How to become a parent coordinator

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A parent coordinator helps parents to settle divorce and children’s custody issues. With the help of parenting coordination, both children and parents have a fair chance to be heard. 

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They help parents to make decisions about kids and try to protect children’s future. Sometimes a parent facilitator can be appointed by the Court.

Before jumping on “How to become a parenting coordinator,” Let’s have a quick look at all the requirements and duties you need to know.

What is the parent coordinator job description?.

A Parent coordinator generally helps out parents to reach an agreement. Their job is to keep both parents involved in their children’s life. 

Generally, In schools, the parent coordinator’s role is to minimize the communication gap. They try to increase the involvement of parents. 

Parent facilitators work for the best interest of children. Parents always make decisions about kids’ health or schooling with the help of facilitators.

What are the parent coordinator job requirements?. 

Here is the list of all the requirements required to be a coordinator.

  • Masters’ degree in Social work, Child psychology, or Law.
  • Professional experience.
  • In-depth understanding of Child psychology.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Must know the concepts of family theory.
  • Mediation skills.
  • Strong emotional intelligence.
  • Listen with empathy and remain neutral.

Parent coordinator(s) are often hired to find the root cause of child behavior in schools. Usually, this job is associated with the betterment of children.

What are the duties of parent coordinators?.

Apart from keeping the children at first, there are several other duties of PCs. Here is your complete guide to all the responsibilities:

  1. Resolving conflicts – No more issues.

Parent facilitators usually help out families to reach an agreement. They try to minimize the conflict. 

Either the child’s behavior or couple conflict, they try to find the root of the issue. With the help of parent coordination, we can always find common ground.

  1. Better Communication – More understanding.

Parents can understand narratives better with the help of facilitators. Sometimes all we need to do is “speak out.” Everyone can be heard with their service. 

Better Communications Parent Coordinator

Parenting coordination is always better with more communication.

  1.  Timetable  – Saving your time / Managing your life.

Parenting coordinators have required to implant the plans. If the Court hires a facilitator, they try to make a schedule for couples and kids. 

With written agreements, sometimes they set a timetable, Which keeps both parents involved evenly.

  1. Indicating the threat – No place for child abuse.

Children are always the priority. Coordinators highlight the behavioral issues of a child to parents. 

In case of domestic violence or child abuse, they put everything in front of the Court for better nurturing of “Children.”

How to become a parent Coordinator?.

The role of a parenting coordinator in custody cases and child coordinators in schools is very vast. Therefore, different states set different guidelines in NYC, NJ, North Carolina, and Florida

Here is your complete guide on “How to be a parent coordinator.”

  • High Education – Degree to change the World.

A Master’s level education is required to be the best parent coordinator. In custody cases, a Law degree is always preferred. 

Generally, education in child psychology, Social work, or conflict management is highly suitable for this job.

  • Experience – Understanding is the Key.

Sometimes a little experience is required. To be a parent facilitator, you need to be excellent at dealing with kids. 

In custody cases, an understanding of family law and theories are required.

  • Psychological Assessment – Variant approach to narratives. 

A good parenting coordinator must have solid psychological assessment skills. A facilitator must be able to see what parents are missing. 

Psycology Accessment Parenting Co-ordinator

A family facilitator must know about the reason for trouble or rift.

  • Mediation Skills – Making the World a better place.

Finding common ground is always considered a key responsibility of PCs. High skills in negotiating are required.

 At schools, as an administrator, PCs create a welcoming environment.

  • Emotional intelligence – Starving for betterment.

Emotional intelligence is necessary to respond to all the issues involving families. It is the ability to “read actions” taken by people. 

Emotional intelligence is crucial when you’re dealing with high conflict issues. It is also in favor of the betterment of children.

  • Continuous Educations – Research is essential.

As a facilitator, you are required to know the recent development in a child’s emotions. A minimum of one seminar is required to attend. 

Continuous research helps coordinators to enhance their skills.

  • Record keeping – Managing the disclosures.

To be the best parent coordinator, you must know record managing skills. Both parties should come to a written agreement, and Parent coordination is not confidential.

A Court-appointed parent coordinator in Florida is required to inform parties about risks by keeping the record.


Rather than a job, Parent coordination is a skill. With PCs, both parties have a fair chance to be heard. The role of the parent facilitator is based on what a family needs or according to Court’s rule. 

Parenting coordinators are generally the third party that is involved in creating a parenting plan and implementing it. A parent coordinator is always neutral.

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