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40 Bags in 40 Days: Decluttering and Organizing Our Home #40Bags40Days

by zohaibzobi
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So it’s 2015, and one of the goals I had made for myself was to purge the crap in my house and get organized.  2015 is all about decluttering and organizing everything we have, no better time than the present!  I have lived in this house for six years.

This Christmas just passed, and it’s time.  I am sure there are still things that belong to my ex (he’s been gone four years), and seriously, if you even have one child, you know how clothes and toys can accumulate. Try 4! So since I was planning on doing this anyway, why not join a wonderful group of bloggers and dump 40 bags in 40 days.

I am excited to get it done finally, and since I have committed to posting once a week, it also gives me the kick in the** I will need to follow through with it.

So here’s the premise, choose 40 areas in your home (I haven’t chosen 40, but it’s a work in progress) and purge one bag from each. I know I will easily be able to get 40 bags of stuff. We will be able to purge lots of crap out!  I am not even going to try and tackle the more significant problem areas first, so here is my list by room (gotta start the organization somewhere):


  1. Top of the fridge and 2 cupboards, this is three places but I can’t open the cupboards above the fridge unless I clean up the top of it and if I am up there I might as well clear out the cupboards up there too
  2. Junk drawers, there are 2
  3. My container/tupperware cupboard, this cupboard is the bain of my existence in the kitchen.  I swear I clean it up and lo and behold it is a mess the next day
  4. Top of my dishwasher. I have a portable one so the top of it becomes a place for everything in the kitchen that really has no place to go
    Inside of my fridge.
  5.  I am so bad at doing this on a regular basis, so this is the perfect time to get it done as we are getting a new one at the end of the month

Living Room/Hallway/Computer Desk

This room bugs me so much.  It is the room we do everything in, yet it is the most disorganized and cluttered room in the house that I can’t, for some reason, keep tidy.  So here’s the chance.

  1. Computer desk shelf and drawer
  2. Toy basket and rubbermaid bin full of toys
  3. Side table with wicker baskets (seriously I haven’t even looked in these drawers in 4 years)
  4. DVD Cabinet (some cases have no movies and it’s time to clean them out)
  5. Shoe bin (seriously with 4 kids we have too many shoes and some are too small, time to purge)
  6. Front hall closet (this is a big job and will literally get me 2 big garbage bags of stuff)

Bathrooms (2)

I have a powder room on my main floor and my big bathroom upstairs.  I can’t even find stuff under the vanities, so it’s time to purge there too. Vanity cupboards and medicine cabinets



  1. Bottom of stairs and under the stairs (this is a big job and I have been putting it off for far too long), I expect I will get 4-5 bags from here
  2. Kids playroom (I dread this but again it must be done, time to have a space they can all play that isn’t a disorganized mess)
  3. Laundry room (clothes that don’t fit are on a shelf and need a new home)


  1. Linen closet
  2. Zach’s room and closet and drawers
  3. Noah’s room and closet and drawers (and this poor child is finally getting his room painted – it’s still purple from when we moved in)
  4. Jocelyn’s room, closet and drawers (and her under bed storage – time for extra stuffies to go to another child)
  5. My bedroom closet and drawers – I am one of those people (or at least used to be) that kept stuff just in case I fit in it again.  Well no more, I am happy with me and who I am in this skin and I am giving the stuff to someone who can use it now not 10 years from now


By far the largest of the tasks on my to-do list.  This will likely be done over two weeks and yield; I am sure at least ten bags, but I will probably try to do this one first as garbage day is approaching, and it’s free for.  We can place as much garbage as we want on the curb after Christmas so that I will be utilizing it well this week.

garage in parenting

So although it looks like my list doesn’t hit 40 areas, I will most definitely get 40 bags (or more) in the next 40 days.  I will be updating my progress every Friday.  I hope you will follow along with me and even get on board and join in the fun of decluttering some of your houses too.

You can follow along with all of the other fabulous bloggers in the challenge, too; you can find their stories in the link below:

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This should be fun! Where can your house use a little less stuff?