Baby boy names that start with “J.”

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Finding a perfect name for your little angel can be a little hard sometimes. We all want to choose a name that will remain timeless and traditional. All the perfect and modern names for boys start with “J.” 

Whether it’s Jafar to James or Joan to Justin, we have picked some of the most thriving names just for you. 

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Enjoy choosing a J- joyful name!


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Supplanter, Strength.

It is an evergreen and classic name. Its roots can be traced back to pre pre-biblical era. James has always remained in the spotlight – James Bond! 

He is currently shining bright at the 6th spot as per the social security administration top names chart.

This name has always remained in the famous top names since the 1940s.

James Corden, James Dean, James Rodriguez, and James Franco are famous “James.”


Origin: English

Meaning: Son of Jack.

It is a famous surname. Most popular in Northern America, England and Denmark. Jackson is a timeless name for sure.

This name has always stayed in the top 100 names. He is currently ranking at number 27 as per the popular name index by SSA.

Jackson Browne, Jackson Pollock, and Jackson Wang are great people to share names with.


Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: Graced by God.

With its biblical roots, this name has been used by at least 23 popes. This name has also been used by Kings of Portugal, Hungary, Poland, and France. 

It remained in the Top 10 names in 1972 and was a super popular name from 1800 to the 1930s. Currently ranking among the top 50 names, it is here to stay long for sure.

John Legend, John Forbes Nash, and John Cena are some of the most influential personalities in their respective fields.


Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: He who Supplants.

This name has made a comeback after the famous character from the Twilight movie. From 1999 to 2012, it was the most popular name for newborn babies.

A short and appealing name. Very easy to pronounce and has biblical roots too. It is a perfect traditional name. With its revived, surely it is going to stay in the spotlight.

 Everyone shares this name, from actor Jacob Elordi to former President of South Africa Jacob Zuma. A name for influential personalities.


Origin: British.

Meaning: God is gracious.

This unique name is very famous in every English-speaking country. Generally, it is associated with power and invention. 

Initially, it was used as a nickname, but now “Jack” ranks 31st among the top chosen names in the U.S. A classic name.

Jack MA, Jack Dorsey, and Jack Falahee indeed have kept this name trending with their achievements.


Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: To increase.

To begin with, this name has a rich history from Bible to the Modern era. While enjoying a favored status in English World, this name has many variants in different cultures too.

An exotic name for many and but an expression from Bible. It ranks at the 37th position as per the social security chart index.

Joseph Stalin, Joseph Kahn, and Joseph Morgen are notable persons who share this name.


Origin: Spanish.

Meaning: God is Great.

Juan is undoubtedly an exotic name for many Americans. It is currently a new entry to name charts and has already been predicted as an exotic name for a decade.

Best pick as a Spanish name. Mildly popular in the U.S. It is the Spanish variant of John. It is a beloved name in Spain from an ordinary men to King. 

From footballer Juan Matta to Phillipinian politician Juan Ponce Enrile are the most famous of Juan(s).


Origin: Latin.

Meaning: Upright. Fair.

An appealing choice for a baby boy’s name. With its literal meaning of being fair, this name is significant to feed value to kids.

A forever hit name. Famous in Pop Culture and has always remained in the spotlight. It was also the name of many early saints.

Today who doesn’t know Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, and Charming Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau???


Origin: Arabic.

Meaning: Smooth. Sacred Stream from Heaven.

It is a perfect name for your kid if you are looking for an exotic cross-cultural name—a pretty famous and sacred name in Africa and Arab.

The roots of this name can be traced back to pre-Arab history. This name first came into the limelight by a character from the movie Aladin.

This name has been shared by many Iranian, African, and UAE philosophers and physicists.


Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: Jehova is the Lord.

Driven from the “Book of Joel,” It is a baby boy’s name from Bible. It was the most famous name in the 1980s. Due to its religious connection, it is still a hit today.

A religious and the perfect old Hebrew name. Some of the most influential personalities have shared this name.

This name was chosen for some of the most significant religious persons, including Prophet Joel of the Bible or Joel Osteen – A world-renowned American Pastor.


Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: Gift of God.

Jonathan is a beloved name by many. This name has appeared in Bible at least 15 times. It is a top chosen name by many parents around the globe.

Due to its links with the biblical era, one out of 390 baby boys was named Jonathan only in 2020. It has been chosen name of many baby girls too.

Australian cricket player Jonathan Wells and American actor Jonathan Daviss are both namesakes with plenty to play.


Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: Jehovah is favored.

For the past three decades, Jones was considered as the name for peace. It is the most popular surname in Northern America, Australia, and Central Europe.

In Spain, it has different variants like Conan and Joan. This name has made a return to social security popularity charts in the U.S.

Many cities around the world and multinational companies have been named after Jones.


Origin: Indian.

Meaning: Blue crested Bird.

Jai might be a new name for many readers. This name is currently the most picked exotic name for baby boys.

As per social security records, this name was firstly used in 1957. It is currently ranked among the most chosen name for boys of Indian origin.

Jai Courtney is a pretty popular name that stays in the spotlight for his acting skills.


Origin: Hebrew/American.

Meaning: Beloved of God.

The name Jed is a short baby boy name with mixed origins. It is easy to pronounce. Initially, it was the pet name for Jedidiah.

Considered as the Unisex name that can be used be used for both baby girls and boys. Generally, this name is associated with Love and warmth.

This name is also shared by celebrity lawyer Jed Rubenfeld and accomplished writer Jed Mercurio.


Origin: English.

Meaning: Healer.

Some nicknames develop the popularity of their own. In the late 19th century, it was used as a pet name for Jason.

Jace is also a classic and edgy name. It is the most picked name by children textbook writers for fantasy stories – there was a kind-hearted king named Jace.!

It is currently ranking at 159th position of names popularity charts. With Jace Norman, it is a fun spin on a classic.


Origin: Arabic.

Meaning: Handsome Prince.

Looking for a perfect name for little handsome?. Why not choose an Arabian name with the literal meaning of Handsome Prince.

Jamir is a modern Arabic name. This name is 21st Century’s invention. This name was entered in the top chosen name for baby boys firstly in 2000.

 It is gaining pretty much popularity rapidly. It is the mashup of two other Arab origin names Jamal and Amir. 


Origin: Latin/Hebrew.

Meaning: Praised.

Indeed this name needs to be praised. Jude is the most used name in New Testament. Saint Jude was considered the brother of Jesus.

It is a pretty beloved and familiar name in Christian. This name has always stayed in the spotlight. We are currently maintaining a spot in the 159th position.

Famous actor Jude Law has kept the magic of this name alive so far.

Still confused about what name you should choose?. Don’t worry; we have got you.

Here are some of our top picks for you.


Jude is simply a top pick due to its biblical connections. It is a catchy name and easy to pronounce.


A classic name and evergreen name that always has stayed in the spotlight. One of the tops picks by parents for baby boys names in 2021.


Jafar is an exotic and new entry to names charts. Due to the connection with “Aladin,” it is already chosen by the name gurus.

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