Split Screen Baby Monitor: Top 7 Picks of The Year 2022

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Looking over your twins is like rowing two boats at the same time. It can become pretty challenging to remain in both rooms while carrying your daily household stuff. We have brought an innovative solution to ensure safety and convenience for your little ones.

A split-screen baby monitor can display dual-camera output on one screen simultaneously. So now, you don’t have to switch or use another monitor. This product can perform all in one function for you.

There are numerous options to choose from while looking for the best two-camera baby monitor and build quality. This article has featured the best baby monitors with split screens recommended by parents and babysitters.

Motorola Video Baby Monitor

With the dominating telecommunication technology, Motorola has set a mark on efficient and reliable Radio Frequency communication. Enabling this technology to power the split-screen baby monitors has made life easier for millions of parents. Having additional mobile application support, this monitor becomes much more productive.

Our Top Pick

Best Split Screen Baby Monitor 2022

Specific Feature

Rich accessories and innovative features of this monitor make it a standout choice for parents. Manual tilting features, LED sound indicator, and feeding reminder are the starter features of this monitor.

ImageProducts & FeaturesPrice
<strong>1. Best Split Screen</strong>” class=”affiliate-img”><span class=8.2

1. Best Split ScreenBadge Text

  • Dual camera display
  • Two-way talkback
  • Rich automated features
<strong>2. Baby Care Split View</strong>” class=”affiliate-img”><span class=8.6

2. Baby Care Split ViewFor twins

  • Clear large screen
  • way audio enabled
  • Complete room coverage
<strong>3. Moonybaby Split 50</strong>” class=”affiliate-img”><span class=8.4

3. Moonybaby Split 50No-WIFI

  • Simultaneous camera
  • No WIFI technology
  • Long battery life
<strong>4. Motorola Video</strong>” class=”affiliate-img”><span class=8.0

4. Motorola Videowith-app

  • Impressive monitor display
  • Infrared night vision
  • Parenting support
<strong>5. Moonybaby Split 30</strong>” class=”affiliate-img”><span class=8.8

5. Moonybaby Split 30Best-budget

  • Power saving capacity
  • Wide-angle camera
  • Extended range
<strong>6. Moonybaby Wide View 50</strong>” class=”affiliate-img”><span class=8.6

6. Moonybaby Wide View 50For-twins

  • Scan and Split mode
  • Wide-angle digital zoom
  • VOX enabled
<strong>7. Jousecu </strong> <strong>Model B049-2T</strong>” class=”affiliate-img”><span class=8.4

7. Jousecu Model B049-2TDual-audio

  • Impressive communication distance
  • Easy to carry and charge
  • Automatic features

1. CAMPARKCAM Video Baby Monitor: Best split-screen camera with night vision


Dimensions9.76 x 7.36 x 4.25 inches
Weight1.78 pounds
Connectivity2.4 GHz FHSS
Transmission Range820 ft
Screen Size4.3 inches
Battery Life8 hours
WarrantyOne year

Safely monitor your baby from anywhere with this split screen baby monitor. The promising technology and ease of use define the convenience of this monitor. Use the app-free monitoring system using a simple control unit remotely. 

The rich accessories and innovative features of this monitor make it a standout choice for parents. Manual tilting features, LED sound indicator, and feeding reminder are the starter features of this monitor.

1. Dual camera display

With this monitor, you get two cameras to be your eye in different rooms or angles. You can connect both cameras with the display unit at the same time. Moreover, the 4.3 inches of the large screen enables split-screen mode so that you can view the output of both cameras at the same time. Transmission goes through 2.4 GHz FHSS technology to give a lag-free view.

2. Two-way talkback

The dual talkback feature keeps your presence connected with the baby even when you’re not close. The talkback feature keeps you posted with any calls or cries from the baby. If you cannot respond, you can remotely command to play eight different lullabies. Soft tunes let your baby fall asleep.

3. Rich automated features

Automated features like dark mode enable the functionalities without any further access. The camera senses light aperture and automatically allows night vision for a clearer view in dark environments. VOX technology enables automatic voice activation and saves more power to keep this monitor running.

One major downside that lets down the split-screen feature is a split-screen feature. The dual-caswitchesetup is convenient, yet the sound quality only works for one camera at a time. You may find it confusing to switch the talkback feature between both cameras.

Reasons to Buy

  • Good signal strength
  • Auto night vision technology
  • Dual camera setup
  • Easy to install
  • Clear pixel display


  • Low battery timing
  • Mediocre build quality

2. Baby Care Split View Baby Monitor-For twins

Best-Split-Screen-Baby-Monitors-for twins
Dimensions6.34 x 3.43 x 5.59 inches
Weight3.19 pounds
Connectivity2.4 GHz FHSS
Transmission Range900ft
Screen Size5 inches
Battery Life12 hours

Baby Care is dedicated to making quality equipment to ease the everyday lives of parents. Having an intelligent solution to keep your baby safe and sound can relieve your stress. Manufacturers kept suggestions and struggles of parents in mind. 

Baby Care has designed a battery operated baby monitor to be reliable and comfortable to use. This baby monitor equipment is undoubtedly practical and efficient to deliver you peace of mind, even in a small form.

1. Clear large screen

Observe your baby in crystal clear clarity with this large 5-inch screen giving a 720p display output. The monitor screen is large enough to provide a split-screen view of both cameras simultaneously. The display screen also features real-time temperature recorded from the sensors on each camera.

2. way audio enabled

Comfortably talk with your toddler from anywhere within the 900ft radius. The two-way talkback feature sends you calls or cries through the camera microphone to the monitor unit. You can establish real-time communication by responding to your toddler. You can set the mic sensitivity corresponding to the LED indicator from 7 levels to hear even the slightest breath.

3. Complete room coverage

The display monitor is highly efficient in connecting four cameras at a time. With a 15 seconds delay difference, the camera auto switch on the full-screen display. You can view two cameras simultaneously with the split-screen feature—the voices coming from each display switch after every 15 seconds in the split-screen view. 

This baby monitor is very efficient in operating four different cameras. However, one may find it a bit tricky to select a specific camera. The audio output with a video display could get confusing, so you might have to read instructions carefully.

Reasons to Buy

  • Superb night vision
  • Good quality video output
  • Great coverage range
  • Split-screen delay
  • Large screen


  • Requires daily charging
  • Camera switching can get confusing

3. Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor-No-WIFI

Dimensions12 x 5 x 3.5 inches
Weight‎2 pounds
Connectivity‎2.4Ghz RF Technology
Transmission Range1000ft
Screen Size5 inches
Battery Life11 hours
WarrantyTwo years

Moonybaby has specialized in manufacturing equipment for nurseries and parents. Keep your eye from babies to toddlers. As mentioned in the long-range baby monitor reviews, this baby monitor is the right fit for a nursery. 

Moonybaby promises to deliver data privacy with no WIFI connectivity technology, making it unique. Ensuring the reliability of their products, Moonybaby offers a free two years protection plan on their baby monitor.

1. Simultaneous camera

With a dual-camera system, you can monitor multiple rooms simultaneously with a split-screen feature. The 5-inch LCD shows two wide-angle fields at the same time. You can cycle between the cameras to use the talkback feature.

2. No WIFI technology

Security is a guarantee with this baby monitor with its independent 2.4 GHz wireless technology. Get exceptional quality with excellent delivery anywhere within 1000ft range. The FHSS ensures that video or audio signals remain intact without any interruption from any third party.

3. Long battery life

The VOX technology saves you more power with this baby monitor. The monitor automatically turns on when it hears any sound from the baby. The battery gives you six to eight hours of duration with video transmission. On VOX mode, you get up to 11 hours.

The button configuration on the monitoring unit is pretty challenging to access. You have to press right in the button to enable a feature or switch it on. The contrast settings cannot be accessed for cameras, raising a challenge in dark environments.

Reasons to Buy

  • Sensitive sound reception
  • Wide transmission range
  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable warning beeps
  • Includes various lullabies


  • Contrast issues with the camera
  • Gurgling sound from cameras

4. Motorola Video Baby Monitor-with app

Dimensions0.8 x 6.2 x 3.68 inches
Weight7.2 ounces
Connectivity2.4 GHz FHSS
Transmission Range1000 feet
Screen Size5 inches
Battery Life3 hours
WarrantyOne year

Motorola has been a promising lead in mobile technology for decades. Now, the company is using innovative communication technology to make lives easier for parents. The Video Baby Monitor by Motorola performs as your perfect remote surveillance unit. 

With this monitor, you can keep your eyes and ears on your baby. So, you can comfortably continue to perform your household activities while keeping an eye on your little one.

1. Impressive monitor display

The 5-inch display screen set on the parent control unit is wide enough to show the feed from both cameras. The button display is like handling a gaming console with a screen in the middle. Get high-quality 720p video transmission with exceptional sound quality within a 1000ft range. 

2. Infrared night vision

Keep an eye on your baby, whether it’s day or night. The infrared technology casts live feed of your baby from dark environments. The camera angle can be tilted or zoomed being controlled by the monitoring unit. You can monitor the entire room without changing the camera’s position.

3. Parenting support

To learn more about the abilities and features of the Motorola Baby Monitor, install Hubble by Motorola on your smartphone. The app features log information in the Growth and Development Tracker, which allows you to set a routine for the baby’s activities. You’ll find Sleep and Parenting tips a complete guide for parents through articles and videos.

The cameras are not suitable for being mounted on the wall due to less zooming capability. If you want to mount a camera on the wall, you’ll have to purchase the mounting piece separately.

Reasons to Buy

  • Different lullabies
  • Dual cameras
  • Infrared night vision
  • Easy to operate
  • Stable connection


  • Bright Screen
  • Short cords

5. Moonybaby Split 30 Baby Monitor-Best budget-

Dimensions7.87 x 3.14 x 3.93 inches
Weight2.57 pounds
Transmission Range1000 ft
Screen Size4.3 inches
Battery Life14 hours
ColorLight green
WarrantyTwo years

Moonybaby focuses on making technology that assists parents and babysitters around the globe. They are always welcoming to focus on feedback and suggestions posted by parents. This monitor is featured with Led light warnings. It’s a suitable product for a deaf parents’ baby monitors.

In this way, they make the products to deliver parents some peace of mind. This baby monitor is packed with excellent features which are easy to use. Plus, you get many features at a very reasonable price.

1. Power saving capacity

Packed with VOX technology, this baby monitor only works when activated by the baby’s voice. You get an extended 14 hours of battery life even with the video transmission feed. You get 18 hours of battery life with screen standby, and automatic voice alerts on the VOX mode. 

2. Wide-angle camera

The camera lens features a wide-angle design to cover more fields of view. When the camera covers a central area, you don’t have to switch the angle more often. Wide-angle digital zoom technology displays a more detailed output on the 4.3 inches monitor screen. The camera also features automatic night vision activated in dark environments.

3. Extended range

Operate the monitor through the talkback feature within 1000 ft of vast range. This range also covers the video transmission followed to deliver quality output. Both cameras can be connected and accessed within this range via FHSS technology.

The monitor itself is responsive and efficient. However, the monitor interface lacks one essential feature: a clock. The warranty covers any damage or replacement, but concerns about quality might be an issue with this monitor.

Reasons to Buy

  • Extended battery life
  • Good range
  • Exceptional night vision
  • Temperature calibration
  • Trusted warranty


  • Sensitive microphones
  • Hard and sticky buttons

6. Moonybaby Wide View 50 Baby Monitor-For twins

Dimensions7.64 x 4.89 x 4.8 inches
Weight1.55 pounds
Transmission Range1000 ft
Screen Size5 inches
Battery Life12 hours
WarrantyTwo years

Keeping an eye on both babies can be pretty challenging, especially when you have to remain involved in other household activities. With Moonybaby video monitor 50, you can do both under one control. 

With the dual-camera setup and split-screen feature, this monitor can work as your eye on each baby. The high-quality components are a significant plus to its form factor, making it an exceptional choice for many parents.

1. Scan and Split mode

This baby monitor has various ways to show you feed on both cameras. One method is the classic split mode, in which the feed on both cameras is displayed simultaneously. The other way is the Scan Mode which shows a full display of camera output one at a time with 10 seconds delay.

2. Wide-angle digital zoom

Five inches of a large screen can zoom in on the display of a wide-angle lens featuring 720p video output. You can remotely control the camera zoom from the monitoring unit. The video transmission can be displayed and maintained within a range of 1000ft.

3. VOX enabled

Power saving feature is a significant advantage of this baby monitor. The monitor runs when triggered by the baby’s voice with the Voice Activation technology. The rest of the time, it remains in standby mode to improve battery duration.

This baby monitor is packed with loads of features to assist baby care. But the user interface and controls are a bit complex to use. The menus are a bit clunky, plus there are no confirmation pop-ups before applying changes.

Reasons to Buy

  • Good audio quality
  • Impressive range
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable battery life
  • Vibrant display


  • Faulty temperature sensor
  • Complex User Interface

7. Jousecu Video baby monitor Model B049-2T-Dual audio

Dimensions10.87 x 6.93 x 3.98 inches
Weight1.98 pounds
Transmission Range1000ft
Screen Size4.3 inches
Battery Life4 hours
WarrantyOne year

JouSecu has been in the workings of providing services for your baby since 1992. With vast experience in making assistive technology solutions, this company has not introduced any innovative product.

This video baby monitor is unlike others that you’ll find on the market. The mount-on charging feature and automated sensing technology have dominated rival devices.

1. Impressive communication distance

The transmission range between the camera and the screen can arrive at 1000 feet in an open spot. The transmission distance will be diminished correspondingly because of hindrances. When utilized inside, the transmission distance can cover 300 to 500 feet. This range covers two-way audio communication despite the obstacle intrusion.

2. Easy to carry and charge

This split-screen monitor has a very compact design that can fit like a smartphone in your pocket. Superlight build quality with a 4.3 inches screen makes it easier to carry around all day. It comes with a charging mount that is more convenient and effective than a charging cable.

3. Automatic features

Automation is the necessity of modern-day technology. This baby monitor features automatic night vision, which enables the sun to go down. You can save more power by allowing VOX mode, which automatically switches the monitor on receiving any incoming voice.

The monitor faces quality or reliability issues often with its display quality. Users often face screen blackout or voice interruption, which is a major red flag for a monitoring device.

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Mount charging feature
  • Auto night vision
  • Impressive picture quality


  • Low battery life
  • Display issues

Buyers Guide for Split Screen Baby Monitor

  • Connectivity range: An essential feature of a monitoring system is its control and transmission range. A good split screen baby monitor should have a range of 1000ft or 500ft with obstacles.
  • Radio Frequency Transmission: It is preferred for a baby monitor to use FHSS transmission signals for communication. FHSS medium provides better security and reliability without relying on third devices or sources.
  • Large screen: Since we’re looking at a split-screen baby monitor, it is necessary to have a large screen covering dual-camera outputs. A 5-inch screen size is sufficient for viewing both camera outputs simultaneously.
  • Battery life: An extended battery life of at least 10 hours is preferred for a split-screen baby monitor. Modern age baby monitors feature built-in VOX technology, which saves a lot of power.
  • Audio output: On a split screen baby monitor, you cannot simultaneously access audio from both cameras’ feeds. Ensure there is an option to shift audio output while simultaneously viewing both cameras’ feeds.

Split Screen Baby Monitor FAQs

Can you do split-screen on infant optics?

The Infant Optics does not have a split-screen mode. Therefore, no matter how many cameras are connected to the device, you can only view one display output at a time.

Wrapping it Up

Split-screen baby monitors are the best devices for parenting twins and toddlers. It’s a convenient way to be at multiple places at a time. Some users raise a concern that these devices can be pretty distractive. But without a doubt, baby monitors have brought parents convenience and peace of mind.

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