Activities For 14 Month Old

Activities For 14 Month Old
Activities For 14 Month Old


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14 months is the age when a child starts to learn emotional intelligence and can spend time alone. That’s why it is very important to keep your infant busy with some learning and fun activities.

But what are the suitable activities for 14 months old toddlers?

This can be a tricky question for many new moms. Because the activities mainly differ depending on your parenting style. A toddler starts to develop language adaption at this age. So, that’s why caregivers have to be very careful. 

Activities For 14 Month Old
Activities For 14 Month Old

But worry not! We got you covered.

Our editors have collaborated with the child development psychologist and have picked some exceptional learning activities for 14 month old. So sit back and relax. Because you’re in safe hands.

14 Month Old Milestones

Usually, at this age, a kid must start to speak. The little ones can notice the change happening around them. 

Here are the milestones for 14 month old toddlers.

  1. Speaking Broken Sentences
  2. Walking Without Any Help
  3. No More Crawling
  4. Non-Stop Playing With Toys
  5. Development Of Motor Skills

Apart from that, the toddler need must be able to rhyme with the melodies and cradle songs. 

Montessori Activities For 14 Month Old

Montessori activities are essential for kids. They develop learning and problem-solving skills among the kids.

Here’re some fun things you can try:

1. Experiment With The Weight

Give your toddler a lightweight toy to play with. Then, after some time, replace the toy with a heavy one. 

Experiment With The Weight
Experiment With The Weight

Keep on doing this unless the toy is too heavy for the baby to lift. This will improve growth and promote fun learning.

2. Transferring Water Into a Bucket

It is a fun outdoor activity that will keep the kid busy for hours. Fill a bucket full of water and place an empty bucket next to it.

Transferring Water Into a Bucket
Transferring Water Into a Bucket

Then give the kid a colourful can to transfer the water. For more fun, you can add some coloured ice cubes to it.

3. Take Off The Scotch Tape

This great activity develops the focus in toddlers. The cherry on top is that you can perform it at home too.

Take Off The Scotch Tape
Take Off The Scotch Tape

Fix some small toys with the scotch tape and then ask your kid to take them off without tearing the tape.

Sensory Activities For 14 Month Old

Sensory activities are great for developing emotional intelligence in toddlers. From feeling to cuddling, sensory activities involve every major movement and action.

1. Hold The Ridge Toy

This activity is great for toddlers to sense textures and shapes. The infant need to hold the toy and then observe it.

Hold The Ridge Toy
Hold The Ridge Toy

After that, caregivers can replace the toys with new ones. Keep in mind that the toys need to be in shapes rather than only blocks.

2. Save Money In The Piggy Bank

For this sensory activity, you need to give your toddler a piggy bank. Give some coins to put in it.

Save Money In The Piggy Bank
Save Money In The Piggy Bank

You can also replace the coins with wooden or paper coins. If you’re using real penny coins, we strongly suggest you never leave your child alone.

3. Play With Pom Pom

Pom pom is a soft thread ball. Mainly, it is used in textile design. But you can also let your children play with it.

Play With Pom Pom
Play With Pom Pom

For more learning, ask the toddler to separate the colours and put them into the same place again.

Learning Activities For 14 Month Old

Learning is a lifelong process that eventually starts with the first cry of a newborn. But at the age of 14 months, a toddler must adapt to the changes happening. You can speed up the process with some fun activities.

1. Play It Safe With Pretend Play

It is an essential learning activity that polishes the imagination skills of your toddler. All you need to do is play with the baby.

Play It Safe With Pretend Play
Play It Safe With Pretend Play

But the only twist is you need to pretend like another person. Or you can also let the baby play with a talking toy.

2. Abracadabra With Books

Push the baby into the magical realm of books. It is a perfect time to introduce the books to your toddler.

Abracadabra With Books
Abracadabra With Books

You can also go for musical books or a poke-a-dot book. This will boost the will of playful learning.

3. Clap For The Milestone

Truth to tell, it is a more hectic task for caregivers rather than the babies. You need to clap in front of babies and encourage them to clap too.

Clap For The Milestone
Clap For The Milestone

After a short time, change the intensity of claps or start making faces along. The toddler will notice the change and adapt to it shortly.

Indoor Activities For 14 Month Old

In the cold winters, you definitely can’t take the baby outdoors. So, you need to keep the kids busy with some fun and learning activities. Well, try our tested ways to keep them busy.

1. Giving Life To Molding Clay

Keep your toddler busy with the moulding clay. Give your baby a roller and clay. You can also play with them too.

Giving Life To Molding Clay
Giving Life To Molding Clay

Let me assure you that your kid will love it. This will also boost the creativity and imagination skills of your baby.

2. A Kitchen Play Date

If you don’t want to leave your baby alone while working in the kitchen, then you can try this simple yet delightful idea.

A Kitchen Play Date
A Kitchen Play Date

You can encourage the toddler to clean the mess with a soft sponge. Or you can also let them play with a plastic plate.

3. Playing With The Tissues

Aww…The one thing that sweet little angles love to do is play with the tissues. Eventually, they can ruin the whole roll in one go.

Playing With The Tissues
Playing With The Tissues

But to keep them busy, you can give this a try. For a more authentic touch, make small balls and throw them in the air.

Outdoor activities for 14 month old

Doctors always recommend outdoor activities for babies. Such recreational activities are essential for baby growth. If you don’t want to take your baby to the parks, you can do the below-listed sports in the backyard too.

1. The Soap Bubble Amazement 

Let’s be honest; we all are in awe of soap bubbles. It looks aesthetic and is a fun activity to try with kids.

The Soap Bubble Amazement 
The Soap Bubble Amazement 

We assure you that the toddler will love this. You can make the soap solution easily at home. Just be around the toddlers while they play with it.

2. Fun Into The Ball Pit

This is a great thing to do with our little angles. You can take them out to the local mall or buy a child castle for under $100.

Fun Into The Ball Pit
Fun Into The Ball Pit

The infants love to play in the ball pits for hours. In the meantime, you can also giggle over their innocent tricks.

3. Going Out In Caribbean Style

In the mild seasons, you can plan a quick sunbath on the beach. Make it more enchanting by dressing up in an exotic style.

Going Out In Caribbean Style
Going Out In Caribbean Style

You can have a quick family picnic on the beach or local pool. Just keep an eye on your kids, and don’t let them sit close to the water.

What Kind Of Toys Are Good For Infants?

Large inflatable toys, plastic cups, teething and soft toys are suitable for infants. Small balls and coins are not recommended, as toddlers can swallow them.

What Should A 14 Month Old Be Doing?

Infants of 14 months must be able to speak some basic words. In motor skills, they should build a two-bloc tower at least.

Normally, at this age, infants can turn pages, move small objects and can put coins in the slot openings.

Wrapping It Up!

At 14 months, toddlers only need fun and interesting activities. Being a caregiver, you can teach them some fine motor skills that will improve their growth and boost their learning.

It is best to avoid too many water activities as infants can catch a cold and fever quickly. Keep them busy with the sensory toys and blocs.

We hope that this article helps you to find some exceptional activities for your 14 month old. Well, in the meantime, be happy and keep on loving your baby!

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