From Dates To Diapers | The Circle Of Life And Motherhood


From dates to diapers is a phrase that represents the circle of life. It is a common saying that represents how a carefree and young person becomes a parent and starts taking responsibility.

Well, for us parents, it is nothing new. But have you ever wondered that since becoming parents, our main focus has been only on our kids? Certainly, diapers don’t expire. So does our love for our kids.


Dates To Diapers, More Than A Phrase

Especially for young ladies, it is literally more than a phrase. Speaking of my personal experience, I came to the US for higher studies and found the love of my life in New York.

Now, my life revolves all around my lovely daughters and my handsome man. Ladies, I am not exaggerating, but be ready to change the diapers until your baby is 4 or 5.

And simply forget about the good old steamy intimate relationship on weekends. 

Three Changes In Mother’s Life That Prove It All About Dates To Diapers

Well, no doubt we still are young and beautiful. But these three factors prove that “there is no going back.”

1. Dealing With Stretch Marks


Welcome to the blessing of motherhood. No matter how much they (men) say that stretch marks are beautiful, it is we, the mothers, who have to deal with the heavenly patterns. Well, ladies, you can get your old body back, but micro-needling and lasers will cost tens of thousands.

2. Change In Breast Shape


Let me be honest; I miss my good old perfect breast. No doubt, breastfeeding is essential for babies, but in the end, we mothers end up with permanent damage. Due to extensive breastfeeding, the shape of your breast can change permanently. Or, you may notice a visible change on the right and left sides.

3. Changing The Diapers


Not even a single woman I know has ever thought about changing diapers in their 20s. But the journey from dates to diapers is quite fast. One day, you are over the 7th sky, and the next day, you have a baby and change the diapers.

From Diapers To Dating


Recently, I was reading this amazing book, “from diapers to dating” by Reverend Debra W. Haffner. Basically, this book is about raising sexually healthy children. Eventually, it is another proof that you can’t escape the phrase “from dates to diapers.” The cycle of life continues, and then your little babies start dating. To be honest, this book will help you a lot in educating your children.

The Awkward Big Talk With Children

Remember, when you have your first “big talk” with your parents. It was super awkward. Luckily, the time has changed now. 

The book “from diapers to dating” educates parents about discussing sex and changes in bodies in a more comfortable approach. This will also help you in practicing the positive parenting approach.  

Even if you’re still in the “changing the diapers” era, the book also helps you. Also, it could be the perfect gift for parents with teenage kids.

Wrapping It Up!

Both the “from dates to diapers” and “from diapers to dating” phases of life are beautiful. And eventually, it is something that parents have signed up for.

If you’re still in the dating zone, do all the wild things you want to do because now you are free and have time. On the contrary, if you’re blessed with babies, you already know how big is the blessing of being a parent.

Remember, it is the circle of life and happens to everyone. So, take a plunge and be ready to enjoy the ride of parenthood.

Malissa Carter
We are so blessed to have her majesty, a.k.a the queen of 4 the love of mommy “Malissa.” She was born in 1962. Got married to Murphy in 1983. She is an expert mom with the experience of almost 40 years of motherhood.