How to Hide Baby Monitor Cord?

How to Hide Baby Monitor Cord
How to Hide Baby Monitor Cord

When you have infants in the house, the main priority remains to take precautions to protect your child from any accidental harm.

Now when you’ve bought the baby monitor, it’s necessary to hide its cord from your babies to secure them from strangulation risks.

In this article, we have provided multiple ways through which you can conveniently get your baby monitor’s cord out of your infant’s reach.

Our list will tell you how to mount the baby monitor at a higher angle and use long cable covers, a cable sleeve, or an electrical plug cover.

Ways to hide baby monitor cord

1. Mounting on a Wall

Here’s the proper method to mount the baby monitor cord on a wall to get it out of your kids’ reach. 

Mounting on a Wall
Mounting on a Wall

1. Look for the right location and angle

First, you’d need to find the perfect location to mount your baby monitor where you can hear and see your baby. Ensure that there isn’t any disturbance or interference with the picture or sound quality where you’re planning to mount it.

If your baby is just months old, then we recommend attaching it at a higher angle so that you can have a good view of your child. On the other hand, when your baby gets older, get the camera at a bit lower angle so that you can monitor your baby playing.

Moreover, remember to attach the monitor 5 – 8 feet away from the baby so that it won’t be in reach of your infant.

2. Prepare the baby monitor wall mount

Now that you’ve selected the right angle and height to attach the baby monitor, it’s time to prepare the wall mount. Most baby monitors in the market are available with a wall-mount and all the desired accessories to secure them perfectly.

You can also get a baby monitor that comes with a built-in wall mount for a hassle-free securing process. In another case that you go for a baby monitor with a simple mounting system, then it will have a tiny hole at the bottom of the monitor.

It would be best to secure the camera with adhesive tape to attach it securely.

3. Electricity outlet

Keeping in mind the electricity outlet is one of the most important factors to consider while mounting a baby monitor. You’d need to ensure that there’s an outlet near where you’re planning to mount the monitor.

In case that you’ve mounted the monitor already and it doesn’t reach the outlet, you can use an extension cord. However, we don’t recommend it as they come in enormous lengths, and the excess length may lie on the floor and be easily accessible to your child.

4. Mounting the monitor

Now that all previously mentioned things are considered, you’re ready to mount your baby monitor.

You’d need to be extremely cautious while doing choosing the place as once you’ve mounted the monitor to the wall, it will be firmly attached and would be difficult to remove.

5. Cable management

After mounting your baby monitor securely to the wall, you’ll need to do some cable management to secure all the loose ones. It’s a highly recommended step in case that you’ve utilized an extension cord to attach the baby monitor to a power supply.

2. Long Calble Covers

Long cable covers are one of the most recommended ways to hide a baby monitor cord. You can get yourself a cable concealer kit, and it will go perfectly with all kinds of cords.

Long Calble Covers
Long Calble Covers

In this kit, the cable cover will come with a length of 150 inches, while you’ll also get elbow joints which are extremely handy when there’s a need to change the cable’s direction.

Generally, the cable concealer will come in white colour, flawlessly with most interiors. Still, you can paint the concealer with the colour of your choice to match the interior perfectly.

To attach the cable cover to the wall, all you’d need is adhesive tape and some screws to secure it to its place; therefore, you won’t be needing any professional to do this.

However, the only drawback of this method is that the cover sticks permanently to the wall.

3. A Cable Sleeve

A cable sleeve is a flexible tube with a zipper that covers the entire monitor cord. The reason that makes a cable sleeve incredible is your baby monitor cord has been hidden perfectly while you still have 100% access to it.

A Cable Sleeve
A Cable Sleeve

All you’d need to do to access the monitor cord is to unzip the zipper. However, if your baby has started to walk and is always curious about new things, they might learn to unzip it. Therefore, if you still want to go for this option, use extreme caution.

4. An Electrical Plug Cover

Getting an electrical plug cover isn’t exactly a way to hide a baby monitor, but we added this one to our list so that your babies can stay safe all day long.

An Electrical Plug Cover
An Electrical Plug Cover

If you opt for a high-quality and sturdy electrical plug cover, then your baby won’t be able to unplug the monitor and get an electric shock.


Leaving the loose baby monitor cords unnoticed can lead to some substantial risks as it puts your children in strangulation threats.

Therefore, it would be best to select the right and suitable method according to your preference to hide the monitor cord from your babies. We’re optimistic that you’ll find our methods helpful in getting your job done effectively and efficiently.

However, if you’re lucky enough to have a curtain beside your baby’s crib, you can conveniently hide the cord behind it but remember that it won’t be a permanent solution.

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