12 Best 1-year-old boy haircuts -Hairstyle Guide


Parenting is all about loving your children. As a parent, we shape our children’s lives and choose every single thing for them.

One year is the age where the child’s hair starts to proliferate. Your baby boy is getting bigger and bigger every day, and you adore him more daily.

Crew Cut, Disconnected Cut, Faux Hawk Cut, and Bold fade are some of the best one-year-old boy haircuts. Fringe style and Baby bun are considered classic and perfect for baby boys with long hair.

1-Year is a beautiful age. At this age, mothers always want to dress their children like a prince. It is also the perfect time to choose the boy hairstyle.

Best haircuts for a 1 -year-old baby boy.

Nowadays, there are many trendy haircuts to follow. It is the perfect time for parents to try different haircuts because the child can’t say anything yet. A balanced diet full of nutrients promotes hair growth.

If you are looking for the best haircuts for a one-year-old boy, you have come to the right place. We have chosen some of the great hairstyles for your baby after doing a lot of research.

1. Crew Cut – Classic Look.

It is a simple and easy-to-style haircut for baby boys. With this haircut, your 1-year-old boy can twin with his dad too. With the natural volume of hair, this style looks on point.

A Quick Guide to Crew Cut.

  • The sides are cut short.
  • Longer hair left on Top.
  • Best for baby boys with thick hair.
  • Great for every age.

2. Disconnect Cut – Modern Rock Style.

The Disconnected haircut is a unique style for baby boys. It is easy to manage. With very little hair on the sides and extra lengthy hair on Top, It provides a cool look.


A Quick Guide to Disconnect Cut.

  • Sides are kept extremely short.
  • Extra-long hair on Top.
  • Manageable with significant friend effect.
  • Best for curly hairs.

3. Faux Hawk Cut – The Rebel.

It is the best 1-year-old haircut if you want to keep your baby the center of attention. It’s rebellious, edgy, and modern. This haircut brings a relaxed jazz vibe.


A Quick Guide to Faux Hawk Cut.

  • Sides are kept Buzzed short.
  • Manageable long Hair at the center.
  • Perfect haircut for Spiky style.
  • Goes well with every age group.

4. Afro Haircut – Continental Style.

I want to keep things classic and versatile at the same time. Then, we would strongly recommend this haircut. This hairstyle is easy to dry out. You can have multiple looks with one haircut – A perfect match.


A Quick Guide to Afro Haircut.

  • Sides are kept shaved like taper fade style.
  • Very Little hair left on top of Head.
  • You can draw various designs on the sides.
  • Doesn’t require any special care.

5. Bold Fade – Easy to Style.

A bold Fade haircut will bring out the fresh look of a toddler. It is not only trendy and stylish, but This boy hairstyle also has athletic effects too. Perfect for a clumsy toddler.


A Quick Guide to Bald Fade.

  • Very short hair on the whole head.
  • Go well with children of different ages.
  • Does Not require regular combing.
  • With a regular shaving razor, this style can be redefined easily at home.

6. Fringe Cut – Here comes the Boss Baby.

This hairstyle comes straight out from the 80s. It’s just like the “Old Mushroom Haircut” but with a bit of twist. It can be styled in different ways. Mommies can also do a bun with this style.


A Quick Style Guide.

  • Hair is kept regular.
  • Styled in layers.
  • Excellent cut for babies with long hair.
  • Ever classic and Timeless.

7. Baby Bun – Viking Inspired Haircut.

Baby Bun is the most followed haircut style recently. A Viking-inspired look goes well with every type of clothing—a rocking haircut for a toddler.


A Quick Style Guide.

  • Best haircut for boys with long hair.
  • Its Topknot makes it easy to manage.
  • Trendy and Hipster look.
  • It suits all hair types.

8. Mini Mohawk – Going in Style.

A fun and straightforward style. It is a mix-match of faux hawk and quick haircut. Bring out the fantastic personality of a 1-year-old baby boy.

Mini Mohawk - Going in Style

A Quick Style Guide to Mini Mohawk.

  • Short side hair.
  • Regular spikes at the center.
  • This haircut can be done at home.
  • Its edgy spikes give the touch of individuality.

9. Natural Curly Style – The Natural Look.

Managing curly hair can be a difficult task. So, why not keep it accurate. Just leave them as they are – soft and beautiful. Tamed them a little after every 20 days.

Curly Hair Cut

Just follow some of the crucial tips to keep your baby boy’s hair unique and perfect.

Tips for naturally curly hair.

  • Always use a Comb rather than a hairbrush.
  • Moisturize them daily.
  • To keep curls healthy, Use any good baby conditioner.
  • Comb the curly hair with a gentle touch.
  • To avoid any tangledness, comb them after showering.

10. Pompadour – Classic Backcombed Peaks.

Pompadour is an attention-grabbing style chosen by many child models. This look is excellent for long hair baby boys. This haircut will bring out the classic James Dean look out of your baby.


Pompadour Style Guide.

  • Hair is left long.
  • Requires cutting edges every fortnight.
  • This hairstyle needs some products and effort to manage.
  • Not recommended for working moms with babies

11. Quiff- Straight out from Gangnam Style.

Back in 2014, everyone was rolling over to this haircut. This unique baby hairstyle goes well for birthdays and other events.

A Quick Style Guide to Quiff haircut.

  • Best for straight hair.
  • Sides are kept short and straight.
  • Neat haircut for toddlers.
  • Goes well for babies with a broad forehead.

12. Side Part – Back to 60s.

The side part is another timeless and retro haircut for baby boys. This haircut suits well for every shape. It was viral back in the 1950s and 60s. 

A Quick Style Guide to the Side part.

  • Side Part does not require any special care.
  • It can be styled in different ways.
  • Goes well with natural hair.
  • With a bit of gel, this haircut can be turned into spikes.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How often should a toddler boy get a haircut?

Short haircuts require trimming after every four to six weeks to keep the style. You can skip hair sessions if the child’s hair growth is slow.

If your toddler is carrying a long hairstyle, you should visit Barbar every month. Buying the baby gear, we sometimes end up with alot of wet wipes and extra diapers. This is where we came in!Mommy4love is committed to providing new parents every single aspect of child care, be it easy ways to wean or best buying options.

  • At what age should a toddler get a haircut?

It depends on the growth rate of the child’s hair. Some babies are born with long hair. Such toddlers can go for a haircut after 6-7 months.

  • How can I make my toddler’s hair grow?

Here are some tips to promote healthy hair growth.

  1. Feed them a balanced diet full of nutrition.
  2. More food with Vitamin B & C, Folic acid, and iron.
  3. Regular moisturizing.
  4. Use Good shampoo.
  5. Cut edges every month.


Sylvie White
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