Activities For A 10 Month Old

Activities For A 10 Month Old
Activities For A 10 Month Old

Being a parent, nothing is more important than the skill development and the growth of our children. But for that, you must know the suitable activities for your kid’s age. Well, truth to tell, this can be confusing for many new parents.

Activities For A 10 Month Old
Activities For A 10 Month Old

Well, this is where we came in!

We are here to help and guide you properly. Our editors have collaborated with professionals and have picked the best and most effective activities for your 10 month old kid.

So, keep on reading and worry not. Because now you’re in safe hands!

10 Month Old Milestones

Infants at the age of 7 months old start to crawl. So, it is normal for them to pull a stand and try to move fast.

If your infant doesn’t have any medical conditions, then he must be achieving the below-listed milestones by this age.

10 Month Old Milestones
10 Month Old Milestones
  • Normal Weight: A healthy infant must be around 15 pounds to 20 pounds heavy by the age of 10 months.
  • Speaking: Well, at this age, toddlers can speak only a few basic words like mama, dada, yay, etc. Keep in mind that some kids start to speak a little late and this is very normal.
  • Sleep Pattern: The baby needs a perfect 14 hours of sleep. The best schedule is waking them up after every 5 to 6 hours.
  • Development Milestone: The infant should be able to hold your’s finger firmly (as per their grip). 
  • Food Intake: Now, you can give your child soft foods, and it is the perfect time to introduce some sweet flavours to the meals.

Let me assure you that there is nothing wrong with the development of your kid if they are not up to the milestone mark.

This milestone is based on the data and research only. Remember, every child is different, so this is no “rule” that applies to all!

Crafts For 10 Months Old

Art and craft are very important for every age. Kids can express their imagination through crafts. The plus point is crafts are great for emotional intelligence development.

Crafts For 10 Months Old
Crafts For 10 Months Old

And the cherry on top is you’d be killing two birds by keeping them busy while learning. So, here’re the fun craft ideas you can try without any fuss!

  • Painting on bubble wrap
  • The abstract art over white paper
  • Messy hand paintings
  • Multi-color ice painting
  • Infant food art

These craft ideas may seem messy to you. But this is the fun way you can teach colors to your infants. 

15 Best Activities For Your 10 Months Old

Being a mommy, I can understand it is a very important time for you. Your kid is almost turning 1. So, you might want to keep them busy with some learning activities.

Well, for your convenience, we have divided this article into 4 different categories so you can ensure both growth and development simultaneously.

Sensory Activities For 10 Month Old

Sensory activities involve the usage of all 5 senses. These are great for self-learning and awareness. Keep in mind that the sensory activities are messy but engaging.

Sensory Activities For 10 Month Old
Sensory Activities For 10 Month Old

1. Separate The Colored Noodles

Let me assure you that your kid is going to love this messy play. Infants love the noodle’s texture and, of course, to eat them. All you need to do is boil some noodles and separate them into two halves.

Give red food color to one and green to the other. Keep in mind that the kid might eat the noodles during this activity. So, it is best to get some food-grade colors for the sake of your infant’s health.

2. The Bowl Game

This is going to be a hectic task for caregivers. But eventually, this is what you have signed for. You need to color the old egg racks and then place them in front of your sweet infant. Encourage the kid to match the ball and bowl.

We strongly recommend you be around and play the game first. The infant might need some help to understand the activity too.

3. The Infamous Blanket Ride

The best part of this activity is that it involves both fathers and mothers. It is great for balance and coordination. Throw a normal-sized blanket on the floor. Put your baby on it and grab it from both corners.

In an instant, the room will fill with giggles. This is a great activity but hold the blanket with a firm grip to prevent any accidental fall. 

Montessori Activities For 10 Month Old

 The only purpose of Montessori activities is to explore and enhance infants’ interests.

Montessori Activities For 10 Month Old
Montessori Activities For 10 Month Old

Such activities are both sophisticated and messy. But mostly, these involve toys and color separators.

1. Playing With Sports Car

This idea may seem a little exaggerated to you. But, it is the perfect age for your infant to hold the remote control. You can buy a cheap toy car and teach your child how to operate it.

It’s a fun and interesting way to teach control. We don’t recommend you buy an expensive and big car. Because the infant will probably break it within 2 months.

2. Separate The Shapes

This activity is for both caregivers and kids. All you need to do is put some round balls and square toys in a basket. Mix them well and then encourage the child to separate them.

It will enhance the shape identification ability of your kid. You can add more than two shapes too. But for better results, start with the two objects, gradually increasing the shapes and toys.

3. Yes, And Thank You Training

Infants must learn to say yes and thank you as soon as possible. A 10 month old kid can spark a few words perfectly. This is going a lot of effort from your side too. You’ll need to say yes and thank you a lot too.

Whenever you feed or nurse the child, ask them to say thank you every time. Eventually, it will get to their tongues.

Outdoor Activities For 10 Month Old

Taking children out often is great for their immunity. But the problem is that infants cry a lot outside, and this can be a nightmare for parents.

Outdoor Activities For 10 Month Old
Outdoor Activities For 10 Month Old

Keeping that in mind, we have handpicked some best outdoor activities for you to try.

1. Walking Bare Foot On Grass

This outdoor activity is especially great for the morning time. You can take your infant for an outdoor crawl. You can also encourage them to walk. In both cases, the kids will have fun and enjoyment.

We suggest you clear the approx area from any dog poop or throne to protect your kid from any harm.

2. Puddle In The Soil

The old-school soil puddling is great for boosting immunity. But the only catch is you have to be with your child all the time. If you want to skip the mud, then you can take your baby to the beach on a nice sunny day.

There you can also try walking practice. Regardless of your preference, we strongly suggest you never leave the baby alone in a puddle or beach near the water.

3. Bubble Making Practice

This is another fun activity that your kid is going to love. Before leaving home, you can quickly prepare the bubble solution by mixing water and soap. Then, transfer it to the bubble gun, and voila, you’re done.

Keep in mind that don’t get a too large size gun. This will keep your infant happy for long hours. And don’t forget to smile over their lovely giggles, which they are going to make!

Fun Activities For 10 Month Old

The fun begins with self-awareness. Well, for parents, it is not difficult to find out what their kid loves the most. The main problem is keeping their interest in such activities for a long time.

Fun Activities For 10 Month Old
Fun Activities For 10 Month Old

Well, we believe that we have a perfect solution to this problem of yours. Here’re the top three DIY fun activities ideas for 10 months old infants.

1. Dance Like No One Is Watching

The best part of this activity is it involves full-body movements. You can ensure fun and growth simultaneously. It is a relatively easy task that you can do at home effortlessly.

All you need to do is play a pop song and start making the dance moves. Keep the dance duration under 10 minutes. A long duration will result in sore muscles, and you may end up with a child’s trouble with sleep patterns.

2. Sing Like Everyone Is Listening

This practice is merely for the caregivers. Well, certainly, at this young age, the toddler can’t sing. So, you have to show your singing skills.

The plus side is that, eventually infant will start rhyming with the lyrics. By doing so, you are actually helping your baby to speak and adapt some new words effortlessly. 

3. Stacking And Arranging

These fun activities are great for the motor skill development of your infant. In stacking, you need to encourage your kid to put blocks on each other. Then, when they are done, you need to throw the tower by kicking it with your hand.

The baby may cry, so be assured that you throw the stacking with a wide smile and giggles. 

Brain Development Activities For 10 Month Old

Every parent has the desire to turn their newborn into a little genius. Well, thanks to technology, now we know that it is possible. All you need to do is keep them busy in brain development activities.

Brain Development Activities For 10 Month Old
Brain Development Activities For 10 Month Old

These activities are great but usually require the caregiver’s full attention. Try our tested and expert-backed activities for brain nourishment.

1. Book Reading Excercise

Books make a little genius. You can buy basic nursery rhyme books and read them to your kids. This will sharpen their memory and also helps them to speak early. The cherry on top is they will be learning unintentionally.

Replace the rhyme books with basic logic and maths books after 60 days. Two hours of learning is enough per day.

2. Color The Shapes

Grab a color book and let your infant fill the colors into shapes. This is a fun way of teaching the difference between primary and secondary shades. Over time the infant will start adapting the technique to fill colors within the circle and boxes.

You can also draw different shapes and color them with your infant. This learning activity will keep your kids busy for long hours.

3. Turn And Tear The Pages

I can relate to this activity. My kids used to love this. All you need is a blank or used diary with soft pages. Then encourage your kid to turn the pages. For more fun, you can tell them to turn 10 or 12 pages.

By doing so, they will adapt numbers too. The key here is patience as this activity demands proper involvement of the caregiver too.

Indoor Activities For 10 Month Old

At the age of 10 months, the infant is mostly going to stay at home. As mentioned earlier, probably the most difficult task is to keep the infant’s interest in one thing for a long time.

Indoor Activities For 10 Month Old
Indoor Activities For 10 Month Old

Well, we don’t want you to worry a bit. Here are some of the best indoor activity ideas for 10 months old.

  • Puzzle Playing
  • Fort Building
  • Blocks Menshion
  • Water Paint
  • Colouring Books
  • Poop A Bag
  • Peak-A-Boo

Being the mother of two lovely kids, I can assure you that the kids are going to love these ideas. This will keep them busy and giggling.

Best Activities For 10 Month Old

We, caregivers, are very greedy and conscious when it comes to the development of our babies. Because we want only the best for them.

Best Activities For 10 Month Old
Best Activities For 10 Month Old

So, after testing all the different activities for learning, fun, brain development and growth, here’re the best 5 activities on which you can rely.

  • Reading The Rhym Book
  • Fill In The Color Book
  • Dancing On Full Swing

In hot summer weather, you can also go for water play. But it is best to avoid them in freezing winters. We strongly suggest you never leave your baby alone near the water or pool.

Also, it is highly recommended to keep sharp objects away from reach at this age.

Wrapping It Up!

10 months is the age when a kid can crawl effortlessly. They still need walking practice and a good nap time. Keeping the infant busy at this age is difficult because now they are crawling and on a mission to explore different things.

Brain development and craft activities are essential at this age for proper growth and emotional intelligence. We hope that our list of activities will help you to keep your little ones busy and engage in fun play.

Well, in the meantime, keep on enjoying every moment of motherhood because they are going to be precious memories.

Sylvie White
Sylvie was born and raised in France. In 2010, she came to Newyork for studies and fell into the spell of central park. In 2018, she gave birth to beautiful twin daughters “Lilly and Rosa.” Having a degree in Early Childhood Education helps her a lot during nurturing. An experienced mommy on a mission to guide for the best.