Do Baby Swings Cause Brain Damage


The worst nightmare for any caregiver is damaging the baby’s health unconsciously. The most common concern of parents is to know the answer to “Do ToddlerSwings Cause Brain Damage?” or “Can Baby Swings cause Shaken Baby Syndrome?”

The short answer is NO. Their motion is not enough to cause brain damage or shaken baby syndrome. Electric Baby swings are safe until parents use the following precautions. It is always advised to toss gently to keep your infant safe.

Raising a toddler is a full-time job that being a parent we love. Scroll down to have your complete guide on this controversial yet severe dilemma.

Do Baby Swings Cause Serious Injuries?

Well, it depends. Everything is practically safe unless you are using them with care.


Unsafe use may lead to severe issues, including bruises on the skin, shaken syndrome, and even damaging the brain.

Can my Baby Sleep In Infant Swing? Is it a Safe Practice?

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), it is not okay to let a toddler sleep in it.
It is recommended to pick up your little one as soon as possible from the electric cribs once they fall asleep.

Do Electric Infant Swings Cause Shaken Baby Syndrome?

No, light rotations are not the reason behind SBS. According to the National Library of Medicine, gentle bouncing and playful swinging cannot cause the Shaken Baby Syndrome.
SBS is often seen as a violent crime and a preventable public health problem.

What is Shaken Baby Syndrome? What Should I Know About It!

SBS is also known as Abusive Head Trauma. It is shaking a toddler violently that can cause severe brain injuries. The immediate consequences are behavior disorder, eye injuries, or permanent disability.
Have your essential information on Abusive Head Trauma by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

SBS Symptoms.

Never shake your child when they are sleeping. Don’t toss them in the air. These minor love signs can damage their health. According to the Mayo Clinic, here are the most common symptoms of Abusive Head Trauma.

Mild Conditions.

Breathing Difficulties
Difficulty in Breathing
Bluish or Pale Skin
Bruise on Arm or Shaken Part
Poor Eating

Severe Symptoms.


If you notice any of the listed symptoms, it is advised to call 911 right away.

What Should Parents Know Before Buying a Baby Swing?

Being the mother of two, I can understand the concern. If you are still confused, make sure it is CPSC-approved.


They test every product for babies and won’t approve any item which can be hazardous.

To solve this problem, have a complete guide on Newborn Baby Swings that won’t cost a fortune to buy.

The Real Threat!

The real threat is letting your baby sleep in a firm crib overnight. It is an unhealthy practice. It can cause ear fluid disturbance.

What To Do About it.

The AAP recommends not letting toddlers sleep on them. Their neck tissues are soft in their early years. The not too firm nor flat surface is suitable for child sleep.

It is a common practice for some parents to neglect a child in a crib. Read my detailed rundown on the Portable Baby Swings Review.

Can a Newborn go on an Electric Swing?

Electric baby swings are entirely safe. Parents can place a newborn in them while working.


AAP recommends using the most reclined position until the age of 4 months.

How Long Should a Newborn Be In The Swing?

Maximum 90 minutes.

Experts recommend not leaving your newborn in a motorized swing for over one hour and thirty minutes.

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Can a Swing Hurt a Child?

31% of traumatic brain injuries are related to falling from them. Falling can also cause some less serious injuries like bruises and bone fractures.
Enough with the wrong part of the picture. Now have a quick look at what the other side has to offer!

Does the baby swing help reflux?

No, It is not a permanent cure for reflux. Instead, they are just a quick way to minimize the chances of reflux.
Burping the child frequently while feeding is considered to be a soothing option. It is a common issue with children at an early age. For your convenience, have a rundown on Baby Swings For Reflux.
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What Is The Age And Weight Limit For Baby Swings?

Weight Limit: 25-35 pounds.
Age limit: Upto 1 Year.

There is not a hard rule. Some children give up quickly, and some want to stay a little longer. The rule of hand by AAP is to let a little angel enjoy until they reach the weight limit of 25 to 35 pounds.

Have your complete guide on the Baby Swing Age limit here. We got you!

Wrapping it Up

Baby swings are completely safe if used according to instructions. Excessive use of anything is harmful. It is advised not to let your infant sleep overnight in them.
Being a protective parent is a good thing. But don’t worry, safe use is entirely okay. Let your little angel enjoy them, and in the meantime, you keep singing a lullaby.

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