Best Photoshoot Ideas for 1-Year-Old in 2023

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Childhood is the most enjoyable period, and as a parent, you might want to capture these moments. Seeing your little angel growing is the most fantastic part.

Photos are memories, and memories stay forever. Parents always want to make the first photoshoot of their children memorable.

Floating baby, The boss baby, and the messy child are the most loved photoshoots ideas by new parents. Go for a Barbie, Wonder Woman, or Little Mermaid theme photoshoot for girls. You can also have a festive photo session, i.e., Christmas or Easter Bunny Baby.

Suppose you are looking for the “1-year-old photoshoot ideas”, Hakuna Matata, because we got you. Here are some of the fantastic photoshoot ideas.

Mamma Mia…Here we go again!

7 ideas For Unique one-year-old photoshoot ideas.

Unique-one-year-old-photo-shoot Ideas

1. Floating Bubbles – Dive into wonderland.

It is an excellent photoshoot idea. Kids love to play with bubbles. Just add some child-friendly soap to water and blow some bubbles. 

Shutter some pictures while gushing over your cute little honey bunny.

2. Air Balloons – Up, Up and Up.

Toddlers love balloons. Fill a tiny space with colorful balloons and let them play. Click some of the amazing pictures of children’s first birthdays.

Just keep the pooped balloons away for your baby’s safety.

3. Halloween – Do the trick!

Add some lights to the carved pumpkin, and your prop is ready. You should use a natural background while doing a Halloween photoshoot for babies.

Be a little extra by placing some Cinnamon sticks for a more authentic feel.

4. Sleeping baby – Partied out.

Go for a sleeping baby photoshoot. Arrange a photographer or capture some memories by yourself when a one-year-old baby is sleeping.

Sleeping baby pictures are the most fantastic way to introduce your 1-year-old to World.

5. Messy baby – Bring it out.

Imagine the smile of your year old when they first ever taste the birthday cake – Aww, heavenly. Just capture the exact moment.

Let the frost stick to their lips and even hands. Allow them to make a mess and have fun.

6. Baby Mugging – A new trend.

Baby Mugging photos are the most liked pictures on social media. Just place the cup or mug near the camera, adjust the camera and capture the lovely moments of a year old boy.

For great photos, play with more colorful mugs and vibrant backgrounds.

7. Name Blocks – Universally Entertaining.

Let the child make chaos which name blocks. You can also build up your baby name with blocks and then have some fun-tastic photos.

Just make sure that these blocks do not have brittle edges or are broken.

7 ideas For 1-year-old baby boy photoshoot ideas.


I am looking for some ideas for your charming prince. Here are some of the best photoshoot ideas for one-year-old baby boys.

1. Daddy’s little boy – Who’s more charming?

Click the enjoyable moments of your baby boy with his dad. Just tie him dad’s tie. A regular tie or oversize shirt are the best props for a child’s birthday. Such an avatar will make him more confident and enrich the love bond for sure.

2. The lion King-themed photoshoot – Be Mufasa.

Throw a lion king-themed party and hire a professional photographer for stylish photos. Add some stuffed lions to the background and let the boy play.

This idea is also great for a six-month-old baby photoshoot.

3. Adventure Kid – Rim of the World.

You can dress your baby boy like he is going on some tour or an adventure. Just place a map, compass, and backpack around. This will be a lovely photoshoot.

4. Tux-dressed photoshoot – It’s Oscar night!

You dressed your cutie into a tuxedo. Adjust your baby onto a lap and shutter some of the best photos of one year old. Add a themed background for more fun.

5. Thor style – The God of Thunder.

I am looking for something more macho, classy, and masculine. Have a Thor-style photoshoot for the baby. Place a plastic inflatable hammer for more fun.

7 ideas For 1-year-old baby girl photoshoot ideas.


Girls are always out achievers. That’s why we have chosen some excellent photoshoot ideas for girls because GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN.

1. princess-themed Photoshoot – Eslsa, is that you…?

This Elsa-themed idea does not require much preparation. Just dress your baby girl in a frock, and a little crown will do wonders. This is the most loved idea for a one-year-old girl’s birthday.

2. Wonder Woman – Yes, you go, GIRL.

Imagine your cute baby girl in a Wonder Woman dress…picture perfect. It is great for a one-year-old birthday photoshoot.

3. Makeup Baby – Brush it, Flex it.

Makeup baby is another great idea for taking some photos. Place some makeover kits around and let the child take over. Enjoy, smile, and snap!.

4. Little Mermaid – Strike a Pose.

What better than a mermaid dress?. Dress the baby girl in mermaid style, and voila!. To add some more flex, place a tiny bathtub aside and let the child take over.

5. Dancing Doll – I am a Barbie girl.

Play some catchy music that a one-year-old girl loves. Kids love groovy music. Time to play an old Mccdonald’s song or timeless baby shark do do do.

7 ideas For 1-year baby photoshoot ideas at home.

Want to celebrate a one-year-old birthday or photo shoot at home? Here is some inspiration for a one-year baby photoshoot at home.


1. Bathing Baby -This is how we do it.

What’s better than playing in water?…absolutely nothing. Use rafts or inflatable toys in the bathtub or water bucket for more alive photos.

2. Fruity snap – Take a bite.

It is an exciting idea for photos of a 1-year-old. Either go for a fruit-eating baby or a fruity baby. 

Take out the pink flesh from the watermelon and let your baby sit in it. Meanwhile, be ready for capturing photos – say cheese! 

3. Blanket Time – Furry Canvas.

Want a little more at home?… Here is the tip!. Just take some colorful blankets and make waves or different patterns out of them. You can also go for an abstract.

4. Play with Props – Twinkle Twinkle. 

Bring in the props and give something for playing to the young one. It can be number 1 or any letter. This is the most exciting way to capture first birthday photos.

5. Christmas Tree – All I want for Christmas is you.

Looking for a festive photoshoot idea, then surely you’ll love this. Dress your kid as Santa Clause or put a little chair with the baby under the Christmas Tree.

Simply just PERFECT.


Capturing the photos of a 1-year-old baby is a tricky job, But it is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Make it beautiful and Meaningful by choosing heart-touching ideas that match your baby’s style.

Sylvie White
Sylvie was born and raised in France. In 2010, she came to Newyork for studies and fell into the spell of central park. In 2018, she gave birth to beautiful twin daughters “Lilly and Rosa.” Having a degree in Early Childhood Education helps her a lot during nurturing. An experienced mommy on a mission to guide for the best.