Snow Tubing Near Washington DC

Snow Tubing Near Washington DC
Snow Tubing Near Washington DC

Snow tubing is the best winter recreational activity. It is safe and even considered better than sledding. For many parents, it is a fun way to make memories and have a quick weekend party.

Well, metropolitan Washington, DC, is perfect for enjoying this winter game along with family. With multiple family-friendly locations, you can spend your day landing safely down the hill.

So, if you’re searching for the best snow tubing places, worry not because we’ve got you covered. Our editors have researched and handpicked only the best and family-friendly spots for you.

So, sit back and keep on reading to ensure much fun!

10 Best Snow Tubing Places Near Washington DC To Go In 2023!

The geographical location of Washington is just perfect for this winter activity. As per WRCC, the state expects a minimum of 50 inches of snow each year. That makes it a heaven for snow tubing lovers.

Best Snow Tubing Places Near Washington DC
Best Snow Tubing Places Near Washington DC

The cherry on top is that the Virginia and Pennsylvania states are a short drive away. From the largest tubing resort to the most popular one, it is accessible to every location.

1. Experience Snow Tubing At Massanutten Resort – Perfect For Families

  • Price: $40 – $50
  • Distance From DC: 120 miles (2.5-hour drive)
  • Tubing Requirement: A minimum of 36” in height and 5 years of age.

Massanutten Resort is going to be the favorite spot for your kids. From indoor summer parks to winter ski resorts, it has everything for all ages. You may have to pay $10 more for same-day entry.

The scenery there is breathtaking and free parking and Wi-Fi make it even more lucrative. You can stay there with your family. There are many delicious food options, including BBQ, burgers, and pizzas.

You can enjoy a 90-minute long tubing session on the trail. The cherry top is that there is also a kiddie snow tubing slot. So be ready to have a fun blast on 900 ft long tubing lanes.

For more information and to book tickets in advance, call +1 540-289-9441. The resort remains open for 24 hours, so there is no time limit.

2. Wintergreen Ski Resort – Wonderful And Most Organized

  • Price: $35 – $40
  • Distance From DC: 123 miles (2.5-hour drive)
  • Tubing Requirement: A minimum of 42” in height and 6 years of age.

Want to experience pure lavish, and great rooms? Then, Wintergreen resort is your way to go. The 10-story building looks so mystic and mesmerizing. It is one of the most suitable resorts for kids with any disability.

Unlike other tubing spots, here, the session lasts only for 75 minutes. Speaking of my experience, after sliding down at the speed of 30mph, you want to enjoy it one more time.

Well, worry not you don’t have to climb all the way to the hill because their conveyor lift is fast and furious. The check-in process is surprisingly simple and fast too.

The only thing that I didn’t like during my stay was the issue with the coffee machine and the limited menu. You can book a ticket by calling +1 434-325-2200. 

3. Visit Bryce Resort – Best Place For Beginners

  • Price: $33
  • Distance From DC: 115 miles (2.5-hour drive)
  • Tubing Requirement: A minimum of 36” in height and 4 years of age.

Bryce snow tubing resort is located at 1982 Fairway Dr, Basye, VA 22810. With its 400-acre vast territory, it was opened in 1965. You can enjoy a 90-minute long tubing session there at a very affordable price.

I’ve been there many times, and I can assure you that all of its 8 trials are majestic and aesthetic. The conveyor belt is also available, but you have to walk in some spots.

The best time to visit them is on weekends as they remain open from 9 am to 1:30 pm. You can also relax with your family at their Copper Kettle restaurant. The breakfast there is very affordable and mouth-watering.

For more information and weather details, you can call them at +1 540-856-2121. 

4. The Omni Homestead Resort – Enjoy Hot Springs Too!

  • Price: $30
  • Distance From DC: 164 miles (3.5-hour drive)
  • Tubing Requirement: A minimum of 48” in height and 5 years of age.

The Omni resort is a little far from the DC suburbs. But it is worth visiting as you can also enjoy the soothing hot spring there. The tubing session there lasts for 60 minutes.

To take you back up to the mountain, they have a separate Penguin express that is also comfortable. The management has ensured that your kids can also enjoy and have fun in special mini snowmobiles.

Experience the luxury and the taste of home away from home. You won’t be able to forget the taste of the roast. Don’t forget to treat yourself to authentic Virginia wine. 

Enjoy Hot Springs Too
Enjoy Hot Springs Too

To save yourself from any trouble, it is best to book in advance. For more information, contact +1 540-839-1766.

5. Experience Luxury At Wisp Resort – Perfect Place For Snow Tubing

  • Price: $30 -$40
  • Distance From DC: 180 miles (3.5-hour drive)
  • Tubing Requirement: Adult service is required for kids under 5.

Wisp resort is one of the best places for snow tubing near the deep creek. Escape the hassle of daily routine and experience life to the fullest here. The ski trail and tubing area are enchanting and instagrammable.

It is also a perfect place to celebrate the 11th birthday of children. As they also have several other recreational activity areas and super affordable food. You can enjoy tubing there for one hour.

The one thing that bothers me is that the ticket slot is only available for 2 hours unless you plan to visit either on Wednesday or Thursday. Don’t forget to visit the deep creek lake state park nearby.

To avoid any fuss, it is best to book your tickets in advance. For time slots and availability, contact 800-462-9477.

6. Gaylord National Resort – Best Place To Go Snow Tubing In MD

  • Price: $30
  • Distance From DC: 11 miles (30 minutes)
  • Tubing Requirement: Must be 42’’ tall.

Owned by the Marriot, Gaylord Convention Center has some of the best tubing trails in MD. The cherry on top is after checking in; you can enjoy unlimited rides down from the hill.

Well, if you’re searching for snow tubing near me, it is your place to go. You can also book a room and enjoy the scenic view from your warm and cozy bed. Keep in mind that you have to pay separately for a room.

Another perk is that in the resort, your kid can also enjoy the separate tubing, as adult service is not allowed. The only thing that I hated during my last visit was that the Old Hickory Steakhouse was closed for renovation.

Experience life and enjoy your stay in one of their 110 beautiful suites. For reservations, please call (301) 965-4000.  

7. Montage Mountain Resort – Fun Place With Biggest Trial Map!

  • Price: $30+
  • Distance From DC: 240 miles (4 hours)
  • Tubing Requirement: Must be 42’’ tall.

Even though it is far away from Washington, DC, it is still the most popular destination for air boarding and snow tubing. They have all the tourist attractions, including the infamous “magic carpet.”

The tickets are sold in the 4 hours time slot; you don’t have to fuss about it. Apart from the tubing, you can also enjoy several other ski games. For parents traveling with young children, there is an exotic park too.

Overall the vibe there is just perfect. It is best to visit from Monday to Thursday, as on regular days, tickets are cheap with prolonged sessions. An undisturbed experience is ensured as the management groom the lane every day.

For rush hours and winter festival details, contact 570-969-7669.

8. Seven Springs Mountain Resort – Best For Beginners

  • Price: $80 – $100+
  • Distance From DC: 194 miles (3 hours)
  • Tubing Requirement: Must be 10+ years old.

Seven spring resort is known for its epic mountain views and service. This is the perfect spot for first-timers to learn and enjoy skiing and lodging. On weekends the vibe is extra special due to its live bar entertainment session.

At the resort, 33 lanes welcome you. Once the fun begins, you can also enjoy many other winter activities. Its location is just in the right spot as you can visit several nearby attractions too.

The tubing session is 2 hours long, and the conveyor belt is also available to keep you active and fresh. If you’re a night owl, then you’ll surely fall in love with the night view there.

For lessons and tickets, contact (814) 352-7777.

9. Liberty Mountain Resort – Best Place To Go Snow Tubing In PA

  • Price: $84
  • Distance From DC: 78 miles (2 hours)
  • Tubing Requirement: Must be 42’’ tall.

Looking for a perfect family spot where you can enjoy snow tubing with kids? Then, book your reservation right now at the liberty mountain resort. It is the only ski resort with a special “Bubly Tube Park” designed for kids.

The ticket price may seem a little expensive, but you can save 20% by booking early. January is the perfect time when you should visit it. Be ready to gasp over the stunning mountain views.

Best Place To Go Snow Tubing In PA
Best Place To Go Snow Tubing In PA

If you’re worried that you don’t know how to do tubing and skiing, then you can also book the lessons there. Overall, the food is nice, and the Alpine market is worth visiting. If your little one is craving pizza, then go to shakey’s pizza there. 

To know more about the lessons and booking, contact anytime at 717-387-7943.

10. Whitetail Ski Resort – Best East Coast Ski Resorts For Families

  • Price: $30
  • Distance From DC: 89 miles (2.5 hours)
  • Tubing Requirement: Must be 42’’ tall.

Whitetail resort is the best ski place that Pennsylvania has to offer. Be ready to fall into the spell of the beautiful buildings and ready to cook served food. Most importantly, you’ll never forget the snow tubing experience here.

As you come down to the lane, a conveyor belt is ready to take you up. So you won’t have to waste your energy and continue the fun nonstop for two hours.

If you’re traveling with kids, then you don’t have to worry a bit. There is a separate park for young children. Keep in mind that tickets are sold only in advance. So, don’t forget to book your spot online a minimum of a week ahead. 

What To Pack For Snow Tubing?

For extravagant fun, you must have all the essentials. So you won’t have to worry about any minor mishaps.

  • Extra socks and gloves
  • A thick winter jacket
  • Hiking gloves
  • Glasses
  • Proper medications (if your kid requires special care)
  • Water and party snack

It is best to pack an extra suit so you can change the wet clothes after the snow tubing session.

Is Snow Tubing Dangerous?

The answer to it is not straightforward. It is dangerous if you’re not well-planned and prepared. But in the tubing centers and resorts, you don’t have to worry, as safety precautions are followed there.

  • It is dangerous for pregnant women in the 3rd trimester.
  • Not suitable for toddlers without any adult care.

Does Snow Tubing Have A Weight Limit?

Yes, the maximum weight limit is 250 lbs (113 kg). But there are also several plus-size tubing resorts that have a weight limit of 300 lbs (136 kg).

Editor’s Endnote:

I cannot end this article without thanking my dearest friend and professional ski player, Robert Jackson. He helps our team a lot by sharing his personal experiences about all the resorts listed above.

Keep in mind that snow places are fun, but they also come with many additional responsibilities too. You should also pack some toys to keep your toddler busy while on the road.

We hope that after this article, you have to search “snow tubing near me” again. Well, in the meantime, be happy and keep on spreading the love!

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