How Do Baby Monitors Work


Baby Monitors are the blessing of modern technology. As a parent, We always want to feel connected with our babies. Audio & Video Monitors make it possible.

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A Baby monitor comprises a transmitting unit that is equipped with a microphone. It transmits the signal through Radio Waves to the speaker, a receiver unit carried by the parent. 


Non-Wi-Fi baby monitors work with secure two-way wireless technology that doesn’t need an internet connection. The camera and monitor use DECT technology to transmit signals.

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Typically baby monitors broadly fall into two categories nowadays.

1. Wired.

2. Wireless.

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Types of Wireless Baby Monitors.

Wireless baby Monitors are further subdivided into four categories.

a) Audio or Analog.

b) Video or Digital.

c) Two Way.

d) Wi-Fi & Smartphone.

How do Baby Monitors work?

A Baby Monitor usually has two components.

1. A Receiver.

2. A Transmitter.

A receiver works as the parent’s unit while the transmitter is left in the baby’s room.

If the transmitter detects something unusual, it transmits a signal to the receiver or parent’s unit.

How Do Wireless Baby Monitors Work?

All wireless monitors use radio waves or encrypted codes to transmit the signals.

It uses three ways to send signals.

1. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum. (FHSS)

2. Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication. (DECT)

3. Wi-Fi

1. Audio.

How does Audio Baby Monitor Work?

Audio Monitors usually work on the principles of Frequency Modulation. They are similar to FM Radio.

An Audio Monitor consists of.

1. A Transmitter Unit.

2. Microphone.

How Audio Baby Monitors Transmit Signals?

An audio baby monitor transmits sound by the radio waves to a receiver unit or parent’s unit. A specific range of radio frequencies is required to transmit signals. 
The FM Radio sound transmit technology comes in handy in long-range audio monitors.

Do All Baby Monitors Require Wi-Fi?

No, they do not require connecting to the internet. Such monitors relay two-way wireless unique technology.

How Does a Non-Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Work?


A non-Wi-Fi baby monitor works while relying upon one of the following technologies.

1. FHSS Technology.

2. DECT Technology.

These are more secure and transmit real-time signals without delay.

The best non-Wi-Fi long-range audio baby monitor VTECH VM221 also transmits the signals through this encrypted technology.

What is the coverage range of audio baby monitors?

Most of the audio baby monitors range from 700ft to 900ft. The Vtech DM221-2 has the most extended range of 1000ft. The Beb care audio monitor also has an extensive range of 2000ft.

2. Video.

How Does a Digital Baby Monitor Work?

Digital Baby Monitors work in the following steps:

  • Signal Transmission is done in the form of Encrypted Codes.
  • These signals are sent through different frequency Spectra.
  • The receiver picks up the encrypted code.
  • The receiver decoded the code then.

Information shared through encrypted codes has no threat of environmental interruptions.

What signal does Video Baby Monitors Use?

Every baby monitor is essentially the radio transmitter on a fixed frequency that puts on the FM Signal.

On What Frequency Do Baby Monitors Transmit Signals?

Signals are transmitted on the fixed frequencies of

A. 49.300 MHz,

B. 49.830 MHz,

C. 49.845 MHz,

D. 49.860 MHz

E. 49.875 MHz, or

F. 49.890 MHz

Most Modern Baby Monitors use FHSS or DECT technology that relies on a frequency ranging from 1.89 GHz to 2.4 GHz.

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Can Video Baby Monitors be Hacked?


Yes, they can be hacked. Even with the encrypted code transmission, the video can be interrupted by anyone mitigating the frequency.

3. Two Way.

These are superior, reliable & transmit accurate signals for monitoring.

How does a Two Way Baby Monitor Works?

They work with a combination of both analog & digital monitors. They resemble Walkie-Talkie.
Two Way monitors work in the presence of radio waves.

How is Two Way Communication Possible in Baby Monitors?

Two Way or Talk-back communication is possible only due to the availability of Radio Waves.
The Radio waves are picked up by the transmitter and sent to the receiver, available at the Parent & Baby unit.

You’ll always feel connected to your baby because you can directly speak & listen to your baby from any part of your home.

4. Wi-Fi & Smartphone.

These are a blessing for working mothers. Most Wi-Fi-enabled monitors have cameras to live feed for babies.

Can I Watch My Baby on My Smartphone?

Yes, parents or caregivers can watch their babies’ smartphones. Several mobile apps are available that allow mobile phone motoring.

Cloud Baby Monitor is an app that allows caregivers to turn their phones into portable & reliable video monitors.

How do Smartphone Baby Monitors Work?


It works on the principle of Voice Over Internet Protocol. VOIP allows parents to communicate with either a babysitter or a baby in real-time.

By installing any baby monitoring or nanny cam app, caregivers can turn phones into parent units.

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Can Smartphone baby Monitors be Hacked?

Any interruption from outside can easily hack them as they rely on the local Wi-Fi connection or another source of internet connection.

Are Smartphone Baby Monitors Safe?

We don’t recommend smartphone baby monitors. These are also known as internet protocol (IP) cameras because they require a local area network.
IP can be quickly interrupted by any potential criminals or trolls across the globe.

Wrapping it Up

Most of the Long Range Baby monitors work on the principle of “Radio Waves.” In Video Baby Monitors, the information is processed through encrypted codes.
Working mothers can also watch their babies with the smartphone baby monitoring app.

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