Thoughtful Gender Reveal Gifts Ideas | For Mom, Dad & Baby!


When it came to picking gender-reveal gifts, everyone got confused. Usually, only close friends and family members are invited, and also, a thoughtful gift can help the new mommy in the future.

The only problem is that you don’t know the baby’s gender yet. So what to bring to the party? Well, worry not; we’ve got you covered. 

So, let’s get the party started!


Thoughtful Gender Reveal Party Gifts To Give In 2023

When it comes to picking a gift, literally, the sky’s the limit. You can pick anything you want in relevance to the event. Here’re some thoughtful ideas that mommy-to-be will love.

1. A Baby Blanket


A blanket is a must-have baby item. It is best to pick a gender-neutral color. Prefer to pick a cotton swaddle blanket. It will come in handy during the first 6 months of the baby’s nurturing, eventually helping the caregivers.

2. A Goodie Basket


If you want to surprise parents, then this is a perfect idea. Put bibs, thermometer, baby oil, and bath gown in a cute basket. Double the fun by putting baby sunglasses. For parents, you can get a customized cup for mommy and father-to-be.

3. Baby Memory Book


Parents love to keep track of every milestone of the firstborn. A memory book will come in handy for five years. This idea is adorable yet perfect for last-minute shopping. You can easily get it from every major store for under $50.

4. A Long-Range Baby Monitor


If budget is not an issue, then you can give a split-screen baby monitor. It is thoughtful and practical. Eventually, after the first six months, caregivers will need this. So, why not think a step ahead and surprise parents in a futuristic way?

5. Wall Hanging Photo Frames


This unique idea is both budget-friendly and amazing. You can get a cute baby photo frame at the last minute. So, if you want to keep things simple and minimalistic, it is your way to go.

Gender Reveal Gifts For Mom

Usually, most people prefer to bring gifts for the mothers at the baby reveal party. From personalized jewelry to maternity clothes, there are plenty of options for you to try.

1. Tips Diary For New Mother


If your BFF is going to be a mother, then this cool idea is for you. Get a funky diary and write about your friendship, how you meet, and how the cycle of life is all about dating to diapers and beyond. If you’re an experienced mother, then don’t forget to add tips and home remedies.

2. A Postpartum Support Belt


Think ahead of time and give a postpartum belt to the mommy-to-be. Normally, after a C-section, mothers have to deal with the hanging skin, and the belt will come in handy for the first twelve weeks after cesarean delivery.

3. Go For Personalized Jewelry Item


Gifting personalized jewelry is the best way to express your happiness. You can find a local artist and get a soulful jewelry piece for your BFF. If budget is not a problem, you can also get a customized piece for the mother, father, and upcoming baby.

4. Get A Positive Parenting Book


A book will help new parents to understand different approaches to parenting. With the help book, they can practice practical positive parenting approaches, raising emotionally intelligent, successful, and stable kids.

5. Book A Spa Day


Nothing is better than a soothing and relaxing spa day. You can book an “all girls spa day” in a nearby sauna and massage center. This will also help the pregnant mother to ease her muscle and stiff back.

Gender Reveal Gifts For Dad

Well, most commonly, the BFFs of mommy neglect dad-to-be. So,  here’re some unique and amazing gift ideas to take inspiration from.

1. World’s Best Dad T-Shirt


Giving a t-shirt to the father-to-be will encourage him to be more involved in raising his toddler. You can easily find a t-shirt with this slogan. Apart from it, you can also get a bracelet or wristband.

2. Baby Diapers Bag


Most commonly, mothers always change the baby’s diapers. So why not revert to this gender role? Also, it is a practical gift idea because a baby uses around 5000 diapers in the first year alone. The cherry on top is that you don’t have to worry about diapers expiry date

3. A Baby Carrier


It is a perfect gift for dads who always want to keep their infants close while working. Well, not only for dads, but it will also come in handy for mothers while doing daily chores. So, why not kill two birds with one baby carrier?

4. Get A Beautiful Suit Pendant


Whether you’re invited to a best friend or golf buddy’s baby reveal party, this gift idea is best for you. You can get a cute pendant that says “daddy-to-be.” It will surely bring giggles and joy to your buddy. Eventually, they’ll remember you every time they wear it.

5. Sweets And Treats Basket


For a sweet-tooth dad, you can get a customized chocolate and treats basket. You can also put a personalized mug or water bottle in it. Well, you can also bring a gender reveal cake to the party, giving dad-to-be some rest.

Gender Reveal Gift Basket – What To Put In It?


A gender reveals basket is a popular choice among relatives and close friends. You can get a ready-made basket for under $50, or you can also make your own. Here’s what you can put in it;

  • A personalizes wishful note
  • Baby diapers and swaddlers
  • Cute little stuffed animal
  • Couple T-shirts for parents
  • Personalized coffee mugs
  • A book on parenting

You can also add customized jewelry pieces as baby reveal gifts for parents. It is worth mentioning that the purpose of the celebration is spending quality time, so don’t forget to add smiles and giggles to your gift.

Amazon Gender Reveal Gifts


Many people love to order baby reveal gifts from Amazon. That is why we have done our detailed research and picked the ten best gifts that you can order, saving you time.

  1. Keepsake Baby Memory Book 
  2. Soft Baby Deer Blanket
  3. Copper Baby Drool Bibs
  4. First Heartbeat Photo Frame
  5. Gender Neutral Baby Socks Set
  6. BlueMello Swaddle Blanket
  7. INSEN Pregnancy Pillow For Mother
  8. Parker Diaper Backpack
  9. Baby Hand And Foot Print Maker
  10. Personalized Baby Keepsake Box

Even though you can bring gifts to the party as it is. But it is best to wrap them in a beautiful cover with a personalized note.

Gender Reveal Gifts For Grandparents


Whether you are looking for unique ideas to announce pregnancy, or you’re a family friend who wants to bring a gift for grandparents along with parent’s-to-be, we’ve got you covered.

  • Granny/Grandpa to be a t-shirt
  • A customized wristband
  • Cute stuffed animal with baby’s news
  • Little surprise box 
  • Pink and blue cupcakes
  • A diaper, along with confetti

Surely, these gifts will bring joy and giggles. If the grandparents live apart, then it is best to send them t-shirts with “I am going to be a granny/grandpa.”

Gender Reveal Gifts FAQs

Do you bring a gift to a gender reveal party?

Yes, gifts are expected, but you can also attend a gender reveal party without any gifts. Usually, only close family and friends are invited. That’s why it is considered a nice gesture to bring something.

What is a good gift for a baby reveal party?

Usually, gifts that new parents can use in the coming days or after the baby’s birth are considered best. Maternity clothes, customized jewelry, diapers, or baby blankets are the best gifts you can take to a baby reveal party.

What to bring to a baby reveal party?

It is best to bring a nice gift, or a cooked meal to a baby reveal party. You can also gift vouchers or spa tickets to parents. If you’re confused or not sure about what to bring, then it is best to give new parents-to-be gift cards.

Wrapping It Up!

If you’re invited to a gender reveal party, it means that you’re either a close family member or a close friend. Generally, everyone is expected to bring a gift.

When it comes to picking a gift, literally, the sky’s the limit. From baby diapers to maternity clothes, you can choose anything you like. It is best to skip the decoration items or products with a close expiry date.

Keep in mind that this big day is all about new parents-to-be. So, while picking a gift, give their taste and preferences a priority. 

We hope that this article helps you to pick a perfect baby reveal gift. While in the meantime, be happy and keep on dreaming because it’s all about parenthood.

Sylvie White
Sylvie was born and raised in France. In 2010, she came to Newyork for studies and fell into the spell of central park. In 2018, she gave birth to beautiful twin daughters “Lilly and Rosa.” Having a degree in Early Childhood Education helps her a lot during nurturing. An experienced mommy on a mission to guide for the best.