Baby Girl Names Starting With CHE

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The name has a significant impact on a child’s personality. Parents always want to choose a name that will always stay in style.

Many unique and beautiful names start with Che in English, Hindi, Chinese, and even French. Names beginning with Che are considered very symbolic in Cuba — a tribute to Che Guevara.

Names with prefixes are unique. Finding a perfect name can be a little tricky. With so many different options available, sometimes parents spend a lot of time looking for a unique name. 

To save your time, we have done a lot of research and chosen some of the most impressive names starting with Che. Have fun and pick the best name for a baby girl.

Unique baby girl’s names that start with Che.

Have a look at these timeless and unique names because they will remain alive forever. Whatever you need, this list has everything for everyone. 

1. Chea.

Origin: Cambodian.

Meaning: Healthy, To be well.

Chea is a Cambodian name with a soulful meaning. This is a common surname in various cultures.

2. Cheara.

Origin: Italian.

Meaning: Light and precise.

This name’s roots can be traced back to the colonized era. Chera is a mesmerizing name with mystic meaning.

3. Checkea.

Origin: English.

Meaning: A Saucy Woman.

It is a unique name starting with Che. A perfect name for your bright young lady. Checkea was the most common surname in the 1920s.

4. Chedra.

Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: Joy.

Originating from Hebrew, it has a very fun-tastic meaning. Chedra is a perfect name for a growing baby girl.

5. Chedva.

Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: Happiness.

Happy name for happy babies. Chedva (חדווה) is mainly used for Jewish baby girls. A perfect first gift that you can give to your child.

6. Cheena.

Origin: Indian.

Meaning: Pure white, White Marble.

Cheena has Indian origin. A perfect name from the land of gems. It is written as चिना in the Hindi language. It is super exotic with mystic meaning.

7. Chehak.

Origin: Indian.

Meaning: Chirping of Birds.

What a perfect name with significant meaning. Chehak is a pretty famous name of Gujarati origin NRIs living in the USA. 

8. Chehal.

Origin: Indian.

Meaning: Fun, Happiness.

Another name of Indian origin, Chehal is a unisex name. It is preferred mainly by the parents of a baby girl—an exotic one for a happy kid.

9. Chehra.

Origin: Persia.

Meaning: Angelic face.

Chehra is a beautiful name that starts with C. It is a feminine name. Chehra is derived from the Hindi/Sanskrit word “Chitra.”  

10. Cheifa.

Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: Harbour.

Cheifa is a top trending name for girls. In some ancient civilizations, “The Kings” were entitled to it. Indeed, a name associated with power.

11. Cheryl.

Origin: French.

Meaning: Beloved.

It will surely ring the bells—the most beloved name for baby girls in the UK. Dive into heaven with the mighty musk of this sweet name.

Cheryl is a famous top-class singer from England.

12. Cher.

Origin: French.

Meaning: Darling.

About half of the US is a fan of this name. Cher is a famous American singer and actress. 

With traditional cult and pop culture endorsement, Cher is quite a famous name in Showbiz.

13. Chelo 

Origin: Spanish.

Meaning: Comfortable.

Chelo is an original Spanish name. It has a sweet blend of traditional and modern names. New king, New Law. (Nuevo Rey, Nueva ley) as they say in Spain.

14. Chelvi

Origin: Indian.

Meaning: Quick Mind.

Another meaningful name for girls. This name represents wisdom, a sharp mind, and intelligence. 

15. Chembi

Origin: Indian.

Meaning: Wooden part.

चंबी – Chembi is a Hindu girl name. It is most common in rural parts of India. According to Hindu numerology, 02 is the lucky number of Chebi.

16. Cheranya

Origin: Indian.

Meaning: Supportive.

A traditional Indian name. Surprisingly, in recent times it has become pretty popular among parents in the US.

17. Cherida 

Origin: Greek.

Meaning: Deer, Greenly.

Greek names are always so meaningful. With its deep natural connections, it is easy to pronounce. Cherida Langford, who is a famous actress, also shares this name.

Long Names starting with Che for girls.

When choosing a name for girls, most people want to honor their Culture or to represent a family tradition. To keep that in mind, we have selected some long names for girls. 

Look at these beautiful names starting with the suffix che.

  1. Cheetwan

Origin: Indian/Nepali.

Meaning: Place in Heart.

Cheetwan is an exotic name from the land of Everest. If you are looking for an Indian name that starts with C, this is great for girls.

  1. Cheenmayi

Origin: Sanskrit.

Meaning: Pure Knowledge.

Looking for a name that sounds intelligent?. Here, choose this one. The quest for knowledge inspires it. Indeed, it will suit a brilliant toddler.

  1. Cheithu

Origin: Indian.

Meaning: Power.

With its influential meaning, Cheithu is perfect for a baby girl. It is also easy to pronounce. Cheithu can be used as a unisex name.

  1. Chelsea

Origin: Victorian English.

Meaning: Limestone.

The Victorian era was all about the obsession with white complexion. No wonder this name was very in-demand back then.

According to Social Security Official Website (SSA.Gov), Chelsea has always managed to stay in the top 700 names for girls in the US since 2000.

  1. Chemarin

Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: Girl in Black.

This Hebrew name is driven out from the word “Charming.” For your little angel, Charmine is simply a beautiful Jewish name.

  1. Cherelle

Origin: French.

Meaning: Dear one.

Isn’t it beautiful?… A french name with lovely meaning. Easy to pronounce and mystic meaning. 

There are plenty of Worldwide renowned Cherelle, including economist Cherelle Murphy and actress Cherelle Jay.

  1. Cherilee

Origin: Arabic.

Meaning: Most Noble one.

Shared by famous Canadian actress Cherilee Taylor, This is the best name that starts with Che. A pious name from the holy land of Arabia.

  1. Cherron

Origin: English.

Meaning: Graceful Dancer.

Shake some flex it. This is a name inspired by art—a graceful title for your rising star baby.

  1. Chetaki

Origin: Indian.

Meaning: Flower.

Chetaki is a pretty common name for Indian girls. With the beauty of exotic culture and closeness to nature, it will bring positive vibes.

  1. Chetana

Origin: Indian.

Meaning: Full of life.

This confident name will surely put a smile on your face. Che-ta-na has Indian origin with a profound meaning.

  1. Chessie

Origin: Slavic.

Meaning: Peace.

Spread the hope for peace with name. It is currently in the top names for girls in the USA. It is the nordic form of Chelsea. 

  1. Chezarina

Origin: Irish.

Meaning: Empress.

This Irish origin name is as beautiful as it can be. It can inspire kids to reach for the stars, after all, who runs the World – GIRLS.

  1. Cheska

Origin: Italian.

Meaning: Chosen for fate.

Take a plunge into beautiful Italian names. Cheska is a multicultural name. It is also the most commonly used surname in the Philippines. 

  1. Ches

Origin: English.

Meaning: Quick Minded.

The “Chess game inspires it.” This name has recently made an entry to the top 1000 names in the USA.

  1. Chesna

Origin: Slavic Origin.

Meaning: The Guardian of Peace.

Slavic names have deep meanings. It is another name with meaningful inspiration. In native language, it is written as “честный.”

  1. Chenelle

Origin: French.

Meaning: Canal of Fragrance.

Inspired by Chenal, It is considered quite a unique name in France. With a fragrance named after “Coco Chenal,” it matches its meaning.

  1. Chephzibah

Origin: Hebrew Origin

Meaning: The One Loved by Father.

Such a lovely name with delightful meaning. You baby girl will be the “Dad’s girl” and loved by everyone – aww, so cute!

Unisex names starting with Che.

Unisex names are one of the hottest baby-naming trends. Modern parents always prefer such names. Here is the list of all the non-binary names you’ll love.

  1. Cheche

Origin: Spanish.

Meaning: Small Things.

Cheche is a Spanish unisex name. It is easy to pronounce and the most lovely name for boys. Recently, many parents have been using it for girls too. 

  1. Cheeku

Origin: Indian.

Meaning: Cute and Soft.

Cheeku is a pet name for many Indian Children. It is just a cute and soft name, literally like its meaning. 

  1. Chema

Origin: Spanish.

Meaning: God is with us.

Chema is a religious name. It is also used as a pet name for many Spanish kids.

  1. Chen

Origin: Chinese.

Meaning: Dawn, Morning.

Chen is very popular among both boys and girls. Chen is the 5th most popular name in China. Around 70 million people share this name.

  1. Chero

Origin: Indian.

Meaning: Small, Love.

Chero is used as a pet name in India. It is easy to pronounce and has soulful meaning. This name is a new entry to exotic names adopted in the USA. 

  1. Chelon

Origin: English.

Meaning: Flowering Pot.

Initially, it was used as the English pet name for Chanel. Now, it has made an entry as a mainstream name in the USA.

  1. Chelan

Origin: Native American.

Meaning: Deep Waters.

Chelan Simmons contributed a lot to make this name renowned worldwide. Right now, it is a famous name in Canada, California, and Mexico.

  1. Cherokee 

Origin: Native American.

Meaning: Different Language.

It was considered the symbol of diversity and openness in the Aztec empire. Cher is the modern-day short form of this name.

  1. Chela

Origin: Spanish.

Meaning: Consolation.

It is a well-known girl name in Mexico. Recently, It is being used for boys too. Chela Rivas is a famous singer hailing from Mexico.

  1. Chesstyne

Origin: English.

Meaning: The One who is Needed.

This name is derived from the word “Christen.” It is a top trending name, and pronunciation is also straightforward.

  1. Cherith

Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: Cold Stream.

Cherith is the name that rolls out from the tongue so easily. It has its variant in English names too, which is “cherish.” It will be a perfect pick for your little cutie.

  1. Chemasha

Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: A servant of GOD.

If you are looking for symbolic names, then it is perfect for your little angel. It has solid biblical references.

  1. Chellamma

Origin: Indian.

Meaning: Sweet and love.

This name has strong roots connected to Indian culture. Chellmma is also the name of a popular song in Southern India.

  1. Cheletha

Origin: English.

Meaning: The one who Smiles a lot.

This name will put a smile on your face whenever you say it. It is the most beloved name that starts with C.

  1. Chemata

Origin: Tamil.

Meaning: Sugar.

Chemata is another sweet name for cute kids. It is a trendy name in India and other neighboring countries.

  1. Chelotte

Origin: English.

Meaning: Flower.

Charlotte is one of the few names with the Che prefix. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a classic and timeless name.

  1. Cherome

Origin: Mexico.

Meaning: Love.

Mexican names have seen profound changes in recent times. It is a great unisex name with soulful meaning.

Still, confused about what name you should choose?. Don’t worry; we have got you.

Here are some of our top picks for you.

  1. Cheryl

Cheryl is a classic and timeless name. With its showbiz buzz, it is a top chosen name in the U.K.

  1. Chero

Simply cute and fantastic name. It is short and easy to pronounce with profound meaning.

  1. Chessie

An exotic name with Slavic roots. Chessie is a unique and unisex name. 

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We have chosen only the best names because we care – Happy parenting.

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