How to Celebrate Your Child’s Summer Birthday


Every child wishes to have a grand birthday. Summer birthdays have all the perks with holidays, almost no homework, and children are relaxed and happy.

Birthdays are very special for children. A kid wants to get special treatment on their big day. Shower them with joy by celebrating their birthday with fun because these memories will stay forever.

A pool party, an Ice-cream theme, and the teddy bear tea is the most common way to throw your baby’s birthday party. Parents can also go for a Yes Day and Safari visit to celebrate the summer baby’s birthday at full.

Kids born in July can feel cheated because their friends used to celebrate birthdays at school. As a parent, you cannot take cupcakes to school for your Child’s summer birthday.

For your child’s happiness and to save your time, here are some of the unique ways to celebrate your kid’s summer birthday.

Make a big deal of the actual day – Birthdays are Fun, Fun, Fun….

No matter on which day your child’s birthday falls. Whether it’s summer or any other holiday, parents should make a big deal about it. Pleasantly surprise your children.


Always remember it’s the emotions and warmth that your child needs. Give them time and unconditional love, especially on this special day. 

1. Throw an ice cream party – Everyone screams for ice cream, Right?.

In hot summer, you can throw an ice cream-themed birthday bash for your baby boy or princess. Everyone is a bit of a sweet tooth, and summertimes are perfect to host ice cream birthdays.

You can take advantage of outdoor space if you are inviting people over. A family can enjoy the summer ice cold party in the living room with the warmth of emotions.

2. Have a pool party – Splash the water.

It is a great idea to celebrate a party by the pool. As your birthday boy or birthday girl will be enjoying the holidays, you can also invite friends for more fun.

If you have a pool in the backyard, throw some inflatable toys, sunscreen, and place towels. A pool birthday party is affordable and will cheer up everyone.

3. A YES day – Let the child decide.

Celebrate your child’s day by having a Yes day. The rule is simple; Parents have to say “YES” for a whole day—a new way to celebrate birthdays.

Just remember one thing, Don’t say yes to any dangerous or illegal something. Apart from that, let your summer child decide the whole day schedule, including food and rules for parents too.

4. A Pizza party – Grab a slice.

Birthday parties can be stressful. Enjoy the celebrations with the safe and affordable option: PIZZA. Everyone loves it, and you can have a fun experience with toppings too.

If your child loves cooking, pop out some toppings on dough and bake a pizza for their birthday. Everything is excellent when Pizza is around. Worry less and eat more Pizza.

5. Theme Birthdays – A journey of enlightenment.

Invite all of your family members and summer baby friends for a dress-themed birthday. Choose a theme of their favorite movie and have lots of fun.

A Frozen-themed birthday is perfect for everyone. You can also easily arrange garden themed birthday for a smooth and relaxed afternoon. 


6. Teddy bear tea party – Because children love Paddington!

Allow your child to make tea and have a bear birthday party. Add marmalade as a side dish or use it as topping for a more accurate Paddington effect.

A perfect teddy bear birthday celebration can also be arranged on a pocket-friendly budget.

7. Family talent show – A star is born.

Find the hidden talent of your family in a talent show birthday style—set prize money to encourage everyone to act or perform.

Blow the candles and enjoy the cake because your child has earned it with talent. This is a new style to celebrate birthdays. It will also help to manage your baby more easily.

8. Go to a safari park – Feed your child the value of empathy and kindness towards animals.

Go wild – with a party at the zoo or safari-style fun. Spend some quality time with your summer child and feed them some values and empathy for pets.

You can arrange birthdays at the local city Zoo. Apart from the animal hub, you can also explore the sea aquarium—celebration and learning in one go, just perfect.

9. Have a magic show – Abracadabra.

Explore the magical side of summer birthdays celebrations. You can arrange a fun magical performance for your birthday. Usually, an average magician charges between $300 – $500.

Add a little twist by learning two or three illusion tricks from magicians. Have delicious cake and chunky magic, Voila.

10. Karaoke night – Sing like Popstar.

Karaoke is the best activity for a birthday. Behold and sing your heart out with your children. It is a fun way to find hidden singing talents from family.

Sing like an audition for the voice and have joyful moments. Such cherished memories will remain forever with your kid. 

11. Disney night – Live like Elsa or Mufasa.

Rather than having a Disney theme birthday, let’s celebrate this birthday in a movie style. Watch any Disney movie for birthdays and express your love for summer babies.

You probably have watched “Lion King” or “Frozen” already. Go with any child-appropriate movie with a message. 

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all – Mulan.


12. Gift them Harry porter’s book series – Knowledge is essential.

Books are uniquely portable spells. Celebrate the birthday in Harry porter style for a more strong bond

You can also take your birthday boy or birthday girl on a quick tour of a local library.

Double the celebration by gifting the Harry porter book series. Children over seven can read the harry potter series. Allow them to dive into the magical land.


Birthdays are all about making memories and having fun. Enjoy your summer child’s birthday in style. Whether it’s a small candle-blowing ceremony or a huge bash party, your children deserve the happiness – a moment of joy.

Malissa Carter
We are so blessed to have her majesty, a.k.a the queen of 4 the love of mommy “Malissa.” She was born in 1962. Got married to Murphy in 1983. She is an expert mom with the experience of almost 40 years of motherhood.