Do Baby wipes expire? – Things you need to know

do Baby Wibes expire

Baby wipes are an essential part of baby care. The water wipes pack comes in handy in everyday toddler life. Usually, the packages don’t have an expiry date printed on them.

An unopened pack of baby wipes stored in a cool and dry place has 2 – 3 years of shelf life. Once opened, wet wipes should be used within four weeks. 

Baby wipe solution contains 90% water and 10% essential oils. The water can evaporate from gaps in a properly sealed pack, drying & limiting the life of wipes.

Parents unintentionally look for the expiry dates on baby care products. Usually, most baby wipes don’t have a “best before” date. 

Here is your complete guide on the types of wet wipes and their expiry date.

How long do baby wipes last?

Unopened baby wipes are good to go for two years. Unsealed or open package has a shelf life of one month only

Wipes can be used even after two years if there is no mold, dryness, or bacterial and fungal growth. 

Baby wipes last longer, up to three years, if they contain any chemical preservatives.

How long do natural wipes last?

Natural baby wipes or water wipes go bad after one year. With no chemical preservatives, it is essential to use natural wipes to prevent mold accumulation within a year.

Usually, the water wipes contain natural preservatives, i.e., coconut oil or lavender oil, which can cause an odd smell once the water dries out after a year.

Things you need to know about baby wipes.

Baby wipes are a product that can be used for various purposes. Be it cleaning the baby rash or covering up the mess. 


Here are the main ingredients;

  • Natural ingredients, Distilled water, or Aleovera.
  • Detergent.
  • Moisturizer agents like propylene glycol or glycerine.
  • Natural oils.
  • Fragrances.
  • Natural or Chemical preservatives.

Over time the water can dry, and moisturizer agents can trap bacteria. 

Even wipes that have proper storage and are sealed properly might develop mold.

Most natural wet wipes contain more water and preservatives that can dry out in direct sunlight. 

How long should a pack of baby wipes last?

An opened pack of baby wipes should be used within one month. Depending on the usage, it can be used slightly over a month.

After one-month wet wipes turn into dried wipes. 

How to make an open pack of baby wipes last longer?

Follow these steps to use an open pack slightly over one month:

  1. Seal the bag again immediately after every use.
  2. Never store wipes in direct sunlight or a harsh place.
  3. Never add other extracts or fragrances to the package.
  4. If required, add only 1 tbs of vitamin e oil for more moisture.
  5. Store wipes into a plastic bag or jar to preserve the freshness for more delicate skin.

Why do baby wipes go bad or expire?

Here are the two most common problems and reasons that can cause baby wipes to go bad or expire.


1. Dried out wipes.

Dried-out wipes are the result of improper storage. If the baby or makeup wipes are stored directly under sunlight or near heat, they dry out faster.

How to rehydrate dried-out wipes?

If the wet wipes dry out, adding a little distilled water can save the opened baby or makeup wipes pack.

To keep the moisture and freshness lasting longer, you can also add 2 tbs of water into it.

2. Bacterial and mold accumulation.

Heat and moist environments are very convenient for bacteria and fungus breeding. 

Water wipes without any alcohol or preservatives are more likely to develop bacteria and fungus.

Follow these steps to keep the bacteria and mold accumulation away.

  1. Place the wipe package in a cool and dry place.
  2. Never put back the used wipes into the pack.
  3. Try not to bend the baby wipes packages.

Most baby products do not have a “best before” date printed on them. Have a quick look at Does baby powder expire?

Is it safe to use expired water wipes?

We do not recommend using the water wipes after one month once opened. It is not safe to use expired wipes on a baby’s skin.


If you notice fungus on water wipes, throw the pack immediately.

How can you use expired baby wipes?

Expired baby wipes can be used for several purposes if and only if there are no signs of mold and bacteria.

  1. As for makeup removal.
  2. Can be used for cleaning purposes.
  3. For diaper rash and kid’s bottom.

Baby Wipes Brands and Expiration Dates

Brand NameUnopened PackagesOpen Packs
Huggies Natural Care Wipes24 Months10 Weeks
Pampers Aqua Pure Wipes30 Months10 Weeks
Eco by Naty24 Months4 Weeks
Honest Wipes18 Months4 Weeks
Hello Bello36 Months8 Weeks
Seventh Generation Wet Wipes24 Months4-6 Weeks
Burt’s Bee’s Chlorine-free Wipes18 Months8 Weeks
Water Wipes12 Months4 Weeks
Water Wipes by Soap Berry12 Months4 Weeks


Baby wipes should always be stored in a cool and dry place. Wet wipes should be used within four weeks once opened. An unopened pack has only 2-3 years of shelf life.

If there are any bacteria & fungus growth, green or black spots on water wipes, consider replacing the pack. Never use the affected wipe on the child’s skin.

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