Can You Eat Olives When Pregnant


Pregnancy is full of joy and a rollercoaster ride for food cravings. You’re craving all the weird food combinations but don’t want to eat something that can harm your baby.

That’s why pregnant mothers are searching for every food before consuming it. So, if you’re confused about whether you can eat olives during pregnancy or not, here is your quick answer;

It is safe to eat olives during pregnancy. Eating 7 – 8 olives per day will keep your blood level pressure right. The oleic acid in olives is proven to control cholesterol levels during pregnancy.


Well, that’s not all. There are many other benefits that make olives a super food during pregnancy. So, sit back and read all the essential information.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Olives?

Yes, pregnant women can eat olives during the whole pregnancy. It is safe to consume whole fruit, leaf extract, or oil. 

  • Green olives are safe to eat as long as they’re properly cooked.
  • Kalamata olives are best for the first trimester. 
  • Women with iron deficiency must use black olives while pregnant

Make sure that the olives you’re eating are properly pasteurized or cooked. It is best to avoid unpasteurized or olives pickled in vinegar. 

Benefits Of Olives During Pregnancy

Olives are packed with essential vitamins and oleic acid. That makes it a superfood. Here’re a few benefits that will make you eat more olives.


1. Packed With Iron – (Prevent Anemia)

Around 52% of pregnant women suffer from iron deficiency, resulting in premature birth. That risk the life of both the mother and infant. Fortunately, black olives are packed with iron.

Per 100 grams of black olives serving, there is 88 mg of calcium and 6.28 mg of iron. So eating them regularly will prevent anemia. If you’re carrying low pregnancy, consult your doctor first before eating them. 

2. Oleic Acid And Linoleic Acid – (Regulate High Blood Pressure)

Oleic acid in olive oil is great for skin and overall health. It is a type of fatty acid that decreases bad cholesterol and boosts cardiovascular health. 

100 grams of olive oil contain around 68% to 89% of oleic fatty acid. As per a report published by the National Institute of Health, regular use of oleic acid helps improve your heart conditions.

3. Vitamin A And Vitamin E – (Reduce Risk Of Miscarriage) 

Vitamin E has antioxidant properties that soothe you and decrease oxidative stress in your body. Green olives are packed with a high level of vitamin E, which is essential for pregnancy health.

Vitamin A boosts your immune levels. Due to the high value of vitamins A and E, they are often recommended for eye and skin problems. 

4. Antioxidants And Vitamin E – (Ensure Glowing Skin)

Vitamin E keeps your skin moisturized and combats the UV light effects on your body. The antioxidant improves hydration and reduces aging effects, keeping your skin glowing. 

It is best to use extra virgin olive oil for body massage. It will also heal your pre-baby stretch marks. The cherry on top is that it will also help to get rid of a hanging belly after a C-section

5. Squalene And Terpenoids – (Reduce Risk Of Cancer)

Oleocanthal, a powerful compound found in extra virgin oil, aids in killing cancerous cells without affecting healthy cells. Overall, both olive leaf and oil extract repels breast, colon, and stomach cancer.

Oleuropein, found in green olives, is proven as a significant chemical compound for treating breast cancer in adult women. 

Craving Olives During Pregnancy | Boy Or Girl

Pregnancy is full of cravings, and there are a lot of food combinations that you want to eat. When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I craved for icecream with deep-fried chicken (gross but tasty).

But eating olives during pregnancy has nothing to do with the gender of your baby. It is nothing but an old wives’ tale.

Commonly, it is believed that craving salty and savory foods are the symbol of “carrying a baby boy,” but nothing is backed by science. 

Recommended Daily Amount Of Olives For Pregnant Women

Keep in mind that during pregnancy, life is not all you can eat buffet. There is a limit that is a limit for everything.


How Many Olives Should I Eat A Day: It is safe for pregnant women to intake 20 -30 grams of olives per day. That will be around 8- 9 olives. 

Best Time To Eat Olives: It is best to use them during breakfast or eat them as bedtime snacks.  

Eating Olives When Pregnant FAQs

Are black olives safe during pregnancy?

As long as the black olives are completely pasteurized, they are safe during pregnancy. 

Why do you crave olives during pregnancy?

It is a sign that your body wants more sodium intake. It is normal for pregnant mothers to crave salty and savory foods.

Is it safe to eat olives during pregnancy?

Yes, eating a small amount (20 mg / 7 olives) daily is entirely safe. Keep in mind that excess usage will result in heart attack and high blood pressure due to more sodium intake.

Wrapping It Up!

It is normal for a mother-to-be to crave all the weird food combinations, and we are here to support it all.

Eating olives along with their leaf extract and oil is safe during the whole pregnancy. It is recommended to avoid uncooked or unpasteurized olives as they upset your stomach.

You can eat olives anytime, but it is best to either consume them with breakfast or as a midnight snack. 

So, keep on eating all you want and enjoy the rollercoaster of your pregnancy!

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