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Korean names are exceptional. They are insightful and well connected to traditional roots. Due to modern trends and cross-cultural weddings, these names are thriving and evolving. 

Most of the Korean names are unisex. Korean names for babies are consist of the family name, which is followed by the given name.

Traditionally, Korean baby names are selected based on the Zodiac sign. In this system, the five bases (Water, Wood, Earth, Metal, and Fire) are associated with the time, year, and date of Birth.

We have done a lot of research for you and have chosen some of the best Korean boys’ names. Here is some of the additional information that you should know before selecting a Korean name for children.

Can you choose a Korean name.?

Indeed yes, anyone can choose a Korean name for children. It is not restricted. All you need to do is respect the culture and community. 

Can you choose a Korean name without being a Korean?

Yes, Korean names are not restricted to anyone. You can choose a Korean name regardless of your nationality. Most Korean names consist of three syllables, but you can select a name of two or single syllables.

How are Korean names chosen?.

Korean people choose names on the basis of three elements (syllables).

  • The first syllable is a family name. (similar to a western-style surname)
  • The second one is a generational name that shows the relation to a specific generation of the family.
  • The third syllable is a unique name chosen by the professional namer of the eldest family member.

What are the most used Korean names?.

  • Kim is the most used Korean name. Almost 21.51% population in South Korea has this name.
  • Yi and Ri are currently 2nd most used names as per South Korea 2020 census. Almost 14.7% of people share this name.
  • Pak is used by 8.43% of the total population in South Korea.

Even today, most of the common Korean names start from the Latter A.

Here is your’s list of top-picked Korean male names.

1. Baek-Hyun.

Hangul: 백현 

Meaning: Beak means white, and Hyun means to shine, bright or can be a string.

Beak-Hyun is a two-syllable name that is perfect for both Korean and Korean-American kids. This name has a deep insight into the whole meaning.

2. Bitgaram.

Hangul: 빛가람

Meaning: Shining River.

With such a soulful name, your child’s future will also be flow like a shining river. Bitgaram is genuinely a beautiful south Korean name.

3. Bon-Hwa.

Hangul: 본화

Meaning: Glorious.

It is a unisex name. Bon-Hwa is simply a majestic name for Korean babies. It is short and easy to pronounce.

4. Chan-Yeol.

Hangul: 찬열

Meaning: Bright fairy.

Chen-Yeol is the most loved Korean name. This passionate meaning will surely inspire your kid to reach to stars. It is a unisex name.

5. Chin-Mae.

Hangul: 친매

Meaning: Truth.

Chin-Mae is another name with pure meaning. This name has always stayed in the spotlight in South and North Korea.

6. Chung-Hee.

Hangul: 청희

Meaning: Righteous.

It is a solid choice for children to feed them values. With literally suitable means, the apple of your eye will be on the right path – for sure.

7. Dae-Hyun.

Hangul: 대현

Meaning: Big Show off.

It is undoubtedly a most loved name by the Korean-American community. It ranks among the top 500 exotic picked names—the next bigshot.

8.  Dal.

Hangul: 달

Meaning: Moon.

Moon is the symbol of fortune and prosperity. Dal is a cute and short name. It is also a perfect pet name for children.

9. Jae.

Hangul: 재

Meaning: Ability, Talent.

Jae is a beautiful and cute short name. Pretty popular in the U.S too. Like most of the other names, it is also a unisex name.

10. Ha-Kun.

Hangul: 하근

Meaning: Rooted in intelligence.

For Korean people, The meaning of the name matters the most. Ha-Kun is a perfect name for you, kid, if you want to ignite the spark.

11. Haneul.

Hangul: 하늘

Meaning: Sky, Heaven.

It is Read and pronounced as Ha-Neul. It is considered a sacred name as the sky has its symbolism in Korean culture.

12. In-Su.

Hangul: 인수

Meaning: Preserving Wisdom.

In-Su is a short and melodic name. It can be used for all genders—an ideal name for a little wise one who is beyond their time.

13. Kija.

Hangul: 키자

Meaning: To imagine.

Kija is a unisex name. It is a short and meaningful Korean name. Kija was the name of King who mixed up the Chines culture with Korean people.

14. Kwang-Sun.

Hangul: 광순

Meaning: Wide Goodness.

It is considered the modern Korean name for boys. This name is pretty famous in South Korea. Indeed, this name will bring joy to you and your baby.

15. Kyong.

Hangul: 경

Meaning: Brightness.

Kyong is a simple, Bright, and easy-to-roll name. It is a much-used name in Chines culture too. It is undoubtedly a remarkable entry for Korean-American names for babies.

16. Minjun.

Hangul: 민준

Meaning: Likeable, Handsome.

Minjun is a famous name in China as well as in the Korean peninsula. It can be used for all genders. With only one syllable, it is short and easy to pronounce.

17. Saem.

Hangul: 샘

Meaning: Fountain, Spring.

This name has multiple meanings, from spring to being envious. It is a short and super easy to pronounce name for kids.

18. Ji.

Hangul: 지

Meaning: Pond of Wisdom.

Ji can be used for a surname and only name element too. Ji is the most common generational name in South Korea. Ji goes well for American parents as it is a short name.

19. Yong.

Hangul: 용

Meaning: Dragon.

Yong is a symbolic and powerful name. Dragons have a very sacred palace in Chinese culture. This mixed-race name is associated with superiority.

20. Min-Jun.

Hangul: 민준

Meaning: Cleaver, Sharp, and Intelligent.

Most of the names for babies are linked with intelligence in Korea. From 2008 to 2015, Min-Jun was a top-picked name. Currently, this name shines among the top 10 Korean names.

With the rising popularity of BTS in America, most American parents want to name their kids after them. Here is your complete rundown of all the names and meanings of K-Pop idols.

Names and Meanings of K-Pop idols.

1. Jungkook.

Real name: Jeon Jung-kook

Hangul: 전정국

Meaning: Center. MainStay.

Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS. He is also the main Vocalist of the Band. Indeed, an incredible person to name after your child. 

2. Jin.

Real name: Kim Seok-jin

Hangul: 김석진

Meaning: Treasure. Rare.

Jin is the last syllable of his name. Jin is also a pretty popular name in China and Vietnam too. He is the most loved singer in South Korea.

3. V.

Real name: Kim Tae-hyung

Hangul: 김태형

Meaning: To do everything.

Rather than his original name, V is famous for his stage name. As Kim is also the most loved name by Koreans, you can name your child after this multi-talented man.

4. RM.

Real name: Kim Nam-Joon

Hangul: 김남준

Meaning: Outstanding.

Nam-Joon is quite a famous name in Korea and Korean-American community in the U.S. Even the stage name meant “be a master” in Korean.

5. Jimin.

Real name: Park Ji-min

Hangul: 박지민

Meaning: Wisdom.

A most beloved member of BTS. This name suits any kind and intelligent personality. Jimin is a perfect name for kids.

6. J-Hope.

Real name: Jung Ho-seok

Hangul: 정호석

Meaning: To glorify.

Another symbolic and powerful name that leaves an impact on personality. This name is popular with mixed heritage families. J-hope is a famous mild in the U.S too.

7. Suga.

Real name: Min Yoon-gi

Hangul: 민윤기

Meaning: To Live Wisely.

Like all the other Korean names, this is also a meaningful name. Even the stage name “Suga” is pretty famous in the U.S.A. It is a famous three-syllable name in South Korea.


Korean names are not restricted to anyone. Following the new, trends there are some single-syllable names for mixed heritage kids in Korean Hangul. 

The meaning behind the name matters a lot to Korean people. Most of the Korean names have symbolism for wisdom and beauty.

Kim, Yi, and Ri are the most used Korean names.

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