Activities For 16 Month Old

Activities For 16 Month Old
Activities For 16 Month Old

Let me be honest; keeping our toddler busy in productive activities is the most hectic task.

But this is what parenting is all about! At 16 months of age, kids love to show tantrums, but eventually, caregivers can shape their behavior with learning and sensory activities.

You might wonder what activities are suitable for a 16 month old kid. And how to keep them busy all day? Well, this is where we came in! Our editors have done detailed research to guide new and inexperienced parents.

So they can nurture their little ones with care and love.

16 Month Old Milestones

Before you skip to the activities, it is best to know the milestones and typical behavior of a 16 month old child.

16 Month Old Milestones
16 Month Old Milestones
  • Understanding the basic commands
  • They can differentiate between colors
  • Can point toward the things they know or like
  • Run or walk backward a little bit
  • Speaking basic non-verbal words

Keep in mind that at this age, it is normal for kids to show tantrums or express their emotions through frustration. That’s why it is essential to be very gentle and nurture them with positive parenting practices.

12 Best Activities For 16 Month Old Baby 

Our little ones can quickly adapt or lose interest in new activities. But for caregivers, it is a curse in a blessing.

As you have to be smart and find new fun activities daily to keep them busy. That’s why we have divided this article into four main categories so you have more options.

Learning Activities For 16 Month Old 

Here’re our 3 best and tested learning activities that are interesting, diverse, and essential.

Learning Activities For 16 Month Old
Learning Activities For 16 Month Old

1. Walk Between The Maze

It might seem a bit exaggerated, but the walk between the mazes is a fun activity that grabs the 100% attention of your kid. Furthermore, it will help them to sharpen their vision-motion coordination and also boost their problem-solving skills.

You can use old cardboard and make a DIY kid’s maze. Don’t forget to mark an entry or exit point. If your child loses interest, then you can lure them by placing sugar-free candies or goodies near the exit point.

2. Can You Pass The Ball?

Toddlers love playing with inflatable balls. It is actually great for their learning as it sharpens their eye-to-hand coordination. You can make things more interesting by playing with two different colored balls.

Keeping this activity funny is very crucial as the toddler might lose interest in it over time. You can also play this fun game with the father and little one on weekends. Call the color name and encourage the kid to pass the same ball.

3. Folding Paper Sheets

If you want your kid to be obedient, then this activity is perfect for you. Also, it is a great way to develop fine motor skills. To execute it, you need a bunch of colorful paper sheets. Ask your kid to replicate the movements you made.

Now, it’s your turn to make cool paper art by folding the paper. Keep your pace slow so that your kid can catch up with you. Start with an easy art, gradually increasing the difficulty level. 

Indoor Activities For 16 Month Old

On chilly winter days, it is essential to keep our toddlers indoors to prevent them from catching a cold. But for that, you need to have some exciting activities ideas to keep them busy in the warm living room.

Indoor Activities For 16 Month Old
Indoor Activities For 16 Month Old

Well, worry no more! We have some great hacks by which you can keep your little ones happy and joyful.

1. Peek A Boo

My kids simply used to adore this activity. It is simple and fun. But to keep things interesting, caregivers have to be engaged and think outside the box. Put your baby in front of the mirror and start making faces.

Be ready to hear the enchanting giggles of your little prince or princess. This task is easy yet essential for promoting motor and eye-to-eye coordination among children.

2. Make Fruit Mash

What does a 16 month old baby love to do? Making a mess! So, why not keep them busy in their favorite activity while, in the meantime, you can do your daily chores?Take some bananas along with a tangerine.

Then, encourage your toddler to mash them all together. The kid might eat a bit during the play, which is okay. But you must ensure to wash all fruits effectively.

3. The Balloon Game

Don’t you fall in love with the innocence of your toddler when they play with the balloon? They usually say “oooh” and move forward to hit the balloon with their little fists. You can make things more interesting by making shapes on the balloons.

You can also sort them by colors or shapes. We strongly suggest you be around your toddler when they are playing with balloons or any inflatable toy.

Sensory Activities For 16 Month Old

All daycares and pre-nursery schools mainly focus on sensory activities. The daycare provider or teacher gives the toddler a task that boosts the motor skills and involves all 5 senses.

Sensory Activities For 16 Month Old
Sensory Activities For 16 Month Old

1. Match The Socks

This activity is great for enhancing the mind to hand coordination. Your kid will be utilizing their hand while sorting out the sock’s colors based on patterns and shades. You can also do this activity with other clothes on onesies.

Motivate the toddler to put similar clothes in one basket. If the kid looks confused, help by showing them how to do this. Once they get the idea, they will keep doing it for hours.

2. The Ice Painting

While nurturing my daughters, I have used this idea a lot of times. It is a great way of teaching them painting and color coordination. This activity promotes hand-to-eye coordination.

All you need to do is place some colored ice cubes on a blank page and encourage your child to move them, forming a pattern or shape.

Let me assure you that this is one of the best activities for 16 month old babies that promotes learning and keeps them busy for prolonged hours.

3. Spread The Jam

Table etiquettes are very important to learn. The “jam” activity is a great way to teach your toddler about balance and spreading the toppings evenly. Over time, you can also introduce its variants.

You can replace the bread slice with a tortilla wrap or a pie piece. We strongly suggest you skip the sharp metal knife. Instead, you can give your toddler a popsicle stick or plastic knife. 

Outdoor Activities For 16 Month Old 

Outdoor activities are essential for toddlers’ growth and muscle development. That’s why most of these required physical strength and movement. Here’re some easy ideas that you can try:

Outdoor Activities For 16 Month Old
Outdoor Activities For 16 Month Old

1. The Flower Play

Before you plan this outdoor activity, be assured that your toddler doesn’t have any pollen allergy. You can take your children to a local park and tell them to smell the roses, lilies, or other flowers.

This activity is a great way to spend a soothing afternoon. For authentic picnic vibes, you can have a proper English tea with your kid. Don’t forget to click some exceptional pics!

2. Bring An Animated Character Back To Life

To execute this idea, you need to plan properly. This could also be a fun way to celebrate your summer baby’s birthday in style. Both my daughters used to cherish this idea.

You can dress up your toddler in their favorite cartoon character and plan a picnic. By doing so, you’d be killing two birds with a stone.

As your children will remain busy in a productive activity while you can sharpen their imagination and emotional intelligence skills.

3. Mix Slime With Grass

This is the unspoken rule of parenthood that all children love to play with slime. And eventually, slime is the only thing that can keep them busy for prolonged hours. Don’t worry about the slime sticking into the clothes.

We got you covered with the best way to remove slime from clothes. To ensure your kid’s safety, wipe the grass surface first by yourself. This activity will soothe your toddlers and enable them to think outside the box.

Montessori Activities For 16 Month Old

Montessori activities help your children to find a direction and promote team play. At an early age, this training is essential. Here’re some of the top Montessori activities you can try at home:

Montessori Activities For 16 Month Old
Montessori Activities For 16 Month Old
  • Color painting
  • Shapes drawing
  • Pouring or transferring liquid
  • Simple tricks
  • Roleplay
  • Bubble wrap play

Over time you can also introduce reading and other sensory activities in the daily Montessori routine of your children.

Wrapping It Up!

Parenthood is a full-time job, and being a caregiver, we always want to keep our children busy with productive and healthy activities. Playing with balls and ice painting is the best for growing toddlers.

While in the winter, it is best to keep them busy with indoor activities. Be assured that at this sweet little age, toddlers can lack interest in a certain activity very quickly, which is quite normal.

So, be patient and delightful while dealing with them. We hope that with our unique and fun activities, you can keep your little ones engaged in fun activities that ensure learning too.

In the meantime, be happy and keep on loving your early days of parenthood!

Sylvie White
Sylvie was born and raised in France. In 2010, she came to Newyork for studies and fell into the spell of central park. In 2018, she gave birth to beautiful twin daughters “Lilly and Rosa.” Having a degree in Early Childhood Education helps her a lot during nurturing. An experienced mommy on a mission to guide for the best.