because most mothers experience a miscarriage in the first trimester.

In the 12th week, you are at the highest risk. That’s why it is always recommended to be attentive. 

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as “bad luck.” So, give it even a second thought. Everything is fine, and all your pregnancy journey is going to be perfectly fine.

Baby Things To Buy Before Birth

For us mothers, the sky is the limit when it comes to shopping for our little ones. We want to buy all the happiness and cute little stuff. So, to save you time and extra bucks, we’ve got a list of essential stuff.

1. Baby Wardrobe Essentials (Best To Buy In 2nd Trimester)

Infant clothes are cute and quite lovely. That’s why most of the time, we end up buying more than what we need. Have a quick look at the table below for baby clothes checklist for 0-3 months.

Clothing ItemHow Much To Buy
Onesies4 – 8
Shirts2 – 6
Pants4 – 6
Pajamas3 – 4 
Rompers2 – 3
Sweaters / Jackets4 – 5
Swaddles2 – 4
Caps (Summer / Winters)6 – 10
Blanket2 – 4

Keep in mind that every child is different. Sometimes, regular clothes may don’t fit the baby. To avoid any waste of money, it is best to buy a few clothing items at a time.

Similarly, also hold on to a certain number of diapers. Even though there’s no expiration date for diapers, over time, they won’t be a proper fit for your growing baby.

2. Baby Nursery Essentials (Best To Buy In 2nd Trimester)

There are many baby nursery essentials that parents want to buy. Every year or two, there is a trend of certain nursery decor that becomes the hot choice of new parents. 

Baby GearHow Much To Buy
Crib / Bassinet1
Crib Mattress1 – 2
Fitted Crib Sheets4 – 6
Baby Monitor1
Humidifier1 (optional)
Baby Carrier1 – 2 (optional)
Infant Car Seat

It is worth mentioning that car seats are mandatory by law, and you’ll need a toddler car seat for first three years until your baby outgrows. Then, you’ll need to upgrade the car seat

Bbay carriers and humidifiers are optional, but most parents prefer to use them after 3 months. You can also skip the crib if you want to practice distal style

The only thing that’ll be your best friend and can’t skip is a good quality, long-range video baby monitor. It will ensure your additional mind peace, and you can work and keep an eye on your little one.

3. Baby Bath And Diapering Essentials (Best To Buy In 2nd Trimester)

Ultimately, one way or another, you’ll need to change the baby’s diaper. Speaking of my personal experience, it will be difficult only the first few times. So, here’re the bath and diapering essential list;

Bath And Diapering EssentialHow Much To Buy
Baby Wipes 4 – 5 Packs
Diaper Bags2 – 4 Packs
Rash Cream1 – 2 Tubes
Shampoo And Body Wash2 Packs Of Each
Lotion And Powder2 Packs Of Each

During the first three months after the birth, you’ll use a ton of diapers and baby wipes. Even though the wipe’s shelf life is about 3 years but it is best not to stock them. 

When buying baby shampoo, it is best to opt for tear and eco-friendly products. On the contrary, always look for the baby powder expiry date before you pick your 2 packs.

4. Baby Feeding Essentials (Best To Buy In 3rd Trimester)

Many mothers breastfeed their babies, while some prefer to bottle feed their little ones. In both cases, you must be prepared for the upcoming days. Here’s the list that you’ll need to fulfill your baby’s feeding essentials;

Feeding EssentialsHow Much To Buy
4-Ounce Bottle2
8-Ounce Bottle2
Formula Powder1 Pack Each Week
Breast Pump2
Baby Bibs6 – 10
Bottle Sterilizer1 – 2 
Nipple Cream2 Packs
Breastmilk Storage Bottle

When it comes to buying baby bottles, you can adjust the numbers as per your preference. In general, there is no fixed number. 

If you prefer to breastfeed your baby, even then, you’ll need a bottle to store breast milk. Also, these will come in handy while switching from breast milk to formula and the weaning process.

5. Baby Health Essentials – (Best To Buy In 3rd Trimester)

When it comes to the health of our baby, we don’t want to take any second chance. Usually, there are several items that you must buy for the health of your baby.

Health EssentialsHow Much To Buy
Nail Clipper2
Petroleum Jelly1 Pack Each Week
First Aid Kit2
Baby Bibs6 – 10
Bottle Sterilizer1 – 2 
Nipple Cream2 Packs
Breastmilk Storage Bottle

You’ll need nipple cream if you’re planning to breastfeed your baby. While if you’re a working mother, then you might be thinking of storing breast milk in bottles then you’ll need certain bottles without nipples. 

Don’t use a regular nail clipper to cut baby nails. As their large opening can also cut the delicate skin of your baby. 

Keep in mind that after every breastfeeding session, infants burp and throw some milk. That’s why it’s best to buy bibs in huge quantities.

Things to Consider Before You Shop for a Baby

Even though you want to rush baby shopping, there are a few things that you must consider before you pile up all the essentials;

1. Your Own Health


Don’t compromise your health, especially if you’re in 3rd trimester or carrying a low pregnancy. Take your time and be stable first. Keep in mind that now your health is also associated with your’s baby. So, it should always be your first priority.

2. Your Shopping Budget


Saving money is always a good idea. Especially if you’re tight on budget, you must consider getting the absolute essential baby stuff rather than buying expensive cribs or clothes.

3. Available Space


Toddlers grow quite faster. That’s why you’ll need to buy a lot of clothes until your 3rd birthday. So, it is best to consider the available space before you pile up cute onesies and rompers.

4. The Big Gender Reveal


Usually, most families throw a gender reveal party in the 12th week of pregnancy. And mostly, all the invited guests come with a gender reveal gift. This will also help you to save a bit of as you might get baby clothes as a gift.

5. It’s A Boy Or Girl


Around the 18th week, parents can know their baby’s gender. That’s why you must wait if you’re planning to buy gender-specific clothes or design a red or blue nursery. 

10 Best Places To Buy Baby Stuff

If you’re ready for your shopping journey, then here’s our list of the best brands and places where you can find the best baby stuff.

  1. Amazon – For Anything
  2. Carter’s – Best For Infant Clothing
  3. Uniqlo – Perfect Place For Basics
  4. Cotton On – Buy Cute Rompers
  5. Primary – Most Affordable Baby Clothing Brand
  6. Pact – Top Pick For Eco-Friendly Clothes
  7. GAP – Most Trusted Infant Brand
  8. Old Navy – Best For Pajamas
  9. Cat & Jack – Biggest Clothing Brand For Kids
  10. Walmart – Anything, Anytime

Apart from it, you can also try local and small businesses. Keep in mind that, cotton is the best material to pick when it comes to buying baby clothing stuff.

It is also worth mentioning that polyester and synthetic materials are not suitable for the delicate skin of infants. They can cause long-term health complications for your little angel.

Shopping For Baby Stuff FAQs

When is the best time to start buying baby clothes?

You should begin your baby clothes shopping between the 18th to 20th weeks of your pregnancy. It is best to know the baby’s gender before you rush to buy baby things.

When to buy a stroller during pregnancy?

The perfect time to buy a stroller during pregnancy is the end of 2nd trimester. Generally, the strollers come in a universal size, so you can pick them up anytime if you’re not looking for a certain design or color.

When to buy a car seat during pregnancy?

A car seat is mandatory by law. It will be the first thing that your baby will need during the first ride home from the hospital. So, ensure to buy a car seat at least 4 weeks before your due date.

Wrapping It Up!

If you’re over the moon for the upcoming baby, you’re not alone. The excitement is at its peak when you’re expecting your first baby. That’s why most mothers rush to start buying baby stuff quite early.

But it is best to wait for at least the 18th week of your pregnancy. If you want to save a few bucks, then you can wait for a gender reveal party or even a baby shower party.

It is best to buy essential stuff first before you plan to buy an expensive crib or stroller. Make a quick checklist and just don’t forget to get a car seat, as it is the only baby essential that you’re bound to buy by law.

We hope that this article helps you with the baby shopping timeline. Well, in the meantime, be happy and keep on dreaming big for your little one!

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