How Long Do Babies Wear Newborn Diapers


Parenthood is all about hoarding over the baby gear essentials. If nothing seems to be an “accurate number” when it comes to baby cloth diapers, then don’t worry; we’ve got you.

There is no “one size fits all.” The exact number can vary depending on the age, needs, and routine. 

On Average, a newborn needs 10-12 cloth diapers per day. Toddlers poop a lot, and sometimes caregivers have to change the nappies after every two hours.

We’ve done a lot of research and found the best answer to all your possible questions for your convenience.

An Average Number of Cloth Diapers By Age.

An infant will go through between 10-12 cloth diapers per day. The accurate number may vary depending on the baby’s and your laundry routine. 

Usually, the following numbers are considered ideal;

Baby’s AgeAverage Number of Cloth Diapers
Newborn to 1 month8-12 per day
1 to 3 months7-9 per day
3 to 6 months6-7 per day
6 to 12 months4-6 per day
1 year to Older2-4 per day

The number of Cloth Diapers Depends on Washing Cycle.

The perfect number for washable diapers also depends on how often you plan to wash them.


Here, have a quick overview depending on your laundry cycle.

Baby’s AgeWashing DailyWashing Every Two-DaysWashing Every Three-daysWashing After Week
Newborn to 1 month12-1520-2424-3440-50
1 to 3 months9-1118-2024-3040-45
3 to 6 months8-1114-1820-2230-37
6 to 12 months7-81418-2028-30
1 year to Older61214-1825-30

Newborn babies poop a lot. Cloth diapers are not like disposable diapers. There is no hard-fast rule. Minimum 10-12 diapers are required per day for newborns if caregivers opt for the organic option. The ideal number can vary depending on the days between washes.

What is considered a good cloth diaper stash?

On average, mothers should be prepared for 15 diapers a day if they choose full-time cloth diapering. For an older baby in potty training, the 6 to 8 cotton cloth nappies are just the right number.
Also, cloth wipes, a wet bag & training pants are ideal considerations for the whole cloth diapering system. 

How often do caregivers need to change cloth diapers?

Cloth Diapers don’t have any synthetic absorbent material. Cotton fabric diapers hinge down or are inflexible when they need to be changed. 
Typically, they need to be replaced after every two hours.

Do Cloth Diapers have an Expiration Date?

Baby cotton Fabric diapers don’t have any expiration date. Their shelf life is three years. It is always recommended to use them within the two years of manufacture.
Nothing seems to be enough when we buy a baby’s daily care essentials. Don’t worry before panic buying, have a look at “Do Diapers Expire” for a better understanding.

How Many Cotton Cloth Diapers Do You Need By Types? All the information you need to know!

Types of Cloth Diapers.

  • All in one Cloth Diapers (AIO)
  • All in twos (Hybrid)
  • Pocket Diapers.
  • Flat or Prefold.
  • Fitted.
Type1 to 2 Months3 to 6 Months6 to 12 Months1 year and over
All In One (AIO)20-2520-2215-2010-15
Pocket Diapers20-2420As requiredAs required
Flat or Prefold201485

Wrapping it Up

Clothes Diapers are eco-friendly and great for your kid’s health. About 12 fabric diapers are required for a newborn per day. The number decreases as your child grows.
Caregivers should not take any risk on a child’s health. Try to store them separately in a diaper bag. Rewashing the cloth diapers early and disposing of them properly in a diaper pail is highly recommended.

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