Best Jobs For Moms With No Degree

aWhat Jobs Are Best For A Mom Returning To Work?
What Jobs Are Best For A Mom Returning To Work?

Being a mother is a full-time job itself. But at some, you might feel like there must be a side hustle through which you can earn some bucks.

Many of us assume that you can’t find a good job without a college degree. Fortunately, this is not the case.

Best Jobs For Moms With No Degree
Best Jobs For Moms With No Degree

There are many jobs that don’t require a college degree. All you need is passion and high morale to achieve your dream.

Well, if you are wondering what are the best jobs for someone without a degree, then here’s the information we don’t want you to miss:

Freelance writers, photographers, Line cooks, Editors and Proofreaders are some of the best high-paying jobs for moms with no degree. These jobs mainly depend on how much you’re good at.

Is that all? This is not enough. Well, thankfully, yes, there are plenty of options on which you can rely.

Being a mother of lovely twins, I can understand how important it is for mothers to earn. So, worry not and keep on reading. Be assured that you are in safe hands!

How Did We Decide What Jobs Are Best?

We strongly believe in providing true and accurate information to our readers. We have done comprehensive research and have done a survey for first-hand experience.

Apart from that, we also go through several forums where working mothers can share their job experiences. 

5 Skill Based Best Jobs For Mothers Without Any Degree 

Below listed jobs are jobs that only require a certain level of skill and a passion that drives you to fulfill your dreams.

5 Best Jobs For Stay-At-Home Moms With any Degree
5 Best Jobs For Stay-At-Home Moms With any Degree

1. Freelance Writers

Freelance or blog writing is a hot skill that can’t be learned. As they say, a writer is born naturally, so all you need to do is polish your raw skills a little bit, and you’re ready to ace the World.

Average Salary of Freelance Writer

It mainly depends on your skill. But on average, a writer usually charges $5 per 100 words. This sums up to $20 per hour.

The Good Part:

  • You are doing what you love.
  • As a writer, you can express your creativity.
  • You can excel in your learning skills over time.

The Bad Part:

  • Publishers and Editors think writing is like opening the tap, and words are just ready to pop out.

2. Medical Billing Job

It is another hot skill with a booming market. For an entry-level position, you only need a high-school diploma or certificate. Mainly it is a remote job that pays very well.

Medical Biller Salary

At the entry-level, you can earn $15 to $22 per hour. The pay is higher in New York and California. On average, a medical biller can earn over $30K per year.

Perks Of This Job:

  • No previous experience or knowledge is required.
  • It is a super hot-paying skill.
  • The billing job market is booming to its peak right now.

The Major Drawback:

  • Usually, the CPTs and diagnosis guidelines change every year.

3. Child Care Provider, a.k.a The Nanny

Being the mother of two sweet girls, I can assure you that it is the most delightful yet hectic job you can do. All you need is a reputed personality and a basic child potty training experience. 

Average Salary Of Nanny

Full-time nannies can make up to $35K per year. While a mother working part-time can make around $20K per year. The salary may vary depending on the area of your living.

Why Should You Consider It?

  • You are already qualified for the job if you have kids.
  • It is mainly like babysitting and feeding toddlers.
  • You can also take your kids to the workplace.

What’s Not So Good:

  • You have to be the bridge between the parent and the kid, which is a hectic task.

4. Local Translator Assistant

This is a fun job for bilingual mothers with teenage kids. You can be the local tourist guide. French, German, and Polish languages are highly in demand. Or you can also work as a translator if you can write both languages fluently.

Average Salary Of Translators

Most freelance translators earns per word. It can sum up to $20 per day. But if you decide to be the bilingual tour guide, you can earn $50-70 per day.

Perks Of Being A Translator:

  • You are the master of your own craft.
  • You can be creative, keeping the authentic touch.
  • It doesn’t require any hard work.

The Other Side Of The Picture:

  • You have read a lot of literature and culture for an authentic touch.

5. Makeup Artist

Let’s be honest; we girls love to shimmer and flex our makeup. So, why not convert it into a business idea? You can spend some money to buy essential products from Sephora or Huda beauty and start your small business.

Average Salary Of Makeup Artists

At the initial level, makeup artists usually charge per day. They can earn anywhere between $20 to $200 per hour, depending on the refined skill.

What’s Good About It:

  • It’s a fun job with hot skills.
  • You don’t need a hefty investment.
  • You can get influence packages and benefits too.

5 Best Jobs For Stay-At-Home Moms With No Degree

The main problem with today’s corporate sector is that every other job requires a certain level of experience and an in-house role. Without experience, either you have to do a free internship or start with a minimum wage.

5 Best Jobs For Stay-At-Home Moms With No Degree
5 Best Jobs For Stay-At-Home Moms With No Degree

But lucky for you, our editors have done the best research and found some exceptionally good jobs for mothers that don’t require experience.

1. Remote Data Entry Jobs

Remote data entry jobs are getting more popular day by day. It is an easy job that doesn’t require a college degree. You just need to have a strong typing speed with a suitable internet connection.

Data Entry Salary Per Month

Data entry operators can earn $10 to $15 per hour. The salary mainly varies depending on the type of industry work. The technical data operators can make up to $50 per hour.

The Good Part:

  • The working hours are flexible.
  • You can work as much as you like.
  • You don’t need to learn some hard skills for it.

The Worst Part:

  • The data entry market is so competitive.

2. Start Your Paint On Demand Business

It is another great idea for stay-home moms to start their own businesses. The best thing about it is you don’t have to work every day. You can work 3 days a week and still be making enough money to keep on rolling!

Painter Salary Per Hour

Painters usually makes $20 – $25 per hour. In the central cities, the rate is much higher. In States like Florida and New York, you can make $50K per year by working 8 hours every day.

Perks Of This Job:

  • Rather than a job, it’s your own business.
  • You can work flexible hours.
  • This job boosts creativity skills.

The Major Drawbacks:

  • You need to buy all the essential equipment for yourself first.

3. Learn And Sell Digital Marketing Skills

The corporate market equilibrium is changing now. Companies are spending a fortune on digital marketing. You can learn this skill without or minimal fee from YouTube or Udemy. Right now, it is the best skill to learn.

Average Salary Of Digital Marketing Specialist

The rule of thumb is the more you have the skill, the more bucks you’ll make. On average, you’ll make $1000 per week. This skill pays you more over time. 

Why Should You Consider It?

  • It’s the fastest-growing skill of the future.
  • You can work less and make more with it.
  • Most digital marketing jobs are remote-based.

The Other Side Of The Picture:

  • The market is very competitive for a newcomer.

4. The Yard Sale Expert

Well, this is something that I can relate to. I’ve been working as a yard sale expert. It is a simple and easy job. All you need to do is find cheap and valuable items from yard sales and then flip it for a profit or commission.

How Much Can You Make At A Garage Sale?

You can make up to $2000 per month. It mainly depends on how much you have to sell. Professional garage hunters can make over $5000 every month by flipping the purchased items.

Perks Of Being A Garage Sale Expert:

  • You can collect valuable items at a very low cost.
  • You can find essentials at a very low cost.
  • The profitability can be increased by flipping the items.

The Cons To Know:

  • You may end up paying more than the value of an item.

5. Start Selling Homemade Items

If you know a good skill, i.e. baking, stitching, or crafts. You can cook food or make handmade crafts. It is a very popular way of making some extra bucks. You can also collaborate with local shopkeepers to sell your crafts.

What Craft Makes The Most Money?

Jewelry and paintings are two crafts that make most of the money. For these, you don’t need a certain degree. You can make up to $50K per year by making and selling Jewellery.

Painters can also make $30K every year. Once you get discovered, you can actually sell one of your artwork worth way more than that.

The Perks Of Craftsmanship:

  • You can work flexible hours.
  • You can express yourself through creativity.
  • Eventually, you can convert your passion into a successful business.

The Other Side Of The Picture:

  • You have to deal with the infamous ideas bloc.

5 Best Jobs For Stay At Home Moms With No Experience

There are several jobs that don’t require a college degree and no experience for an entry-level position. Here’s our top 5 list.

5 Best Jobs For Stay At Home Moms With No Experience
5 Best Jobs For Stay At Home Moms With No Experience

Eventually, these jobs are proven to be the best careers for mothers.

1. Writing A Blog Online

The Online World is just like an ocean; there is enough fish for everyone. You can start writing a blog online and earn through Google ads. I have been running a successful website for 2 years. I assure you that is a successful idea.

Blogger Salary Per Month

Full-time bloggers can make up to $5000 per month. On average, you can make $500 through Google ads on your website. You can earn more through affiliate programs. 

The Pros Of Being A Blogger:

  • You can write any time on your blog.
  • This will help new mothers.
  • It is a relatively easy and creative job.

The Cons Of This Job:

  • You have to stay patient for a very long period to earn your first commission.

2. Become A Real Estate Agent

The real estate market is now booming. So, you can also try to make a successful career out of it. You don’t need experience or a degree for an entry-level position. All you need to have is charming communication skills.

Average Salary Of Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents can make $55K per year. The income mainly depends on the selling commission. Some estate agencies can also hire you on a fixed monthly salary.

Perks Of Being A Real Estate Agent:

  • It’s mainly a skill-sharpening job that boosts confidence.
  • It is one of the highest-paying jobs in the USA.
  • You can do any side hustle with it.

Cons Of Being An Estate Agent:

  • You can’t find a nice pitch working independently.

3. Run A Home Base Bakery

You’re going to love this idea if you adore cooking. You can turn your passion into your profession. All you need is some basic cooking essentials and a Facebook page where people can order. 

Average Salary Of A Bakery Owner

Bakery owners can make over $100K per year. You can also run a bakery in your home garage at the start. Currently, baking wedding cakes is the most profitable business for mothers without any college degree.

What’s Good About It:

  • You get to enjoy delicious and hygienic foods.
  • You can work flexible hours.
  • Getting orders is relatively easy compared to other jobs.

The Drawback Of This Job:

  • You might have to face legal consequences if your food is not as per FDA standards.

4. On Demand House Cleaning

The cleaning service market stands at $468 billion, as per research data. You can get business from the local community. You only need to run promotional ads on Facebook for a minimal amount.

Private House Cleaner Salary

A private house cleaner can make $30K per year. Usually, this job pays you per day. The pay may vary depending on the State. In California, cleaners can make over $50K, while the lowest in Montana approx $25K per annum.

Why Consider This Job:

  • You can schedule according to your own convenience.
  • This job is great for stress relief.
  • You can also do charitable community service with it.

The Major Drawbacks:

  • You always have to deal with the nanny cams or hoarders.

5. Be A Dog Walker

Yes, you have read it right. Professional dog walkers are now full-time jobs that don’t require a college degree or any experience.

You mustn’t have any dog allergies. It’s a win-win situation for you if you love cute, fun animals.

Average Salary Of Dog Walker

Dog walkers earn per week. They can make $500 per week. Early walkers make more money. If you’re a dog groomer too, then you can make over $3000 per month.

The Good Part:

  • It’s a fun job that is great for your mental health.
  • You can take your kids to work too.
  • Long walks will also keep you healthy.

The Worst Part:

  • You have to dispose of dog poop often.

Best Jobs For Single Moms With No Degree

If you’re unmarried or raising your child alone, then working a full-time job can be difficult. In such cases, you need to rely on part-time or flexible-hours jobs.

Best Jobs For Single Moms With No Degree
Best Jobs For Single Moms With No Degree

Here’re some of the best flexible jobs for single mothers.

1. Become A Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is an essential skill that pays enough. It’s a home-based job though you can earn a hefty amount by keeping the tax records and data entry. All you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection.

Average Salary Of A Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers can make $61K per year. Organizations pay comparatively less, approx $36K per year. But you can also sell your skill on freelancing platforms too.

Why Should You Consider It:

  •  You can spend more time with your kids.
  • You can work from home for almost the whole month.
  • This job pays more than an average clerk.

The Dark Side Of Picture:

  • There is no chance of mistakes, Or you have to do all the entries from the start.

2. On-Demand Event Organizers

If you love to play with colors and have a sense of decor, then it is a perfect job for you. You only need to invest over $500 in decor essentials. You can start working as a kid’s birthday event planner.

Average Salary Of Event Planner

The salary of an event planner varies depending on the type. A social organizer can take $50K home per year. While at the initial stage, a small event planning project can give you $200 per day.

Why This Job Is Best:

  • It’s a creative job that you can do remotely.
  • You can also get VIP passes for international events.
  • There is always free food for planners.

The Drawbacks:

  • You have to do the heavy tasks and uplifting too.

3. Be A Hotel Receptionist

Hotel reception jobs pay you enough. If you have a good height and a charming personality, then this is the ideal job for you. You can also try to be the bookkeeper at local motels and restaurants in your area.

Hotel Receptionist Hourly Pay

Hotel receptionists get paid per hour. The hourly rate is $15. Keep in mind that the receptionist job is usually a long-hour job. You are expected to work 10 hours per day.

Pros of Being A Receptionist:

  • You can enhance and groom your communication skills.
  • This job pays you on an hourly basis.
  • You can get discounts on several products too.

Cons Of This Job:

  • You may have to deal with snooty customers patiently. 

4. Be A Child Coordinator

This can be a learning job for single moms. You need to go through some activities for toddlers to keep them busy. Some parents also hire child coordinators to polish their kid’s confidence.

Child Care Coordinator Salary

A childcare coordinator usually makes $45K per year. Mostly the freelancer charges per hour. While the organizations will pay you on a monthly basis.

The Good Part Of This Job:

  • It can be a practice for you to take care of children.
  • It promotes patience, harmony, and wellness.
  • You can work with several special child charities too.

The Worst Part:

  • You have to deal with the child’s tantrum patiently.

5. Be A Virtual Assistant

If you’re looking for a decent home-based job, then nothing is more suitable for you than a virtual assistant. It’s an in-demand skill with huge market potential. Basically, it’s like being a receptionist but on the internet.

Part-Time Virtual Assistant Salary

Virtual assistants can earn up to $29 per hour. With an entry-level position, you can make around $35K per annum. Usually, retail and cosmetic stores’ virtual assistants make more money.

Why It’s Perfect For Single Moms:

  • You don’t have to leave your home for this job.
  • You can spend more time with your partner.
  • It’s a skill that ensures high growth in the future.

Major Drawbacks Of This Industry:

  • You have to be very competitive to stay relevant in this field.

What Are Good Careers For Moms?

Now, the market equilibrium is shifting toward the digital World. Keeping that in mind, freelancing careers are the best for moms. You can sell any of your skills at which you excel for a decent amount.

The best part of freelancing is that you don’t have to rely on a month-to-month salary check. If you prefer a more physical job, then painting and babysitting are the best second career for mothers without any degree.

What Jobs Are Best For A Mom Returning To Work?

Blog writing, Call representatives, Front desk receptionist, and babysitting careers are the best for mothers returning back to work with a 5 or 10-year gap.

If you’re excellent at cooking, you can also choose to be a professional pastry chef. All the listed jobs above pay you around $35K to $50K per year.

What Jobs Are Best For Moms In Their 40s?

Babysitting, baby behavior coordinator, dog walker, and bookkeeping are some of the exceptional careers for moms in their 40s. These jobs are relatively easy and don’t require a certain experience level.

Wrapping It Up!

Being a mother is itself a full-time job. Well, thanks to technology, there are now several side hustles though you can earn a decent amount. The digital and medical billing field is booming right now.

These are the two most secure fields that don’t require a degree for entry-level positions. If you have a skill or passion, then we strongly suggest you follow your passion and reinvent yourself.

Because then you won’t get bored of your work. We hope that this article helps you to find the perfect job that you always have dreamed of. Well, in the meantime, keep on loving your kids and fighting for your dreams!

Sylvie White
Sylvie was born and raised in France. In 2010, she came to Newyork for studies and fell into the spell of central park. In 2018, she gave birth to beautiful twin daughters “Lilly and Rosa.” Having a degree in Early Childhood Education helps her a lot during nurturing. An experienced mommy on a mission to guide for the best.