Can You Eat Caviar When Pregnant

Can You Eat Caviar When Pregnant
Can You Eat Caviar When Pregnant

Caviar is a delicacy that is packed with nutrients and boosts the immune system. But what about your pregnancy craving of eating caviar? Can you eat caviar when pregnant? Well, here’s your quick answer if you’re in a hurry;

Pregnant women can enjoy caviar as long as it is pasteurized and stored at the proper temperature of 8°C to 10°C. It is best to avoid eating raw caviar or fish roe during pregnancy.

So, it is clear that there is no harm in eating it. But how’ll you know that the caviar is properly pasteurized? Well, worry not; we’ve got you covered with detailed information.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Caviar?

Yes, pregnant women can eat caviar. There is no harm, but you must ensure two things first;

Can Pregnant Women Eat Caviar
Can Pregnant Women Eat Caviar
  • It is pasteurized properly.
  • Stored in the refrigerator at the right temperature.

Don’t eat raw caviar, as in the worst case; it can trigger Listeria infection or severe stomach ache. 

How To Know if Caviar is Pasteurized?

Canned caviar is always pasteurized. Be assured that your caviar is properly pasteurized; if it is;

  • Bit saltier
  • Has a firm texture

During the sterilization process, the heat kills harmful bacteria and removes all the traces of microorganisms.

Why is Raw Caviar Bad For You During Pregnancy?

It can upset your stomach and trigger Listeria infection. This will worsen, and the pregnant woman may feel severe pain and nausea.

Why is raw caviar bad for you during pregnancy
Why is raw caviar bad for you during pregnancy

In 2005, a Japanese research institute randomly tested several cans of raw tuna and fish eggs, and as per the report published by International Association for Food Protection, in 7 cans, there were traces of Listeria.

It is worth mentioning that even though the risk may seem minimal as it won’t affect the womb, taking the risk is not worth it at all. 

I have eaten raw caviar. Should I be worried?

There is no need to panic. The chances of getting a bacterial infection are very low. That’s why you must not be worried. Instead, you can take deep breaths and be hydrated and calm. If you start feeling sudden pain, call 911 right away. Or you can also consult with your midwife or physician.

Substitute For Caviar

Fancy caviar but don’t want to take any risk? Then, here’re the nibbles that you can try to fulfill your cravings;

Substitute For Caviar
Substitute For Caviar
  • Cooked Soy Pearls
  • Lumpfish Roe
  • Smoked Blinis
  • Taet Food
  • Faux Caviar

It is best to check your allergies before you opt to enjoy the alternatives to caviar. 

Eating Caviar While Pregnant FAQs

Is caviar safe during pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to eat caviar during pregnancy. Be assured that it is properly stored and pasteurized.

Is Canned Caviar Pasteurized?

Yes, canned caviar is always stored after proper pasteurization. The sterilization and heat kill all the traces of microorganisms and bacteria.

Are fish eggs good for pregnant women?

Yes, fish eggs, roe, and all types of caviar are safe for pregnant women as long as they are properly cooked and pasteurized.

Wrapping It Up!

Several food myths have been linked with pregnancy foods. That’s why mothers-to-be start worrying about eating food delicacies like caviar or olives during pregnancy. Thankfully, there is no harm caused by caviar during pregnancy.

But it is best to eat only pasteurized fish eggs, so you can negate any threat of infection or stomach pain. We hope that this article helps to clear all your doubts. Well, in the meantime, be happy and keep on loving the days of your pregnancy.

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