1-year-old shoe size

1 year old baby shoes

Toddlers are full of energy. They are cute little explorers who never settle in the same place. As they are continuously moving, shoes become an essential part of 1-year-old babies.

When it comes to shoes, one size does not fit all. The recommended size is 5 for a twelve to eighteen months old baby. If your child’s thumb is a little over the edge, we recommend going for a size 5.5.

One-year-old shoe size in inches: 5′

One-year-old shoe size in cm : 12.7 – 13 cm.

Children are continuously growing. Parents need to be ready to buy shoes after every 2-3 months. It is vital to buy comfortable shoes for babies. Being a parent, I can understand that our toddlers are growing every night and we’re always either stocked up with diapers or lack wipes.

If you are going to buy shoes for a one-year-old baby or looking for a pair of shoes that you can give as a present, don’t worry, We got you.

Before diving into the size chart, let’s have a look at some other things to consider.

What to look for when buying shoes for children?

Always look for shoes that are not slippery and have non-slip soles. Consider buying shoes with a soft insole that can cushion the feet.

Buy a regular fit size, especially when shopping for a 1-year-old boy. Children are continuously moving, and too tight shoes can cause rashes on the feet.

What size shoes should I buy for my one-year-old?

The recommended shoe size is 5 for the age of 1 year old. The U.S. standard size for 12-month babies is 5 to 5.5. 

At this age, Children have 12.3 cm to 13 cm long feet. Usually, the military boots came in U.K. and E.U. sizes. The standard army shoe size for a 1-year-old is 4 to 4.5 in U.K. numbers and 20-21 in E.U. size.

What does one-year-old wear in shoes?

Loose flat shoes, High-end military boots, and loose-fitting shoes are the best option for a one-year-old to wear. Never buy shoes with rugged soles or high heels for baby girls of 1 year old.

Teeny high jeans and Mary tops are a good option for one-year-old shoes.

 Shoe size chart for 1-year-old babies.

Estimated AgeFoot LengthShoe size for 1-year-old. (U.K. size chart)Shoe size for 1-year-old. (E.U. size chart)Shoe size for 1-year-old. (U.S. size chart)
0-1 months8.60150
0-3 months9.30161
3-6 months101172
6-9 months112183
9-10 months11.63194
10-12 months12.34205
12-18 months134.5215.5
18-24 months13.75226

1-year-old baby shoe size in cm and inches.

Size (In Months)1-year-old shoe size in cm.1-year-old shoe size in inches.U.S. standard shoe size for toddlers.
6-1210.84.253.5 – 4
12-1812.04.754.5 – 5.0 
18-2412.75.005.5 – 6.5

This size chart is only suitable for one-year-old regular shoes or flats for both baby boys and baby girls.

1-year-old baby winter shoe size in cm and inches

Size (In Months)1-year-old shoe size in cm.1-year-old shoe size in inches.U.S. standard shoe size for toddlers.
6-1211.44.504.0 – 4.5
12-1812.755.0 – 5.5
18-2413.35.256.0 – 7.0

This is the shoe size for a year old boy or year old girl when you buy high-end shoes or winter boots for babies.

How do measure the size of toddler shoes?

You can measure baby shoe size in only five steps.

  1. Let your toddler stand barefoot on any piece of paper.
  2. Use a pencil to trace around it gently.
  3. Use tape to measure the length.
  4. Measure from the heel to the longest toe.
  5. Add ½ inch or 1 cm to the measured distance for the perfect size.


Shoes are an essential part of style and dressing. The paradigms of buying shoes for adults and toddlers are different. While searching for a toddler shoe, always go for a loose shoe with comfortable soles.

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