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What to expect when you are expecting……????. Enjoy the weird food combination cravings. With a growing bump, why not search for the perfect name for a bit of angle on the way.

Latter, “A” has unique symbolism. It is associated with new beginnings. “A” is considered as the path leading to encouragement and new journeys.

To save your time, We have done a lot of research and chosen the best names to start with “A.” From Adam to Alex, these unique names will surely put a smile on your face. 

Here is the list of the most popular baby boy names that start with “A.”

1. Adam.

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Son of Earth.

Adam is Considered one of the most famous names starting with “A. It also has Biblical references. The first man that God created was Adam.

According to the social security website, Adam is still in the Top 100 names in the U.S.A. since the 1970s.

This trending name is still in the spotlight with Adam Smith, Adam Levine, and Adam Sandler.

2. Alexander.

Origin: Ancient Greek.

Meaning: The defender.

Quite a masculine name to start with, A. Alexander has a few connections to characters from New Testament.

Many kings have used this name. Alexander is currently ranking at the tenth position among the most famous names starting with A in America. 

Alexander Sikandar, Alexander graham bell, and Alexander McQueen are among the few famous people to mention.

3. Aden.

Origin: Bible, Hebrew.

Meaning: Attractive, Handsome.

Aden is the most commonly used name. With all its biblical connections, it is mainly linked with soul insight and entire fullness.

It is easy to pronounce and has a short name. Famous for quite a few decades. Aden is considered an influential name.

Aden was the biblical exile who returned to Isreal from Babylon.

4. Aaron.

Origin: Greek, Hebrew.

Meaning: Mountain of strength. Leader.

Currently ranking among the top 100 names that start with A. Aaron is considered the most loved name in America.

In the Bible, Aaron was Moses’s brother. Usually, it is associated with courage and strength from the centuries.

Aaron Finch, Aaron Carter, and Aaron Copeland are some famous personalities with this name.

5. Anthony.

Origin: Latin and Roman.

Meaning: Praiseworthy, Priceless.

A name widely links with saints. Anthony is a Roman-era classic name. He is primarily used due to his mystic resemblance with Saint Anthony.

From the 4th century to the 21st century, it has seen all the glories of the modern world. Currently ranking among the top 50 most famous names that start with “A.”

Saint Anthony the Great, Saint Anthony of Padua, and Anthony Hopkins are some of the most influential persons named after “A: Anthony.”

6. Apollo.

Origin: Greek.

Meaning: The divine god of distance and Sun. Destroyer.

Apollo was the name of the god Zeus’s son. He was the one who taught responsibilities and constitutional awareness to greek communities.

This unique name is mild famous in the states. Generally, it is associated with power and invention. 

From being a god’s throne to a space program title, Apollo is quite an exciting name to start with A.

7. Austin.

Origin: English.

Meaning: Great. Magnificent.

It is the most attractive name with an initial A of English origin. It is considered gender-neutral also. 

They were shining brightly among the top 100 names for boys as per the social security record since 2010—a top selected word from the last five years as per google data analysis.

Austin Aries, Austin Krajicek, and Austin Scott are exceptionally famous Austin.

8. Arthur.

Origin: Celtic.

Meaning: Thor. The eagle.

Considered the title of a legend with divine skills. Arthur is a masculine name related to power and strength.

The roots of this name trace back to the roman clan “Artorius,” which means noble and courageous. With Celtic origin, It is famous in the U.S.A. and Canada.

King Arthur, Arthur Melo, and Arthur Miller are notable persons who also share this name.

9. Aaric.

Origin: Norse.

Meaning: Ever. Eternal ruler with mercy.

Aaric is a perfect name for you, kid. With soulful meaning, it is so insightful and mystic—an ideal name.

Having tangled English roots, Aaric is just suitable for a Christian boy. It is unique and joyful and the secret to few.

Aaric Murray is a renowned basketball player who will be your kid’s next name twin.

10. Aarav.

Origin: Indian.

Meaning: Peaceful. Wisdom.

An exotic name that starts with A. Aarav has Indian and Sanskrit roots. It is the most popular Indian name for boys in the U.S. and Canada.

It is driven by the word “Rav,” which means peace and soulful music. It is an inspirational name suitable for boys.

The list of achievers is currently in progress. Feed your child values and make him the first celebrated Aarav around the globe. Have a look at these perfect Indian baby boy names starting with Chee.

11. Aldo.

Origin: Italian.

Meaning: Nobel. Old.

Aldo is an Italian name usually used for kids all around the globe. A unique dub literally with old meanings and values. It is considered a classic and has been used for many centuries.

It is ranking the best Italian names for baby boys. It is pretty famous in Italy and Finland too.

Everyone shares this name from author Aldo Leopold, Musician Aldo Nova to President Aldo Moro.

12. Ashton.

Origin: English.

Meaning: Town with ash trees. Nature Lover.

Ashton is pretty famous in N.Y.C. and L.A. It is unisex. Till 1997, it was often used for girls. For the past decade, Ashton has been considered a masculine name.

It has been around for quite a long time. It is still ranking among the top names for boys in 2021 as per the social security administration.

Ashton Kutcher, an acknowledged actor, and Auston Matthews, who currently ranks at the top in Ice hockey, are quiet personalities named ASHTON.

13. Asher.

Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: Happy. Blessed.

Asher was one of Prophet Jacob’s sons. Among the top 10 names of boys in 2021, Asher place at number eighth.

As being famous, it is also an inspirational one. This name was firstly used in America in the 1970s.

Asher Angel, Asher Keddie, and Asher, the rapper, are also some famous persons with this name. 

14. Alex.

Origin: Greek.

Meaning: Defender of People. Warrior.

A unisex name. Mostly famous in Canada, Finland, and the U.S., Alex is a symbolic representation that will give positive vibes.

Easy to pronounce. Alex is undoubtedly easy to go for both boys and girls. It is also used as a nickname for alexander.

Alex Morgen, Alex Trebek, and Alex Pettyfer have kept this name trending with their achievements.

15. Ali.

Origin: Arabic.

Meaning: High. Champion.

Ali is one of the most common and sacred names in the Muslim world. Surprisingly, It currently ranks among the top 200 names for boys in U.S.A. and Canada.

This name is best as it has only three characters. With mystic connections, It will undoubtedly constructively impact your baby’s life.

Muhammad Ali is the greatest and most famous of all Ali(s).

16. Albert.

Origin: German.

Meaning: Bright. Famous.

For the last century, Albert was the most used name for boys. Still, today, the magic is quite thriving.

This name is widely considered connected to scientists and philosophers. Albert is directly associated with intelligence.

Albert Einstein, Albert Schweitzer, and Albert Bandura were the few of the most intelligent people ever lived.

Still, confused about what name you should choose?. Don’t worry; we have got you.

Here are some of our top picks for you.

  • Asher: Asher is simply the best-kept secret. It has soulful meaning. Unique and catchy name.
  • Arthur: Powerful and easy to go. Famous and trending lately.
  • Aarav: Exotic, peaceful, and rapidly growing around the globe. 

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