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Being a parent, the safety of our baby matters the most. Knowing the baby’s swing weight limit is essential to prevent any possible injury. To solve your problem, we have done complete research and will guide you on the baby’s swing age and weight limit.

A newborn swing can be used from birth time until your toddler’s weight reaches 30lbs. There are several swings for big babies with a 40lbs weight limit. Most manufacturers print the maximum weight capacity on the backside of the product.

Before jumping to our list, look at some essential information you should know.

Why Is There a Weight Limit For Baby Swings?

Not all toddler swings are made for the same holding capacity—the set limit is to prevent toddlers from any fall and physical injury.

What Should I Know About Baby Swing Before Buying?

It is always advised to buy CPSC-approved. Apart from it, look for the maximum weight and age limit written on the manual or the backside.

The Mommy Rule to Remember!

We all want the best things for our little angels being a parent. And with all the hormonal problems and panic buying, sometimes we end up with not-so-best essentials for our cuties. So here’s an easy rule of thumb to remember.

Minimum Weight Limit: 5lbs

Maximum Weight Limit: 30lbs

The age limit: is up to 1 year.

 Experts recommend not to leave your toddler in electric swings for not more than 90 minutes a day. Have detailed information on How Long babies can Use a Swing.

We have chosen some of the top infant swings to save your time. These are not brilliant but also convenient to have.

Fisher-Price (25lbs for normal swings)

Product NameMinimum CapacityMaximum Capacity
Sweet Snugapuppy 5lbs25lbs
Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow5.5lbs25lbs
Deluxe Take-Along Seat6lbs20lbs

What We Recommend.

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Swing. – Soothes Your Baby.

This infant swing is perfect for the newborn and won’t cost a fortune to buy.


It is an ideal choice for new parents. It can move in two ways and can play sweet sounds and lullabies. 

Keep watching your baby giggle and be happy to see your little angel enjoying it.

Graco (Hold Up to 25lbs)

Product NameMinimum CapacityMaximum Capacity
Duet Glide Gliding5lbs25lbs
Graco Sense2 Soothe4lbs25lbs
Graco Simple LX Baby 6lbs30lbs

What We Recommend.

Graco Simple Sway LX Baby Swing. – Best Seller and Most Loved.

If you are looking for the best option, we recommend Simple Sway LX.


It has a maximum weight capacity of 30 pounds. Made with solid material, it ranks at #1 among the best portable baby swings on Amazon.

4moms Mamaroo (Up to 25lbs)

Product NameMinimum CapacityMaximum Capacity
Cool Mesh Mamaroo5lbs25lbs
Classic Gray4lbs25lbs
Multi-Motion Mamaroo 3lbs25lbs

Our Pick.

Multi-Motion By Mamaroo. – Best For Working Mothers.

I adore this tech baby product. It has every feature to make your life easy as a caregiver.


The Bluetooth feature allows caregivers to soothe infants if they hear crying. 

This is the best example of technology making life easy. It is currently ranking at #5 on Amazon’s bestseller rank. A Portable Baby Swing is always a great option and best buy.

INGENUITY (Maximum 20lbs)

Product NameMinimum CapacityMaximum Capacity
Boutique Collection 6lbs20lbs
Comfort to Go Portable Baby Swing6lbs20lbs
Power Adopt Plug-In Swing6lbs20lbs

What We Recommend.

Ingenuity Comfort 2 Go Compact Portable Toddler Swing. – Best Portable.

Simple and Traditional. This product justifies its name as it is a comfort to go. It is the best newborn swing that can hold only 20pounds of weight. The age limit for it is newborn to nine months old.

Well, most of these products can only hold up to 30lbs. There are now plenty of options available for the big babies. 

What is the Weight Limit of Swings for Big Babies?

The Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker has a maximum holding capacity of 40lbs. Children up to fifteen months can sit in it.

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker – Carries Most Weight.

Forget the limits with this best toddler rocker that can bear the maximum weight of up to 40 lbs. It is a chair cum rocker which currently ranks #2 on Amazon in the Baby Rocker category.

It has the best recline ability, and the proper function can turn it into a chair. It is bouncy and safe at the same time. Plus, your toddler will love it, and you’ll be over the moon with the best budget-friendly option.

Some people associate Baby Swings Causing Brain Injuries, which is not valid. It is safe for your little angel to use and enjoy them. 

Wrapping it Up

Happiness comes in every shape and size. Most newborn portable cradles and swings can only hold up to 30lbs. The infant to toddler by Fisher-Price is the best for big babies. 
It is always advised to buy CPSC-approved products for your cuties. In the meantime, enjoy raising your children and giggling at their every move. 

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