Flu Like Symptoms Before Labor

Flu Like Symptoms Before Labor
Flu Like Symptoms Before Labor

While pregnant, we mommy-to-be don’t want to take any risks. If it’s your first baby, you might be overwhelmed with mixed feelings. Let me assure you that it is normal and happens to everyone.

Flu Like Symptoms Before Labor
Flu Like Symptoms Before Labor

But what about the flu-like symptoms before labor? Is it true that you might feel nasal congestion before labor? Well, if this confuses you, here’s the information we don’t want you to miss:

Some mothers might experience flu-like symptoms in the 38th week. Nasal congestion is a sign that labor is going to begin soon.

Keep in mind that it’s a sign that the labor is near. Based on research data, actual labor pain feels like strong menstrual cramps.

So, relax and keep on track with your pregnancy weeks. If the cramps or flu are severe and happen often, we suggest you consult your physician immediately.

Read This Before Scrolling:

We are a team of professional researchers, but we are not doctors. The purpose of this article is only to provide information. Keep in mind that ignoring the flu during pregnancy can be harmful.

So, we strongly suggest you consult with your physician rather than seek help online.

Pre-labor Flu Like Symptoms

As mentioned earlier, experiencing flu in the 37th to 39th week of pregnancy is normal, and usually, it happens to everyone. Apart from it, you may feel unwell due to congestion and have a cough.

This results in fatigue. It is almost the end of your 3rd trimester. So, take things very seriously and don’t sneeze with pressure or get any over-the-counter flu medicine.

Can Flu Cause Miscarriage?

No, it can’t cause miscarriage. But in the 1st trimester, you should be careful as it can affect the fetus. Also, extreme flu may result in early labor pains. New mothers may end up giving premature birth.

Pre-labor Flu Like Symptoms
Pre-labor Flu Like Symptoms

Flu Effects On Pregnancy

During the 1st and 3rd pregnancy trimesters, you have to take more precautions. It can affect the baby’s health and growth. Flu also increases the chances of early labor and premature birth.

Pregnant With Flu When To Go To Hospital

If you’re feeling unwell, call 911 right away. Get help. Don’t wait for the extreme symptoms. Worst case symptoms are:

  • Anxiety and Confusion
  • Dizziness or Blurry Vision
  • Weakness and Uneasy Feelings
  • No Movement of Baby

The first thing to ease the pain you should do is to drink a glass of water. The rule of thumb is to be in contact with your practitioner after the start of 38th week.

Home Remedies For Flu During Pregnancy

Let me be clear; you should not be taking any medication without consulting with your doctor. Instead, you can try the below-listed safe options:

  • Take a long rest
  • Gargle with lukewarm water
  • Drink enough water
  • Use honey with water

We don’t recommend using nasal saline sprays to cure flu in 3rd trimester. 

NyQuil For Flu During Pregnancy

Many people assume that taking NyQuil while pregnant is safe. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You should never use NyQuil for Severe Cold & Flu at any stage of your pregnancy unless your physician recommends it.

Feeling Sick Before Labour Starts

Feeling Sick Before Labour Starts
Feeling Sick Before Labour Starts

It is normal to feel sick and experience cramps for 2-3 days before labor. The other common signs are diarrhoea, flu, and nauseous. These symptoms actually help you to push the baby and provide essential force. 

The End Note:

If you’re still wondering how long you have flu-like symptoms before labor, then the answer is at the start of the 38th week. But it is best to leave the health issues to professional doctors rather than assuming or seeking help online.

We hope that we were able to clear your doubts with our well-researched article. Well, in the meantime, be happy and have a safe journey!

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