How To Get Rid of Hanging Belly After C-Section


The one major change that we mothers have to face after the C-section is a saggy belly. 

The hanging skin looks awful, and the infamous myth that claims that getting rid of a hanging belly after a C-section is hard makes new mothers worried.

Fortunately, this is not the case. You can get rid of the belly pooch, both naturally and with the help of massage and exercise. 


So, exhale your worries and keep on reading to get back in shape.

9 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Your Hanging Belly After C-Section

Being a mother is a blessing, and it is natural to experience change in your body afterward. You can revert it all with the help of enriched food, hydration, massage, and quick exercise.

1. Breastfeed Your Baby 

This is the most effective and natural way to get rid of a hanging belly after a C-section. On average, breastfeeding can bun an extra 500 – 700 per day, which helps a lot to tighten your stomach.


Since it is a new experience for your body to produce milk, the body will work harder and utilize more energy. So, this will also make you hungry. 

Generally, with the breastfeeding method, you’ll experience a visible change in 6 weeks.

2. Consume 7 Enrich Foods

Beans, Salmon, Bell Peppers, Yogurt, Honey, Broccoli, and Diluted Vinegar are known as foods that burn belly fat. Add them to your daily diet routine.


With all the health benefits, these foods also boost your immune system and fasten your metabolism. Several studies have proven that dark green veggies and apple cider vinegar are effective in losing belly fat.

Before you add these food items to your daily routine, it is best to consult with your physician first. As overusing vinegar can upset your stomach.

3. Take Your Beauty Sleep

In the first few months after childbirth, mothers can’t sleep well, leading to insomnia. But staying in bed for prolonged hours will help you get rid of a hanging belly after C-section naturally.


Even though it can be difficult but caregivers must take enough sleep as it relaxes their muscles and pumps energy back.

It is best to maintain a proper deep sleep cycle. In the early motherhood days, the only thing you can do is to match the infant sleeping schedule with yours. 

4. Take Deep Breathes And Stay Hydrated

These two methods are getting popular among new mothers to reduce belly fat. When you practice the “deep breath” exercise, the extra oxygen will be supplied to the body, burning tough fat.


Generally, while breastfeeding a child, the mother has to intake a lot of fluid. Drinking 15 glasses of water per day will help you to lose your water weight within 5 days.

It is the most effective natural way to get rid of a hanging belly pooch after a c-section. The only problem is that you also have to deal with “nature’s call” more frequently. 

5. Use A Postpartum Support Belt

Postpartum support bands and belts are also another best way to reduce a saggy belly without any exercise. It is the easiest way, and the best part is you can wear it for the whole day.


It also supports the weakened muscles, and over time, your tummy will be in its original position. 

Chongerfei 3 in 1 postpartum support wrap is the most trusted and effective. Along with the belly belt, it also has a waistband and pelvis belt.

When is it too late to wear a postpartum belly wrap?

It is best to wear a postpartum belly wrap within the first two weeks. Wearing it after 15 weeks (for the first time) will not be effective. Generally, new mothers can wear it after the first week for the whole day and during sleep.

6. Boost Breast Milk Supply

Breastfeeding helps to stimulate your milk production and burn calories. So, why not get the best of both worlds by pumping your milk?


It is great for working mothers, and eventually, you can store breast milk after pumping. The best part is you can store it for 12 months.

Consider using a lot of beans, fruits, and oats if you’re planning to pump your breast milk. As these foods will provide you with sufficient energy to do other daily chores.

7. Get Frequent Postpartum Massage

There is a long list of postpartum massage benefits. It increases your blood circulation and soothes your muscles. 


Several medical studies have shown that massage after a c-section also helps you with lowering stress hormones. The oil can reach down to soft muscles, speeding up the healing process.

This fast healing process will eventually tighten your belly. Keep in mind that this process can take months before you can notice any visible change.

8. Tighten Saggy Belly With Cardio

Speaking of my experience, nothing helps more than doing cardio. It is the one magic trick that is difficult to practice but helps the most to reduce tummy.


Do ten reps of burpees and planks daily to get your desired results within a week. Avoid running or heavily wight exercise for at least the first six weeks.

Keep in mind that you must take proper rest before opting for yoga or exercise, as due to severe movements, you may have to deal with c-section incision burning

9. Go For Bodytite Procedure

Bodytite is a procedure that is commonly known as radio frequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL). It is used to remove excess fat and pooch from specific body parts and tighten the skin.


During this process, a cannula is inserted into the body that emits RF heat and sucks all the excessive fat cells in a specific area.

It can cost anywhere between $55,000 to $8000. Usually, it lasts for 5 years, but with proper diet and exercise, you can keep your body tight for more years. 

C Section Belly Fat Exercises

Exercise and cardio are the two best solutions to tighten your belly fat. Both boost your metabolism and help you stay active. 

Generally, It is best to rest for 6 weeks before you even think about “all the hard work” after childbirth. Here’re some easy exercises that you can try;

  • Daily Walking
  • Slow Jogging
  • Planking
  • Kegels For Pelvic Muscles
  • Bridges And Slides

It is recommended to consult with your doctor first before you start any exercise. Always keep your pace slow while gradually increasing the intensity day by day.

How To Reduce Tummy After C Section Naturally?

It is possible to reduce the tummy after C-section naturally, but it can take anywhere between 6 to 12 months. In a nutshell, you have to track your daily diet, and taking high-fiber foods will also help.

  • Ensure to stay hydrated.
  • Get at least 2 body massages every week.
  • Breastfeed your baby and pump milk.
  • Eat more fiber-enriched fruits. 
  • Try to eat more green veggies.
  • Get a proper 9 hours of sleep.

Apart from these, it is best to be physically active as it will burn the side and lower belly fat. 

Home Remedies To Reduce Belly Fat After C Section Delivery

In Asia, many women prefer to use traditional home remedies to get rid of hanging skin after cesarean delivery. These remedies help to tighten the belly and also provide essential energy.

1. Lemon Water Before Breakfast

This old-school way is very effective. Lemon juice boosts your immune system, aids digestion, and balances the body’s pH. Squeeze half lemon into a glass of lukewarm water and consume it daily before breakfast.


2. Fruit Bowl Seasoned With Nuts

It is a great cheat meal that helps a lot with constipation after childbirth. You can add oranges, mango, banana, cantaloupe, and prunes. You can enjoy this fruit bowl as breakfast or brunch for energy.


3. Use Soy, Tofu, And Skim Milk

Eating a small amount of tofu is safe, and it also helps women to tighten their hanging skin. It is backed by scientific evidence that isoflavones from soy help to reduce blood sugar levels and belly fat.


4. Take Milk And Honey Every Night

A glass of whole milk has 7.69g of protein. Protein is great for boosting metabolism and reducing lower belly fat. Honey is an ingredient that has been used in the treatment of wounds for centuries. 


5. Drink Cinnamon Water

Cinnamon is rich in fiber and helps the stomach to feel full fullness. That’s why it is considered a great ingredient to lose belly fat after C-section delivery. Add 2 tbs cinnamon to warm water and use it the whole day.


Diet Chart To Reduce Belly Fat After C Section

If you’re struggling with belly fat or pooch, then here’s the diet chart you can try for 4-weeks to notice a visible change in your body. Before you read any further, it is best to consider all your allergy problems.

Week DayBreakfastLunchDinner
MondayMilk, 3 Egg Whites, and 2 Bread Slices Smoked Salmon and GreensSoft Eggs and Brown Rice
TuesdayChicken Sandwich (3x)Brown Rice and Legumes SoupTomato Soup
WednesdayFruit Bowl, Buts, and SmoothieLean Beef and SaladVeggies Bowl
ThursdayOatmeal And 2 Boiled EggsSmoked Salmon and PastaSalad and Mashed Potatoes
FridayYogurt, Greens, and Apple (2x)Roasted Chicken and Mashed PotatoesBrown Rice
SaturdayOatmeal, 3 Egg Whites, and NutsBrown Rice and Chicken SoupVeggies Bowl
SundayCheat Day2 Large Pizza SlicesAs You Wish
  • As brunch, you can take English tea or fresh juice. It is best to avoid caffeine while you breastfeed your infant.
  • During the whole day, ensure to drink a lot of water and liquids. Don’t intake high amounts of carbonated or fizzy drinks.
  • Rather than fruit juice, it is best to consume “fruits” as a whole, as they provide essential fiber to the body.

Foods To Avoid After C Section


Here’s the list of foods that you must avoid while breastfeeding or immediately after a c-section. These foods will add a layer of fat around your belly, resulting in a more visible belly pooch.

  • Frequent Junk Food
  • Alcohol, Beer, and Liquor Beverages
  • Caffeine and Chocolates
  • Swordfish, Shark, and Tilefish
  • Ice cream and Desserts

It is worth mentioning that it is okay to consume the uplifted food items in a certain amount. But consuming them often or frequently is not safe for you and your baby.

Reducing Hanging Belly After C Section FAQs 

How to reduce belly fat after c-section without exercise?

Eating high-fiber foods, breastfeeding your baby, getting deep massages, and getting enough sleep will help you to reduce your belly fat after a c-section without any exercise.

How to tighten the tummy after c-section?

For a quick and visible change, it is best to do regular walks, cardio, and light exercise. Maintaining your diet properly will also help to tighten the hanging tummy skin.

How long should I tie my stomach after delivery?

Whether you prefer to tie your stomach or wear a belt, it is best to use them for a maximum of up to 12 weeks. Keep in mind that wearing them for too long will result in adverse effects.

Wrapping It Up!

Well, for us mothers, life is all about “from dates to diapers.” One moment we are crazy in love, and the next moment we have our little one in our hands (and we love that).

But with the blessing, here comes the curse of c-section, a.k.a; the hanging belly. Fortunately, you can get rid of it with easy exercises and maintaining your diet.

The easiest and most natural way to lose unwanted fat is to stay hydrated and ensure to get enough sleep. Even though bodytite is an option, it would cost over $5000.

Well, In the end, I hope that I was able to help y’all with my personal experience, tips, and tricks. Well, in the meantime, be happy and keep on loving your cute little angels.

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